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Lightening in the visual merchandising

  2. Color of light All color are depend on light 1. Day light 2. Artificial With out light there is no color and sell So light is first impression.
  3. Lightening the open back window • Lightening in the display area must be strong and bright to keep shoppers eye. • fluorescent lightening casts flat, dull and lifeless pall over the garment instead we use sharp spot incandescent.
  4. • Avoid lightening up the mannequin face Instead chest lightening is prefer technique. It shows the color of the garment as well as design • If we are lighten the mannequin face only point up that is a life less pointed face. • Mannequin place on the back of the space and not have to battle the natural day light and traffic light at night. • the back ground can be simple length of fabric, texture, pattern and panel texture wood
  5. Lightening closed back window • Greater opportunity to magical lightening effect. • Use light to paint the background color or dramatize the setting by crating particular ambience and creating the atmosphere. Colour light + coloured filter + theatrical jell
  6. Light streaming from through a gothic window Light streaming from through a gothic window
  7. Palm tree in the tropic for swim wear
  8. Planning store interior lightening • Human walk to toward the area of brightest. • Store lightening plan is over all illumination of the retail space. • The highlighters point out what is new, unique or special. If long perimeter walls are illuminated the shoppers better see mass display of wall stock. If the floor plan is long and narrow and strong light on the far wall it seems closed and encourage shoppers toward rear of space.
  9. PRIMARY LIGHTENING • Over all illumination in an area. • Light that fills the selling floor from overhead light. • Type of merchandise should be tested under various type of bulb.
  10. fluorescent • Least expensive • Efficient cost of energy • Length of lamp life • It is no best for all category of merchandise. • Flat, even and textural interest. • There are a degree of warm(warm white) and coolness(cool white) warm(warm white) coolness(cool white)
  11. Baffle-is any thing to divert the light
  12. Ceiling use different color of fluorescent in different area to break ceiling pattern and call attention to the changes of color overhead
  13. Compact fluorescent lamp(CFL)  It use electric and more energy  Efficient and long lasting  More amount of watt consume  Used for ambient light that is not warm
  14. incandescent • Looking for more energy • High voltage light(parabolic aluminized reflector bulb) • Longer lamp life and Costy • Can burn for 3000 hour 1. Reflector bulb • Lower wattage, made of clear glass with metallic glass. 2. Flood lights • Frosted glass envelop, Less concentrate and wider beam. Reflector bulb Flood lights
  15. MR 16 AND MR 11 • newest and popular focal lamp currently in use • Bright light the produced color balanced and close to the sun light • 4 or 5 times illuminate merchandise from ambient level of other lamps efficient, inexpensive to operate, compact and clean • Produce less heat than incandescent • Cool burn and do not harm to merchandise. • To make decorative shadow with steel cut pattern on the wall. • Tungsten halogen lamp is the source of light.
  16. High intensity discharge(HID) • Energy efficient • Over all store lightening • Small in size • Provide shadow and lightening • HID contain mercury, metal halide and sodium type • Used to high light but require color filter • Best place to apply is ceiling but at least 15 feet height unless excess bright on selling floor
  17. Metal halide lamp • Extension of HID • Small in size and high output of light • Strong beam of focused • Clear light under high pressure • Use for spot lightening and accenting to create shop interior • Better focus more than halogen • Because the use of reflect or lenses
  18. Ceramic metal halide lamp • Ceramic tube( mercury, argon and metal halide) • Excellent energy saving • This value create rich color especially red which ids the most important color in retailing • Green, blue and white use for showcasing cloth, jewellery and flowers
  19. Light emitting diode(LID) • Small size, long life and adaptability make it popular choice for all sort of use • Do not require heat to create light but instead use chemical compound • Used for shop interior of directional application, recessed down light track and pendant • Multiple color light possibility • Creating color effect in wall and signage.