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How To Design Perfect Landing Page?

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Find out the ways to design perfect landing page, to know more, view here:http://bangalorewebdesigncompany.com/

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How To Design Perfect Landing Page?

  1. 1. How To Design Perfect Landing Page? Created by Terry V. Turner www.bangalorewebdesigncompan y.com
  2. 2. Introduction • Having the perfect landing page are very important for service based online website. • It helps to pull the online sales of your products or services. • All landing pages should have the right information for their customer needs. • Unless, you should include some other aspects on your landing page. Let’s check out below:
  3. 3. Page headlines and Ad copy • The headline of the landing pages and advertisement wording should be very compliment with each other. • Because, your ad-words score allows a website to determine the cost-per- click. • This score will be improved by using consistent content between the website landing page and ads messages. • Some web design company in Bangalore helps to avoid mistakes on your website.
  4. 4. Clear and concise headlines • Headline is the first thing which a visitor will read or notice. • So, your landing page headlines should not bore and confuse, but your visitors take a look very closer. • Addressing a specific key about your website content that helps to catch up your reader’s attention.
  5. 5. Use strong call-to Action • After the users reads your landing page, user should know that what they do next? • For example, Mozilla Firefox recently changed their call-to-action from “Try Firefox 3” to Download Now-free”. • It performed well than the original call-to- action by 3.6% and it resulting 500 downloads during the time. • So, you should use strong call-to-action.
  6. 6. Use images, videos • You should implement motivational speeches, user testimonials, product images and positive feedbacks on your landing page. • It will helps to give more impacts among your viewers as well as give more shoppers to buy more products or they look further products to get enquiries.
  7. 7. Conclusion • Use the above tips on your landing page, it will gives you the better results than before. • Given by: www.bangalorewebdesigncompany.com