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  1. 1. Week 2 BANTAY AND TAGPI by Roderick Motril Aguirre DAY 1
  2. 2. When you return something that is not yours to the owner, you are HONEST
  3. 3. Which picture shows a good deed? •Motive Question/Statement Today we will read a comic strip about “Bantay and Tagpi”. These two dogs are best of friends. Which of the two dogs learned the value of HONESTY?
  4. 4. Bantay and Tagpi by Roderick Motril Aguirre Bantay is looking at his collection of bones.He is counting them. Hmmm! I wonder why some of my bones are missing.
  5. 5. Tagpi arrives running, calling and shouting to Bantay.
  6. 6. Tagpi tumbles down on Bantay’s collection of bones. Bantaaaaay ! Bantaaay! ouch!
  7. 7. Bantay wants to laugh but stops himself so as not to hurt Tagpi’s feelings. Tagpi notices Bantay’s collection of bones and tells Bantay… What a huge coll ection of bones you’ve got here!
  8. 8. •How would you describe Bantay? How is he as a friend? •Why did Bantay stop laughing when he saw Tagpi trip over the bones? •How would you describe Tagpi? Is he a happy dog? What can you say about him from his remarks about Bantay’s huge collection of bones?
  9. 9. Bantay greets Tagpi.
  10. 10. Tagpi bounces up and down around Bantay inviting him to play “catch the ball”.
  11. 11. Come on Bantay! Let’s play catch the ball. It will be fun. Okay Tagpi. I will just get the ball inside the house.
  12. 12. Bantay agrees. They both play “catch the ball”. Bantay and Tagpi play with the ball on the grass field.
  13. 13. Tagpi tells Bantay that he is tired and wants to take a nap.
  14. 14. •What did Bantay and Tagpi do? •What happened after their play? •What did Tagpi do? •What did Bantay find out when he got back to his collection of bones?
  15. 15. I’mgoing home now Bantay. I am already tired and I need to take a nap. Okay. You go on then. I will just get the ball.
  16. 16. Bantay bounds off to get the ball at the far end of the grass field. Then he runs back to his house with the ball in his mouth.
  17. 17. He drops the ball when he sees that one more big bone is missing. Who is getting my bones?
  18. 18. Meanwhile, Tagpi buries the bone he took from Bantay’s collection. Then he goes to the front of his master’s house. He sleeps in his cute dog basket. He curls inside his new blanket.
  19. 19. Tagpi awakens because a stray dog is tugging at his new blanket. The stray dog runs away with his new blanket.
  20. 20. Tagpi cries out loud. Bantay from the other house hears him. How could anyone get things that are not theirs? Some dogs do. Probably the same dog tookthe bones frommycollection Bantay consoles Tagpi.
  21. 21. •What happened to Tagpi? •What was his reaction? •What did Bantay do? •Were they able to find the stray dog and Tagpi’s new blanket?
  22. 22. Bantay adds… Bantay courageously said. Let’s go find himand get the things he took fromus.”
  23. 23. Tagpi is about to say something about Bantay’s missing bones but Bantay urges him to run with him to look for the stray dog. Bantay and Tagpi look everywhere for the stray dog but failed to find him.
  24. 24. Bantay and Tagpi slowly walk back to their homes. Bantay notices Tagpi still crying.
  25. 25. Bantay cheers up Tagpi. It’s okay Tagpi. Your masterwill understand what happened to your blanket. I amsure that soon enoughyou will have a new blanket,” I amno longercrying about that. I amthe one who tooksome of your bones. You have a lot of bones in yourcollection. So, I thought you will not miss one ortwo bones. Tagpi admits.
  26. 26. Bantay explains. If you want some of my bones, all you have to do is ask, Tagpi. After all, what are friends for?” I know that now. I hope you can forgive me! Tagpi says sorry. Accepte d!
  27. 27. Bantay answers with a big smile. Bantay walks home with Tagpi bouncing up and down around him.
  28. 28. Discussion Questions: •What was Bantay’s problem in the story? •What was Tagpi’s problem in the story? •What did Bantay do to help Tagpi? •What did Tagpi learn in the story?
