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MARYLANDVision Statement: Where we’re going                                                       Core Purpose: Why we exi...
What CPAs have said about the future:1.  Changing demographics - Aging workforce, diversity, 4 generations in the    workp...
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CPA Vision 2025 & Top Trends to Watch 2012 - CPA Horizons 2025

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CPA Vision 2025 - Vision of CPA in the future with Vision, Purpose, Values & Competencies & Top Trends to Watch (and the time to address is NOW).

The Top 10 trends identified by grassroots CPAs from across the country who participated in 30 future forums including over 1,000 participants. Using the i2a: Insight to Action Future Forums process to engage and develop the trends. Part of the AICPA's CPA Horizons 2025 Project.

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CPA Vision 2025 & Top Trends to Watch 2012 - CPA Horizons 2025

  1. MARYLANDVision Statement: Where we’re going Core Purpose: Why we exist Core Values: What we stand for EDITIONCPAs are the trusted professionals who enable people and EXCELLENCE: CPAs are committed to excellence and strive to deliver theorganizations to shape their future. Combining insight with highest quality services.integrity, CPAs deliver value by: INTEGRITY AND PROTECTING THE PUBLIC INTEREST: CPAs conduct CPAs … making sense of a CPA VISION 2025 themselves with integrity and honesty, holding themselves to rigorous • Communicating the total picture with clarity and objectivity, standards of professional ethics. • Translating complex information into critical knowledge, changing and complex world. OBJECTIVITY: CPAs maintain impartiality and intellectual honesty by remaining free of personal bias and conflicts of interest. • Anticipating and creating opportunities, and LIFELONG LEARNING: CPAs highly value continuous learning adn know that • Turning insights into action to transform vision into reality. L>C (the rate of learning must be greater than the rate of change). COMPETENCE: CPAs are experts in the language of business and demonstrate superior technical proficiency by performing with a high level of expertise and knowledge.Our Strategy: How we are going to get thereCore Services Core Competencies Produced by the Maryland Association of CPAs and the Business Learning Institute, Oct 2011ASSURANCE AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT FINANCIAL GLOBAL SERVICES: LEADERSHIP: COMMUNICATIONS: STRATEGIC COLLABORATION TECHNOLOGICALLYINFORMATION SERVICES: CONSULTING AND PLANNING: THIINKING: AND SYNTHESIS SAVVY:INTEGRITY: PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: The ability to Able to give and A future-minded and Effective at engag- Anticipating techProvide a variety of Services that leverage Provide advice and Provide a variety of Provide global financial changes and how services that facilitate develop and share exchange informa- flexible mindset ing others andservices that improve technology to improve insight on the financial services to organiza- they can benefit international com- insights and the tion with meaningful that thinks critically working acrossand assure the quality objectives and decision and non-financial tions and individuals others. Adept at merce. Leading in the aptitude to mo- context and with and creatively. The boundaries to turnof information, or its making including performance of an that interpret and add standardizing data development of global bilize and inspire appropriate delivery ability to link data, challenges intocontext, for business business application organization’s opera- value by utilizing a wide for transparency, standards and business others to action. and interpersonal knowledge and opportunities. Thedecision making. processes, system tional and strategic range of financial infor- efficient exchange, practices and new ways Leadership is about skills. The ability to insights together ability to consider integrity, knowledge processes through mation. These include and visualization that more businesses finding possibilities make thinking vis- to provide quality the whole picture management, system broad business everything from tax with tools like XBRL. can access and par- and developing ible to others in a advice for strategic (past, present, and security, and integration knowledge and planning and financial ticipate in the global people, utilizing way they can easily decision-making. future) and create of new business judgment. statement analysis to marketplace. their strengths, and grasp. alternatives and op- processes and structuring investment shaping the future. tions for the future. practices. portfolios and complex financial transactions. 1998 2000 2002 2011 bizlearning.net/live/i2astrategicplanning
  2. What CPAs have said about the future:1.  Changing demographics - Aging workforce, diversity, 4 generations in the workplace2.  Increased globalization, economic shifts and increasing competition3.  The technological revolution - cloud, social, big data & XBRL4.  Issues around information security, privacy & data integrity5.  Shift to consumer and employee power (from push to pull)6.  Changes in the way we communicate - mobile, txt, skype7.  Work-life challenges or conflict - "do more with less", 24/7 work8.  Information Overload - filter failure9.  Increasing complexity of rules and standards (IFRS, GAAP, PCAOB, SEC)10. Economic uncertainty - deficit, debt and pressure on governmentFuture Forum Process http://www.bizlearning.net/live/i2afutureforums