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MACPA Strategy on a Page

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MACPA "Strategic Plan on a Page" developed using BLI's i2a: Insights to Action Strategic Planning Process. This helps capture the critical elements of the strategic plan in a way that people can easily grasp.

It is used for engagement and alignment throughout the organization and ultimately inspires action!

This is what differentiates our i2a: Strategic Planning process - our process starts where strategic planning ends. In the "Inspire to Act" phase, we work to design ways to engage the entire organization with powerful communication tools designed to get buy-in and understanding. The result is more discretionary effort in executing the strategic plan.

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MACPA Strategy on a Page

  1. Our vision: The MACPA will be the most recognized professional organization for CPAs in Maryland. All CPAs will look to us as the primary professional resource for technical assistance, business development opportunities, continuing education and general business information. Through our customized programs and services, the MACPA will create a highly valued professional network that will help members compete and survive in a changing environment. Our success will be measured by the retention and growth in membership, positive legislative changes, increased participation in programs and enthusiastic advocacy for the association among our members. Our Purpose Our Promise: The MACPA recognizes the diversity in the Our Value Statement: Our Mission: The MACPA is a progressive, professional CPA profession and will provide the necessary resources and services to help its members maintain the highest level of integrity, professional The MACPA is a dedicated team that: MACPA will… association dedicated to serving CPAs in the Maryland region, enabling them to grow, ethics and knowledge for the benefit of the public and the good of the • is dedicated to serving members, the public and the profession; profession. To that end, MACPA will... • protect and further the interest of prosper and remain viable in a dynamic, rapidly • is knowledgeable about the organization and the profession; our members; changing environment. Connect members to their Profession, the Community, and to each other • works with professionalism, enthusiasm, courtesy and mutual • enhance the image of certified Protect & Promote the CPA license and brand respect; public accountants; Achieve success for our members by sharing knowledge and education • is committed to excellence and high ethical standards; • enable our members to conform • seeks to identify and anticipate members’ needs and wants by “active listening”; to high standards of professional • is committed to enhancing the image of the CPA and the MAC- service; Our Core Values TM PA; • provide the necessary resources Objectivity & Integrity • expects each staff member to “own” every member’s problem for members to thrive in a dynamic, Openess & Member Involvement Our Communities and efficiently direct every member inquiry until it is resolved; rapidly changing environment. Professional Foresight Our Brands • seeks to provide win-win solutions to problems; • utilizes technology to the fullest; and Responsiveness • appreciates every opportunity to learn. Protect the Public Interest Our strategy: How we are going to get there Mobilize the Drive the Market Enable Our Members Protect the Public Innovation & New Operational & FinancialStrategic Focus Areas Membership to Our Members to Deliver Interest & CPA License Product Development Excellence MACPA is the membership, and we are A simple definition of a brand is an identity In 1997, the CPA Vision was devel- The high standards of the CPA Profession and The central reality of the new normal is The MACPA will develop an organizational building a community of value. There is in the market that is familiar, well under- oped with the input of several thousand the core values of integrity and competence go change, so we have built responsibility structure and allocate resources to maximize strength in numbers and it is the collec- stood, and preferred. MACPA is commit- members. It identified Core Services hand in hand with the public interest. These two for change into our organization. Innova- the combined talents, skills and knowledge of tive strength of more than 9,000 members ted to building the CPA brand so that the and Core Competencies that would be vital elements are at the heart of virtually every tion & new product development--and the members, staff and other strategic alliances to as much as the merits of arguments that market moves to our members as we adjust critical in the future. MACPA‘s value to legislative and regulatory initiative supported by commitment to retire ineffective or out- provide the highest level of member service can influence legislators and regulators and to the market. We are no longer satisfied members depends on our ability to help MACPA. They are at the heart of the steps we dated programming--are