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Leadership Secrets of Mr. Potato Head - Facilitation Edition

Thank you for viewing this companion resource to our facilitation skills live training session! We hope you find this a great resource for your next presentation.

In this edition of Leadership Secrets of Mr. Potato Head created by our amazing Director of Awesomeness Amy Gallimore, TeamTRI takes you through over 100 slides containing tips and techniques for facilitating and moving your participants to a greater learning experience.

Inspired by Kelly Barnes's MOVE Formula, the Facilitation Secret's of Mr. Potato Head walks you through a brief history of the evolution of Mr. Potato Head and how that relates to the development phase each speaker and trainer goes through as they develop ninja level facilitation skills. Mr. Potato Head then walks you through a variety of methods to MOVE participants to an even greater learning experience.

Whether you're an educator, volunteer leader at church, a corporate trainer, or industry executive, if you have to get up and present you might as well get up and be awesome! There's bound to be at least one new tip or technique in here you can use to rock your next presentation and delight your audience.

Email us at info@teamtri.com if you're interested in even more ways we can coach or help your organization improve its facilitation and presentation skills.

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Leadership Secrets of Mr. Potato Head - Facilitation Edition

  1. 1. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI FACILITATION SECRETS
  3. 3. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • 1949 – A Brooklyn toy inventor named George Lerner developed idea of inserting face and body parts into fruits and vegetables to create “Funny Face Man.” • Controversy and rejection! • Lerner convinced a food company to distribute plastic parts as prizes in breakfast cereal boxes and sold the idea for $5,000.
  4. 4. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • A small company (later known as Hasbro) realized the potential and paid the cereal company $2,000 to stop production and the rights for $5,000
  5. 5. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • Born on May 1, 1952 • The original toy cost .89 and contained hands, feet, ears, two mouths, two pairs of eyes, four nose, three hats eyeglasses, a pipe, and 8 pieces of felt resembling facial hair.
  6. 6. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • Mr. Potato Head was the first toy to be advertised on television.
  7. 7. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • Mr. Potato Head in his first 20 years
  8. 8. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • In 1975, he got bigger – literally (in size and production)
  9. 9. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • Universal slats now made it able to put faces and body parts in the “wrong” holes. • In 1986, he quit smoking
  10. 10. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • 1995 - made his debut in Hollywood with leading roll in Toy Story. • 1999 – Toy Story II
  11. 11. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • 2000 – Mr. Potato Head was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame!
  12. 12. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • 2001 – Got his own comic strip!
  13. 13. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • In 2006, Hasbro also began selling individual pieces as sets to add to a collection instead of having to buy an entire Potato Head set with a body.
  14. 14. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • 2010 – Stars again in the hit Disney-Pixar Franchise with Toy Story III!
  15. 15. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • 2011 – Joins “Let’s Move” campaign in Extreme “Bake-Over”
  16. 16. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • 2014 – Debuts as a Celebrity Spokesperson
  17. 17. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI A Little Mr. Potato Head History… • And Mr. Potato Head was just in a Parade in Disneyland last week!
  18. 18. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI Why We Love Mr. Potato Head… • What makes Mr. Potato Head so appealing for so many years and used in so many different ways to so many different people?
  19. 19. How does this apply to facilitation?
  20. 20. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI Encourages Optimism… • Mr. Potato Head is universally adored
  21. 21. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI Versatility…
  22. 22. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI Learn through play [ team projects] • Mr. Potato Head plays well with others
  23. 23. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI Reflects the Times…
  24. 24. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI Limitless Configurations…
  25. 25. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI Limitless Configurations… • Simple • Creativity • No Right or Wrong • Gender Neutral • Career Neutral
  26. 26. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI Mr. Potato Head’s Facilitation Secrets
  27. 27. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my EYES Get Visuals Up! MOVE my FEET Get participants Up! MOVE my MOUTH Get participants Talking MOVE my EARS Play Music in Class MOVE my BRAIN Get participants Thinking! MOVE my HANDS Get participants Creating MOVE my NOSE Get Smell Involved Move Formula Resource Credit: Kelly Barnes
  28. 28. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI HOW?
  29. 29. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my EARS Play Music in Class
  30. 30. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my EARS • Play Music in Class/Sessions • Develop Playlists to Set Mood • No Lyrics for Work Sessions • Fast Paced to Start • Use Music to Establish Time • Mix in Yours Too!
  31. 31. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI POWER PODS
  32. 32. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI POWER PODS: • Excited, upbeat music gets participant energized as soon as they walk into the room. • Slower music can settle the group down for activities where you are asking them to think, take their time to create a project, or reflect on an activity. • Fast music can give a sense of urgency and speed to a task where you want them to act, think and move quickly.
