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UAV Disruption and the Regulatory Imperative

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This link contains slides presented at the AAUS "RPAS in Australian Skies" by Terry Martin. Dr Martin is the current Industry Co-Chair of the CASA UAS Standards Sub-Committee, as well as an Adjunct Professor at the Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation at Queensland University of Technology.

The presentation details some current work at QUT,before describing how disruptive technologies and automation will impact on the jobs market of the future, and how companies & nations need to be on the front end of the innovation curve. Examples of disruptive UAV applications for the future are outlined, before drawing us back to reality: the current status quo for the regulatory enablers. Details of the gaps and requirements are provided, including the importance of a national UAS roadmap.

Further details on ARCAA can be found at: http://www.arcaa.aero/
Details about AAUS can be found at:

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UAV Disruption and the Regulatory Imperative

  1. 1. ar caa AAUS PRESENTATION UAV DISRUPTION & THE REGULATORY IMPERATIVE Associate Prof (Adj) Terry Martin tl.martin@qut.edu.au terrencemartin7@gmail.com
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