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Katelyn johnson

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Katelyn johnson

  1. 1. The Sioux<br />By Katelyn J. <br />
  2. 2. Location and Climate<br />They lived in the plains region of Nebraska, Wyoming, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota.<br />In the Summer it is fairly warm and in the Winter it is very cold.<br />
  3. 3. Home Structure and Family Structure<br /><ul><li>Their homes were tepees made from buffalo hides.
  4. 4. Their family structure it was set up where one family was in each tepee. In each tepee they would sit crosslegged around the campfire.</li></li></ul><li>FOOD<br /><ul><li>They hunted and ate buffalo. They also ate cows, bulls, rabbits, wolves, deer, coyotes, and elks.
  5. 5. They also gathered nuts, wild berries, fruits, and wild potatoes ,and other roots.</li></li></ul><li>Clothing & Tools<br /><ul><li>Men and boys wore deer skin shirts and leggings. In warm weather when they hunted they wore only a stripe of leather and a pair of moccasins.
  6. 6. They made a travois made from wood poles to carry their tepees and items from place to place. They also had bows and arrows that were used to hunt buffalo.</li></li></ul><li>Religious Beliefs &Communication<br /><ul><li>The sun dance is a dance. The Sioux would celebrate the full moon in June & July with a sun dance.
  7. 7. They spoke English, Sioux, and French.</li></li></ul><li>Arts & Crafts<br /><ul><li>They made spoons, cups, and toys from buffalo horns. Thy also used the tail for a whip.</li></li></ul><li>Extra Info.<br /><ul><li>They also used the stomach and intestines of the buffalo were cleaned and used to carry water.</li>