  33. 33. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI POWER PODS: • Music can be used as a time keeper for activities by instructing participants they have “the length of two songs” to complete the activity. • It can also be used to get participant attention by raising the volume of the music slightly and then fading it out to indicate it’s time to re-focus their attention. • Play list can be created for each of the categories you may need. It requires some advanced work, but it is essential for helping create the right energy and atmosphere for the room!
  34. 34. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI SOURCES and RESOURCES CPP – Clean Powerful Positive • iTunes [search TeamTRI] • Pandora • Spotify [search TRI Leadership Events]
  35. 35. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my MOUTH Get participants Talking
  36. 36. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my MOUTH • Read Out Loud Together • Discussion Topics • Hot Spots • Partner Up • Quote Me
  37. 37. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MY ATTITUDE “I believe the single most significant decision I can make on a day-to-day basis is my choice of attitude. It is more important than my past, my education, my bankroll, my successes or failures, fame or pain, what other people think of me or say about me, my circumstances, or my position. Attitude keeps me going or cripples my progress. It alone fuels my fire or assaults my hope. When my attitudes are right, there is no barrier too high, no valley too deep, no dream too extreme, no challenge too great for me.” C. Swindoll
  38. 38. Tongue Twisters Pick a partner and practice passing, For if you pass proficiently, Perhaps you’ll play professionally.
  39. 39. Tongue Twisters Shelter for six sick scenic  sightseers.
  40. 40. Tongue Twisters While we were walking,  We were watching window  washers wash Washington's  windows with warm washing  water.
  41. 41. Tongue Twisters I thought a thought. But the thought I thought wasn’t  the thought I thought I thought.
  42. 42. Tongue Twisters Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled  peppers.  Did Peter Piper pick a  peck of pickled peppers? If Peter  Piper picked a peck of pickled  peppers, where’s the peppers  Peter Piper picked?
  43. 43. Tongue Twisters The only fixer‐upper  fixer that can fix up a  fixer‐upper is…LOVE!
  44. 44. COMMUNICATION 1. to bring together 2. transmission of  information and  meaning
  46. 46. 80% of  conflicts come  from tone of  voice
  47. 47. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI “QUOTE ME”
  48. 48. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI QUOTE ME: • Post up your favorite leadership quotes or facts around the room to add visual interest. • Option: Create a PowerPoint/Prezi/Keynote presentation to play as participants come into class. • Option: You can also post up blank paper and ask an open-ended question for participant to fill in while they are waiting to get started.
  49. 49. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI
  50. 50. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI
  51. 51. What speak s t o you?SAMPLE
  52. 52. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI • Example questions: – What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? – Who is your hero? – What is your favorite leadership quote? – If you could meet any leader for dinner and ask any question, who would it be and what would you ask them? QUOTE ME:
  53. 53. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI SOURCES and RESOURCES
  54. 54. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI SOURCES and RESOURCES • theboxgirl.com • tabletopics.com • Chat Pack • Pinterest
  55. 55. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my HANDS Get participants Creating
  56. 56. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my HANDS • Wave Your Hands in the Air • Change Shakes/Thumbs/Arms • John Hancock Signatures • Drum Rolls • Twitter Teaching • Note Passing • Fill in the Blank
  57. 57. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI TWITTER TEACHING
  58. 58. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI TWITTER TEACHING: • Give assignment to Tweet • Have participants work in teams to create 3-5 “Tweets” (140 characters) facts, lessons, stats, etc. about the session. • Participants can write them down or Tweet them (have them # your class or a key word) • Participants turn in the Tweets and the teacher facilitator uploads them to Twitter scheduled to go out after school. Run Tweets prior to testing.
  59. 59. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI NOTE PASSING
  60. 60. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI NOTE PASSING: • Instruct each person to hand their notebook/handout to the person on their right. • Explain that it is now their responsibility to take quality notes for their teammate. • Keep moving the notebooks to the right or left when you feel the energy is getting low or participant are not jotting down key points that you feel they need to have for their records.
  61. 61. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my HANDS! FILL IN THE BLANK HANDOUTS
  62. 62. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my EYES Get Visuals Up!
  63. 63. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my EYES • 25-30% of your brain’s power is spent processing images and what you see
  64. 64. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my EYES • Visual Environments • Central Images for Lessons • participant Work Up • Online Resources • Inserting Media into PowerPoint • Use Presenter View / Desktop Image
  65. 65. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI
  66. 66. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI
  67. 67. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI
  68. 68. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI THE GRAFFITI WALL • Get a roll of banner paper or butcher paper and post it along a wall in your classroom. • As participants enter or during prescribed times, encourage them to “make their mark”, sign it, write a quote, etc. • Teach the CPP Rule (Clean/Powerful/Positive)
  69. 69. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my EYES