central to the new at a reasonable cost. The MACPA will utilize maximize our impact in the community. to react and respond. We know we can members gain those competencies and take to monitor ourselves and our profession, organization. To be member- and market- technology and other tools to help identify and Communication and connections, gover- increase market understanding and demand deliver those services. This has everth- and they are at the core of the new peer review driven means interpreting and anticipating, deliver the services and information members nance, leadership, chapters and committees, for integrity and insight of CPAs. This ing to do with keeping our members requirement, mandatory ethics training, tort not merely responding, to the market. This want and need. MACPA leaders and staff will member-service center, on-line communities value stream includes student recruitment, ahead of the rapid changes in the profes- reform, and so much more. With integrity and includes our new products team and our actively listen and consistently identify and and social networks are the core of our com- financial literacy programs, public relations, sion and the business environment. competence at the center of the CPA brand, it is strategic portfolio of projects aimed at keep- meet members’ needs in a culture of excel- munity initiatives. and other market-focused initiatives. critical to protect them in every way we can. ing us and our members ahead of change. lence, professionalism and good will. • Deliver WOW member service at • Continue our Financial Literacy efforts to • Deliver comprehensive professional • Develop & execute our State legislative/ • Implement new CPA2Biz (LearnLive • Proactively monitor our financial results every opportunity make a difference in the community and development program (seminars & regulatory advocacy plan engine) webcast platform for e-delivery against budget and support growth in rev- • Grow our membership to increase show CPAs care Webcasts) to keep members on top of • Coordinate and execute our Federal legislative • Successfully run the pilots of the CPA- enue / services our strength in numbers • Continue student recruitment efforts to changes in profession agenda 2Biz Learning & Compliance system • Work with our Board of Directors and Strategic Initiatives • Enhance communications with mem- • Provide tax resource center (books, (LMS) bers to inform, educate, and inspire ensure supply of future CPAs in Mary- • Maintain the quality of the Profession and volunteer leadership to continue success in land fed tax podcasts, self study, etc.) protect the public interest • Continue developing & increasing the strategy development and partnership with action • Plan and run successful MACPA Con- • Increase participation of MACPA • Increase public awareness and involve- • Develop and implement a strategy to address portfolio of new products for members MACPA team ment in Swearing-in Ceremony at ference programming on major topic non-CPAs using SSARS language (safe har- • Implement BLI 3.0 strategic plan • Work on our culture and environment to members in our community (listen, learn, and respond) and meet our MACPA member summit areas of the Profession identified by bor in Maryland Statute) • Implement e-Strategy priorities support growth & adaptability of our team members wherever they are physical • Expand and grow sponsorship programs our volunteer leaders • Advocate for CPE standards • Successful launch of BLI/SBI (Sound- & virtual • Expand on-site training programs/ ing Board Inc) leadership development and member awareness • Execute our major member events services programs M2M: Mind to Matter & for mobilizing members • Add new conferences to meet changes I2A:Insights to Action • Implement Board / Volunteer strat- in Profession & member needs egy to drive and focus our volunteers • Increase our communication & to make the maximum impact in the marketing effectiveness to increase community and for our members member awareness & attendance at MACPA programs
  2. FOCUS AREA: Mobilize Membership • Deliver WOW member service at every opportunity • • • • Research and share best practices in customer/member service (e.g. Zappos) Create positive environment at every event Find a way to “exceed expectations” in every member interaction (that little extra) Staff empowered to “fix” member • issues and complaints • Grow our membership to increase our strength in numbers Develop recruitment and retention plans to grow our membership (students, candidates, full members, and 100% membership STRATEGIC INITIATIVES organizations) • Enhance communications with members to inform, educate, and • • Develop new approaches and methods to communicate the MACPA story to our members • inspire action Find a way to engage members in creating buzz at and around major events/initiatives Evaluate new e-messaging platform and e-Statement options • • • • • • Increase participation of MACPA members in our community Continue successful town hall programs with our members Support Chapter programs for networking and professional • (listen, learn, and