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MCN2012 Tate website redesign

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MCN2012 Tate website redesign

  1. 1. In desperate need of repair
  2. 2. Website reskin
  3. 3. Design
  4. 4. One brand to rule them all
  5. 5. Website functionalities
  6. 6. Content and information architecture
  7. 7. Content review process Identify content owners Initial meeting Web requirements form Audiences Business requirements Future development Copy IA Review & revise content Images User test Feedback & discuss Videos Review IA Content sign off Tags Sitemap Stage 1: pre-CMS Stage 2: Migration Stage 3: Post-launch Stage 4: Future development
  8. 8. Target online audiences Regular exhibition and event visitors Gallery visitors (siteseers; first time visitors) Members Adult learners / self-improvers Patrons Artists and designers Researchers Families and children Press professionals Teenagers and young adults Students Local community Government and funding professionals International (nonEnglish speakers) Sponsors/Funders Teaching staff Museum professionals
  9. 9. Example users and goals Students - Core: Young Tate, Researching work or artist or theme (Collection, online resources), research by Tate, jobs or work experience, public research facilities Secondary: What’s on, Visit, Ebulletins, Blog Tertiary: Membership Researchers - Core: Information about work / artist / theme (Collection, online resources); academic research carried out by Tate, jobs, public research facilities; catalogue entries; referencing Tate Secondary: Research projects, Blog, What’s on, Visit, Ebulletin Tertiary: Shop (Tate Publishing) Self-improvers (adult learners) - Core: What’s on; information about work / artist / theme (browsing); Blog; Membership; Ebulletin Secondary: Visit Tertiary: Projects Teachers - Core: school visit information, classroom resources, what’s on for schools (exhibitions, events) Secondary: teachers development programme, Collection, Blog, school projects Tertiary: Tate Kids, Young Tate
  10. 10. Nuts and bolts
  11. 11. Life after the launch