  70. 70. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI SOURCES and RESOURCES
  71. 71. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI INSERT VIDEOS into PowerPoint
  72. 72. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI INSERTING VIDEOS to GET VISUALS UP
  73. 73. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI My View Audience View
  74. 74. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my FEET • Switch Chairs • Touch 2’s • Get into Character • Talk Fest • This or That
  75. 75. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI • As participants walk into the room, have a flip chart that gives them a quick challenge. This will immediately engage them as they walk into the space, as well as take care of a few housekeeping items. • Examples of “Touch 2” : – Touch 2 walls and have a friend write your name in your notebook for you! – Touch 1 Wall; Sit in 2 Chairs; Compliment 3 People – Give 3 people a high five and shake hands with 2 people. – Touch this poster and then write your name REALLY BIG in crayon on the Monster Mural! – Touch 2 things in the room that are red and write down 3 things you have in common on the Monster Mural. TOUCH 2s:
  76. 76. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI GET INTO CHARACTER Explain the benefits of _____ using the voice of: • Superhero • Auctioneer • Cheerleader • Flight Attendant • Diva or Rapper • Car Salesman • Preacher • Nursery School Teacher
  77. 77. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI
  84. 84. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI This or That
  85. 85. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI This or That
  86. 86. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI This or That
  87. 87. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI This or That
  88. 88. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI This or That
  89. 89. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI This or That
  90. 90. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI This or That
  91. 91. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI This or That
  92. 92. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my NOSE Get Smell Involved
  93. 93. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MY my NOSE • Sense of “smell” is the most closely related sense to memory
  94. 94. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my NOSE • Ambient Scenting • Lotion / Air Freshners /Febreze • Mints • Candy/Food/Drink While Studying • Fresh Air • Removing Odorific Issues
  95. 95. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my BRAIN Get participants Thinking!
  96. 96. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE my BRAIN • Trivia Time! • Slant • Little Professor • Tiny Teaches • Each One Teach One • Brain Dump • Zoned Out • Have Fun on Tests!
  97. 97. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI TRIVIA TIME
  98. 98. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI • Post educational trivia/facts around the room on separate sheets of 8.5” x 11” paper. • During the class, randomly yell out “What time is it?” • Train participants to respond back with: “IT’S TRIVIA TIME!” • Read a trivia question and the first person who can find the answer on the wall and touch the paper, wins a prize! TRIVIA TIME:
  99. 99. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI • MENTAL FLOSS SOURCES and RESOURCES
  100. 100. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI iill l!!!sve you 2·4 !i=vinq-s !iho:r! of yoru daUy fruit NComm ndatiOD1l.
  101. 101. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI The Constitution
  102. 102. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI
  103. 103. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI SLANT // FULL RECEIVE MODE • Sit Up • Lean Forward • Ask ?’s • Nod • Talk & Take Notes
  104. 104. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI LITTLE PROFESSOR
  105. 105. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI THE LITTLE PROFESSOR: • Have the participants form partners. • Each partner picks a topic that has previously been discussed. • Give each person 2-3 minutes to give a “mini lecture” on their topic that would include why they chose that particular topic, why they think it is significant to know, and 2 interesting applications, results, uses, etc. of the information • Partners then switch roles, giving time for each to give their lesson.
  106. 106. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI EACH ONE TEACH ONE
  107. 107. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI EACH ONE/TEACH ONE: • Have the groups break into teams of 5-7 participant. • Assign new instruction material that has not been previously covered. • Challenge each group to create a lesson that will teach the component. • Each lesson should have goals or outcomes they would like to see their fellow participants understand, an interactive element, and facilitate a group discussion based on the lesson and the outcome of the interactive component.
  108. 108. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI BRAIN DUMP
  109. 109. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI BRAIN DUMP: • At the end of a lesson or activity, have participant find a space in their notebooks or on a flip chart where they can “brain dump.” • Instruct the participant you are going to give them a certain amount of time (use the length of a song!) and they are to begin to write about what they have just experienced or learned. • It is to be a stream of consciousness writing, so grammar and spelling is not important. • It is important that they write continuously about their experience and then share their thoughts with their team or with a partner.
  110. 110. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI ZONED OUT
  111. 111. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI ZONED OUT: • This is a combination of “Note Passing” and “The Little Professor.” • Have the groups form partners and tell one of the two that they may take a mental break. They can close their eyes or just sit in their seat. They may not disrupt the lesson that will continue to go on in the room. • It is now the responsibility of the remaining partner to take notes and learn the information well enough to teach it back to their partner. • Give prizes, rewards, bonus points to the note taking partner