respond) and meet our members wherever they development geographically Implement new MACPA community platform iMACPA Engage members with social media are physical & virtual and track progress Implement new automated member subscribe/unsubscribe services Create communities from interest based events, ie conferences, Beach Retreat • Execute our major member events for mobilizing members • CPA day in Annapolis (see Protect) – 1/19/2011 • MACPA Member Summit & Swearing-in Ceremony (see Drive) • Implement Board / Volunteer strategy to drive and focus our • • • Review of Volunteer Structure by creating a conceptual framework of the committees, task forces, and volunteer activities • Leverage our past leaders (Chairs & Board members) CPAs in the community – see Financial Literacy (under Drive) Drive & focus volunteerism; • Town hall meetings to inform and involve • Create new member orientation • Increase volunteers to make the maximum impact in the community and for our members recognition & reward for volunteers FOCUS AREA: Drive Market to Members • Continue our Financial Literacy efforts to make a difference in • • Create a board level task force to develop strategy and oversee our efforts • • Support legislative efforts to increase financial STRATEGIC INITIATIVES the community and show CPAs care literacy education Mobilize MACPA member volunteers to help in these efforts (NYPN, etc) Work with other organiza- tions to implement financial literacy programs; • Central Scholarship Bureau • Junior Achievement • Maryland Coalition • National Guard • Continue student recruitment efforts to ensure supply of future CPAs in Maryland • Continue student recruitment activities candidates • Expand Facebook and social networking presence • Continue to build CPA • Increase public awareness and involvement in Swearing-in Ceremony at MACPA member summit • Develop P/R campaign for 2011 program • Recruit partners-in-the –profession sponsors • Expand and grow sponsorship programs and member awareness • • Increase sponsorship and grow revenue from satisfied sponsor/exhibitors • Build and strengthen relationships with sponsors/exhibitors Increase communication to sponsors and members by using video and other communications to more effectively tell our story FOCUS AREA: Enable Members to Deliver • Deliver comprehensive professional development program (seminars & webcasts) to keep members on top of changes in • grams & meet budget • Plan & develop PD/CPE schedule including AICPA programs, BLI programs and webcasts • • Fulfill our portfolio of pro- Review and implement new programs and approaches – clusters, 4 hour programs Provide tax profession resource center (books, fed tax podcasts, self study, etc.) STRATEGIC INITIATIVES • Plan and run successful MACPA Conference programming on major topic areas of the Profession identified by our volunteer • ATI, Adv PFP, Gov’t Contractors, Chesapeake Tax, Technology, Practitioners leaders • Expand our on-site training programs and services • • Grow sales by reaching out to members in firms, corporations (B&I), and government by designing curriculum and offering • • programs that fit their needs Increase involvement with other organizations (AAA, AIM, FEI, Bersin, EDMAX, local & national) Build strong relationships with our partners & providers and promote them to our members Grow sales of strategic planning services and increase our bandwidth or qualified facilitators • Add new conferences to meet changes in Profession & member needs • Develop start-up conferences and manage risk; • Employee Benefit Conference • International Conference (w/ GWSCPA & VSCPA • AccountingWeb Live Conference • Increase our communication & marketing effectiveness to in- crease member awareness & attendance at MACPA programs • web stats for mapping initiatives and events to member interests • Create editorial calendar for events on web and for internal coordination and marketing purposes • Review & report on Create photo and video clips for pre-event marketing and post-even community building FOCUS AREA: Protect the Public Interest and CPA License • Develop & execute our State legislative/ regulatory advocacy • Develop & execute agenda with State Tax Committee & Legislative Executive Committee; • Pass 120/150 legislation • Stop Sales Tax on Services • Respond to combined reporting • Stop “credit counseling” legislation • • plan Support and work STRATEGIC INITIATIVES • with Chamber of Commerce on tax study – proactive approach Develop whitepapers with State tax Committee on tax policy Prepare for Maryland Sunset Review of Accountancy Law • Coordinate and execute our Federal legislative agenda • Create new Federal Tax Policy Task Force and respond to federal tax issues issue • Sub S – employment tax • 1099 issue from health care bill • Advocate for current issues; • IRS PTIN • Maintain the quality of the Profession and protect the public interest • Continue implementing mandatory Peer review program with the State • Support our Ethics Committee and the JEEP • program Develop and implement a strategy to address non-CPAs using SSARS language (safe harbor in Maryland