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Special FREE CPE Session on Social Media by MACPA's Social CEO, Tom Hood. Using the MACPA Innovation Summit as an example, this special session is design to help CPAs get comfortable with social media and get started. Tom uses Twitter to show "how to crush as conference" using the #MDSUMMIT13 as a working case study.

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  1. Social  Media  Quick  Start  for  MEMBERS    Tom  Hood,  CPA,  CITP,  CGMA  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  2. h"ps://www.vizify.com/tom-­‐hood-­‐cpa-­‐citp-­‐cgma    
  3. h"p://macpa.conferences.io  Ask  and  answer  ques>ons  throughout  the  day  here…  Conferences.io  was  used  to  engage  our  members  and  encourage  open  Q&A  and  feedback  with  this  exci>ng  new  technology  we  will  begin  incorpora>ng  into  strategic  planning  and  CPE  courses  for  engagement  and  collabora>on.  
  4. Respond to a Poll Ask a Question Vote up a Question h"p://macpa.conferences.io  
  5. ü  Social  Media  101  -­‐  Why  ü  Introduc>on  to  Twi"er    ü  GePng  started    ü  Twi"er  basics    ü  Advanced  Twi"er  ü  The  bo"om  line  ü  Resources  Today’s  agenda  Tom  Hood,  CPA,CITP,  CGMA  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  6. Five  Things  Every  Professional  Needs  to  be  Good  At  1.  Learning  and  staying  on  the  cuPng  edge.  2.  Managing  your  career  (yep,  you  have  to  take  charge  of  your  own  career).  3.  Doing  the  work  (research,  produc>vity,  communica>on).  4.  Interac>ng  with  your  peers  and  colleagues.  5.  Becoming  a  thought  leader  in  your  field.      -­‐  Allen  Blue  co-­‐founder  Linked-­‐In  h"p://lnkd.in/HghTcX  
  7. Three  authors  ReTweeted  this  blog  post  which  men>oned  their  books…  h"p://www.cpasuccess.com/2012/01/the-­‐top-­‐ten-­‐business-­‐books-­‐of-­‐2011.html    
  8. Case  Studies  On  the  Cover  of  a  Magazine?  •  BCG  &  Company  –  blogs,  twi"er  •  Naden/Lean  –  blogs,  twi"er  •  James  Carroll  –  facebook,  twi"er  •  Morris  &  D’Angelo  
  9. Dental  CPAs  /  Naden-­‐Lean  
  10. An  introduc9on  to  Twi?er  What  is  Twi?er?  ü Social  filter  ü Broadcas>ng  tool  ü Listening  agent  ü Networker  ü Teacher  What  is  it  not?  ü A  waste  of  >me.  Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  11. Why  is  Twi?er  important?  Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  1.  Informa>on  2.  Ci>zen  journalism  3.  Customer  service  4.  Communica>on  /  collabora>on  
  12. GeFng  started  Step  1:  Create  your  account  Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  13. GeFng  started  Step  2:  Check  your  sePngs  Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  14. GeFng  started  Step  2:  Check  your  sePngs  Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  15. GeFng  started  Step  2:  Check  your  sePngs  Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  16. GeFng  started  Step  2:  Check  your  sePngs  Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  17. GeFng  started  Step  2:  Check  your  sePngs  Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  18. GeFng  started  Step  2:  Check  your  sePngs   Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  19. Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  Twi?er  basics  Step  1:  Following    Some  sugges>ons:    @MACPA  @TomHood  @BillSheridan  @AICPA_JofA  @IRSnews  @SEC_News  @PeterFranchot  @MDChamber    …  and  who  are  they  following?  
  20. Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  Twi?er  basics  Be  a  power  follower!      
  21. Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  Twi?er  basics  Check  out  Twi"er’s  own  sugges>ons  of  whom  to  follow  …    …  based  on  your  Twi;er  and  Internet  ac=vity.      
  22. Twi?er  basics  Create  some  lists  Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  23. Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  Twi?er  basics  Step  2:  Listening    What  are  your  followers  saying?    
  24. Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  Twi?er  basics  Step  3:  Twee>ng  and  retwee>ng    
  25. Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  Twi?er  basics  Step  4:  URL  shorteners    •  Bit.ly  •  Goo.gl  •  Ow.ly  •  TinyURL  •  Su.pr  •  Lnk.co  •  T.co  –  Twi"er’s  built-­‐in  URL  shortener    
  26. Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  Twi?er  basics  Step  5:  Direct  messages    They’re  like  Twi;er  e-­‐mail  –  one-­‐on-­‐one  conversa=ons  in  140  characters.  