  112. 112. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI ZONED OUT [continued] • Call the group back to order and have the partners teach the lesson and then discuss it— with the teacher of course acting as the observer to fill in any blanks that the presenter might accidentally leave out. • This method helps leaders digest information because not only do they have to capture it— they have to turn around and present it. Partners should switch roles, giving the other person time to “zone out.”
  113. 113. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI TINY TEACHES
  114. 114. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI TINY TEACHES: • With rooms with many participants, it is easy to look around at the end of the day and notice that someone has not engaged in the learning. • Having participants form partnerships can ensure that no one is left out and that everyone has the opportunity to engage in the lesson.
  115. 115. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI • Examples of techniques used in partnerships and are good to use when you don’t have a specific activity for that particular lesson: – Read, critique or edit each others written work. – Interview each other about their reactions to what they just learned. – Read and discuss a particular article or reading assignment. – Question each other about the lesson. – Recap with each other the three key things they learned. TINY TEACHES [continued]
  116. 116. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI • More Examples – Develop questions together to ask the facilitator or other teammates to clarify or facilitate further discussion. – Analyze a case study or create a solution to a challenge. – Test each other on the material. – Formulate a response to a question(s) asked by the teacher. TINY TEACHES [continued]
  117. 117. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI Have Some FUN on Tests
  118. 118. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI
  119. 119. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE ME ALL TOGETHER! • Rock the Clock • The Handout • Board Game • Cereal Box • Talking Tee • If you were an APP
  120. 120. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI ENGAGING WAYS TO START
  121. 121. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI ROCK THE CLOCK
  122. 122. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI ROCK the CLOCK ROCK THE CLOCK • Draw your own clock from 1:00 – 12:00 • Make appointments with other participants around the room and fill your clock with meetings • Throughout presentation call out a time. Have appointments meet to discuss a topic you give them. • Example: “Meet up with your 4 o’clock appointment. Topic: Why Your Favorite Toy growing up!
  123. 123. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI The Handout
  124. 124. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI HAND OUT: • Have participants trace their hand, cut it out, and write the following answers on their traced hand: – #1: Number one Goal This Year – Spirit Fingers: What Makes You Smile? – OK: Favorite Family Movie/TV/Character – HIGH 5: Achievement You’re Proud Of – Rule of Thumb: Rule to Live Life By – Lifeline: Your Purpose in Life • Post the hands around the room and share 1:1
  125. 125. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI IF YOU WERE A BOARD GAME
  126. 126. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI IF YOU WERE A BOARD GAME: • Pass out 11” x 17” paper to participants • Share with them they are about to create a board game. It’s their personal “Game of Life” • Let them use crayons, markers, and art supplies using their life and dreams as a board game • participants create the game and share 1:1
  127. 127. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI BOARD GAME ELEMENTS • Name Your Game • Six Players…who are your most trusted “players”? • Obstacles: 2 obstacles you’ve had to overcome…2 you know you’ll have to overcome? • Goal: What’s the goal of the game? • Risk: What’s one thing you’ll have to risk to be successful? • Clue: One thing you wish people would get a “clue” about • Trivial Pursuit: One thing you want to learn • Uno: One thing you want to accomplish this year • Sorry: What are three key things that you can do …so you never have to say you are sorry… • BuzzWord: One word that describes YOU. • LIFE: What are 3 future goals?
  128. 128. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI CEREAL BOX
  129. 129. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI YOUR CEREAL BOX • Design Your Own Custom Box of Cereal named after you with ingredients that reflect what you bring to the team! Represent the Following • Name Your Cereal • What’s your “Prize” Inside [something not many know, hobby, special ability, etc.] • What are your unique ingredients for success, leadership, etc? • What’s something “NEW” you’re working on to grow?
  130. 130. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI TALKING TEE
  131. 131. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI ELEMENTS TO REPRESENT ON THE SHIRT • Your Brand • College & Career • Favorite Number • Favorite Movie/Song • Favorite Sport • How do you chill/relax? • Special Talent/Skill • Favorite Quote
  132. 132. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI If you were an…
  133. 133. Design Your App • App Name • App Image/Logo • Location Setting (State) • 3 Cool Features! • 2 Goals! • 1 Legacy to Leave in the World IF YOU WERE AN APP
  134. 134. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI One last secret. Are you ready?
  135. 135. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE ON!
  136. 136. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE ON! 7 MINUTE RULE
  137. 137. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI MOVE ON! BE HERE! NOT HERE!
  138. 138. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI QUESTIONS?
  139. 139. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI GOOD LUCK you good looking awesome facilitators!
  140. 140. Facilitation Secrets by TeamTRI Facilitation Secrets of Mr. Potato Head presented by TRI Leadership Resources Email: ryan@teamtri.com Email: amy@teamtri.com Chief Leadership Officer Director of Awesomeness Twitter: @TeamTRI LinkedIn: Search TeamTRI SS: www.slideshare.net/teamtri Web: teamtri.com