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Record Label Business Plan Review

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Record Label Business Plan Review

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Record Label Business Plan Review

  1. 1. Record Label Business PlanReviewBrian Naennals is a computer programmer that hasdesigned a digital product analysis program. Thissoftware was created to trawl the net trying to find infoon Clickbank products and to generate a statisticalcritique. The aim is to make it easy for people todecide if they should purchase the product.One of Brians latest evaluations is on Record LabelBusiness Plan. This product was released on 27thDecember, 2006 and it has numerous helpful statslinked to it. By way of example, the website has forsale the following: Record Label Business Plan - StartA Successful Music Business. - $149.99Music Business Contracts - $19.99. The website has an Earned Per Sale stat of53.2051, a weighted sales rank of 70.18 and a
  2. 2. projected refund rate for Record Label Business Plan- Start A Successful Music Business. at $149.99 of35.62%. Its gravity is 0.998443.The script was tasked by Brian with processing andanalysing this info. It explains what those statssuggest and why each one is significant. In addition,he uses them to produce an estimate of whether ornot Record Label Business Plan is worth getting.The most significant of the above statistics when itcomes to producing an assessment is definitely theestimated refund rate for Record Label Business Plan- Start A Successful Music Business. at $149.99.Although the stat is liable to inaccuracy (as explainedon Brians website http://pixelbean.com/about/), it iseven so among the best indicators to choose from.Lots of refunds generally means an unsatisfactoryproduct. In the Record Label Business Plan review therobot examines the rate of 35.62%:
  3. 3. http://pixelbean.com/review/record-label-business-plan-review/More: http://pixelbean.com/review/record-label-business-plan-review/