  29. 29. Engagement Activity Accomplish the CHARACTER MAP for the character I will assign to you. Students seated on the right are to accomplish the character map for Bantay. Those sitting on the left are to work on the character map for Tagpi.
  30. 30. DAY 2 1 2 3 4 5
  31. 31. These are Tagpi’s body parts. I will read each word and you repeat them after me. head back thighneck teeth Now, look at this words that I will underline.
  32. 32. The first word begin with /c/ and ends with the letter and /k/ but they only have one sound /k/. back
  33. 33. The second word ends with letter t and h but they only have one sound / /. When the word begins with theƟ letter t and h you also give th only one sound / /.Ɵ teeth thigh
  34. 34. Now this word is read as photo This word begins with the letters p and h but they are given only one sound /ph/ or /f/.
  35. 35. Complete the words by writing on the board the missing consonant digraphs for each word; by writing diagraph ck, th, and ph base on the picture present.
  36. 36. du___ck
  37. 37. __irtyth
  38. 38. __armacyph
  39. 39. clo__th
  40. 40. clo__ck
  41. 41. __ilippinesph
  42. 42. lo__ck
  43. 43. tele__oneph
  44. 44. sa__ck
  45. 45. Activity 1 Some sounds are represented by more than one consonant. Complete these words with the missing paired consonants that signal just one sound. Then, match the completed words with the pictures they represent. Write your answers in your notebook with the letter of the picture placed before the number of the words you formed.
  46. 46. ck th ph ph ck C D A E B
  47. 47. Assignment Find 5 pictures of each words that have a diagraph ck, th, and ph. Do this in a short bond paper.
  48. 48. DAY 3
  49. 49. ph ph ph ph ph ph ph ph
  50. 50. Who was Tagpi’s friend in our story yesterday? Let’s have this sentence from the story. Tagpi shouts out to Bantay.
  51. 51. What did Tagpi do to Bantay? shout The word shout has sh in the beginning. It has one sound. What’s the sound of sh?
  52. 52. Words with /sh/ ship
  53. 53. shift
  54. 54. shrill
  55. 55. shine
  56. 56. shell
  57. 57. shed
  58. 58. shelf
  59. 59. sheet
  60. 60. shack
  61. 61. shall
  62. 62. shapes
  63. 63. shake
  64. 64. shop
  65. 65. shore
  66. 66. shock
  67. 67. shut
  68. 68. Answer Activity 121 A and B. page 134
  69. 69. Assignment Find 10 pictures of words that have a digraph sh Do this in a short bond paper.
  70. 70. DAY 4 Words with /sh/ ash
  71. 71. crash
  72. 72. flash
  73. 73. trash
  74. 74. splash
  75. 75. smash
  76. 76. clash
  77. 77. wash
  78. 78. brush
  79. 79. crush
  80. 80. rush
  81. 81. bush
  82. 82. wish
  83. 83. fish
  84. 84. dish
  85. 85. finish
  86. 86. A. Read the phrases. shape of Shirley’s face shaggy hair shall ship abroad shrills of joy shop in the mall a bed sheet a snap shot a box of seashells
  87. 87. B. Read the sentences. 1. Shirley’s face has a nice shape. 2. Her shaggy hair looks good in this snapshot. 3. She lets out shrills of joy in the picture. 4. She will shop in the mall for a bed sheet. 5. She will ship a box of seashells abroad.
  88. 88. Activity 1: Read and Learn A. Unscramble the letters to name the following pictures. Write the names in your notebook.
  89. 89. B. Read the following phrases. 1. ashes in the trash can 2. fresh fish 3. bucket of crushed ice 4. dish of roasted fish 5. to wash the fish
  90. 90. C. Read the following sentences. 1. Gush has to wash the fish. 2. The fish is in a bucket with crushed ice. 3. The main dish will be the roasted fish. 4. Gush sweeps the ashes where the fish was roasted. 5. He puts the ashes in the trash can.
  91. 91. Assignment Find 10 pictures that show actions then write a simple sentence about it.. Paste it in a short bond paper.