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E Flip Magazines & Catalogues - Navigator Marketing

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Navigator Marketing has a solution that will help you take all your marketing material and create an online magazine or catalogue that offers so many more features than a hard copy catalogue ever could.

And there's no printing cost -- your printing costs are eliminated.

An electronic catalogue from Navigator Marketing includes:

• Electronic flipping pages and sound effects
• the ability to embed video in your advertisements
• you can add ecommerce and sell directly from your catalogue
• You can add audio & sales demonstrations
• Your prospects can print, enlarge, make notes and bookmark pages
• the person viewing the catalogue can share the catalogue with others via social media or email
• And it can be sent out inside an email or added to any of your social media sites
• Best of all, our system comes with a built in reporting tool.
• You can see how many people opened the catalogue,
• what pages they read, shared, printed
• and bookmarked
• and you can see how long they spent reviewing your catalogue.

Navigator Marketing's Eflip Magazine & Cataloge offers you the best marketing opportunity to promote your products & services, engage your prospect and monitor your marketing ROI.

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E Flip Magazines & Catalogues - Navigator Marketing

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