  27. How to Crush a ConferenceUsing TwitterInspired  by  Dr.  Janet  Corral    
  28. Inspired  by  Dr.  Janet  Corral    
  29. Inspired  by  Dr.  Janet  Corral    Quote thekeynotespeaker!
  30. Start with the ConferenceHashtag #MDSUMMIT13!
  31. Check it out now#MDSUMMIT13!
  32. Follow the(Thought)leaders!@ronaldbaker  @jenniferwarawa  @tmackintosh  @donnyitk  @byron_cpa  @jodypadarcpa  @FAFnorwalk  @gaperry  @tomhood  @reggiehenr    
  33. Follow theSponsors& Press!@CPA2Biz  @SageNAmerica  @SageAccountants  @CCH_Whats_New  @Ziptr  @Byron_CPA  @Accoun>ngWeb  @CPAPractAdvisor  @Accoun>ngToday  @BBJonline  @smartceo  @mddailyrecord  @GoingConcern  
  34. Connect to ourTechnology Providers!@teamflybits  @conferencesio  @getgroupsystems  @macpa    
  35. Advanced  Twi?er  1.  Third-­‐party  tools  •  TweetDeck  •  HootSuite  •  Twhirl  •  Mobile  apps  Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  36. Advanced  Twi?er  Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  37. Advanced  Twi?er  1.  Hashtags    2.  GePng  around  the  140-­‐character  limit  Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  38. Innova>on  adop>on  =  Social  Networks    “The  degree  to  which  an  individual  in  a  social  network  is  connected  to  other  individuals  in  the  network  (actor  centrality)  has  been  shown  to  have  a  major  influence  on  that  individual’s  adop=on  of  business  innova=ons.”                  –  Research  Report  by  Associa>on  of  American  Medical  Colleges  
  39. #MDSUMMIT13    Innova>on  thru  Collabora>on  13  Top  Thought  Leaders  25  Top  technology  &  Sopware  Vendors  Terri   Polley,   Gail   Perry,   Teresa  MacKintosh,   Jennifer   Warawa,  Donny   Shimamoto,   Byron  Patrick,   Clarke   Price,   Erik  Asgeirsson,   Tom   Hood,   Ron  Baker,    Jody  Padar,  Joel  Sinkin,  Reggie  Henry  and  more…  Collabora>on  Technologies  
  40. My  point  is  this:  Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  41. Resources:  ü  Twi"er:  twi"er.com  ü  TweetDeck:  www.tweetdeck.com    ü  Twhirl:  www.twhirl.org    ü  HootSuite:  hootsuite.com    ü  Seesmic:  seesmic.com    ü  Tweetchat:  tweetchat.com    ü  Twi"er  mobile:  twi"er.com/download      Videos:    ü  “Twi"er  in  Plain  English,”  from  CommonCrap  bit.ly/eFtxnh  ü  “How  To  use  Twi"er  for  Business  (Part  1  of  3:  Listening),”  from  AmazingVideoTours  bit.ly/g2xPgn    ü  “How  To  use  Twi"er  for  Business  (Part  2  of  3:  Engaging),”  from  AmazingVideoTours  bit.ly/f0l3G8    ü  “How  To  use  Twi"er  for  Business  (Part  3  of  3:  Twee>ng),”  from  AmazingVideoTours  bit.ly/hItoqb    Bill  Sheridan,  CAE  The  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  
  42. Tom  Hood,  CPA.CITP  CEO  Maryland  Associa9on  of  CPAs  Business  Learning  Ins9tute  (443)  632-­‐2301  E-­‐mail  tom@macpa.org  Web  h?p://www.macpa.org  Blog  h?p://www.cpasuccess.com  Blog  h?p://www.bizlearningblog.com      Follow  me  on:  ü   Twi"er:  h"p://www.Twi"er.com/tomhood  ü   LinkedIn:  h"p://www.linkedin.com/in/tomhood  ü   Facebook:  h"p://www.facebook.com/thoodcpa  ü Plaxo:  h"p://tomhood.myplaxo.com  ü Slideshare:  h"p://www.slideshare.net/thoodcpa  ü Youtube:  h"p://www.youtube.com/thoodcpa  ü Second  Life  avatar  name:  Rocky  Maddaloni