Statute) • • Develop whitepaper on Attorney General Opinion and latest developments from NASBA try standards and other approaches Meet with State Board of Accountancy to share findings • Survey other states for indus- • Advocate for CPE standards • Serve on NASBA CPE Standards Committee • Work with State Board of Accountancy on CPE tracking program FOCUS AREA: Innovation & New Product Development • Implement new CPA2Biz (LearnLive engine) Webcast platform for e-delivery • Develop & convert portfolio of BLI programs to new system • Obtain NASBA approval for on-demand CPE • Successfully run the pilots of the CPA2Biz Learning & Compli- ance system (LMS) • Recruit and implement Reznick or equal large firm pilot (national) ware local firm pilots • • Recruit and run local firm pilots Support Dela- • Continue developing & increasing the portfolio of new products • • Content creation (podcasts, blogs, webcasts) to increase pipeline of programs • Innovation program with Aris Melissara- tos Emmanuel Gobillot – Leadershift • Re-Set business Webcast • • STRATEGIC INITIATIVES for members Evernote and other tools for productivity Develop product demo videos for member education and awareness (SSLLC programs, etc) • • Build strategic planning practice and increase bandwidth of facilitators; • AICPA Major Firms Group • CPA firms • • • • • Implement BLI 3.0 strategic plan • State CPA Societies Execute contract with AICPA as preferred softs skills provider Develop state society channel for BLI programs Train AICPA on-site team on BLI products & services Develop community focused on strategic learning (AAA, HR, CFOs, etc) Create & use content (blog/podcast/social media) to increase strategic relationships with potential • • BLI partners and as marketing/communication tools • Implement e-Strategy priorities Evaluate mobile technology option to better serve members Continue “Second Life” strategy to differentiate MACPA, create buzz, and develop new relationships; • Update the island • Develop and implement SL PD/CPE session for upcoming year • The Billy Mapp show • Build 3-D learning programs (M2M, I2A, CPA Vision, AICPA) • Work with FEI Canada, help expand our reach • CPA Australia, and CMA Canada on international efforts • Continue our social media efforts and add new team members to Continue to offer AICPA CPE Express to members • Successful launch of BLI/SBI (Sounding Board Inc) leadership • • Run successful pilots of programs for AICPA Leadership Academy (done) • Deliver BLI’s M2M/I2A to AICPA Leader- • • development programs M2M: Mind to Matter & I2A:Insights to ship Academy (October, 2010) Develop & deliver partner leadership development program to Reznick (pilot) Market • Action through major keynote conferences (CCH, Accounting Today) Develop business model and package programs and services • for licensing and distribution as demand builds Increase bandwidth of speakers and strategic plan facilitators (in MACPA) Hold CPA “Culture Tour” at Zappos headquarters in November FOCUS AREA: Operational & Financial Excellence • Proactively monitor our financial results against budget and • • Proactive financial reporting & analysis • Develop retention plan to beat prior year • Increase 100% CPA membership • STRATEGIC INITIATIVES support growth in revenue / services in firms Develop a risk management plan • Work with Board and volunteer leadership to develop strategies Support Board task forces – Dues (???), Standards Convergence, Financial Literacy, etc. • • and partnership with MACPA team • • • Work on our culture and environment to support growth & Train our team on our Personal Leadership system Mind to Matter (M2M) and Insights to Action (I2A) Create internal • team to develop and implement “next practices” in culture Evaluate programs like library/reading club, lunch & learns, • adaptability of our team wellness, idea wall, etc. and make recommendations Implement selected programs and systematize (see LMS project) • • • Ongoing support for team by COO Upgrade technology to Windows 7 and Office 2010 and train MACPA team • Develop our team through implementing the CPA2Biz Learning & Compliance System (Learning Management System) Understand skills, talents and aspirations of our people and link learning programs and activities Develop a strengths-based pipeline using the LMS Setup • Implement “next practices” projects for sustainability and transparency as showcase for the CPA Profession • • Implementation of Green Plus sustainability program tation and analysis • Implementation of XBRL for MACPA financial statement presen- Implementation of financial dashboard analytics and presentation
  3. Aligning to the MACPA Strategic Plan 1STEP List the priorities of your job, i.e., where you are investing your time, talent, and treasure. 2 STEP Draw a line between your priority and to the MACPA’s Strategy it most likely aligns. * Note that an activity can support more than one strategy. Mobilize the Membership Drive the Market to Members Enable Members to Deliver Protect the Public Interest and CPA License Innovation & New Product Development Operational & Financial Experience