virtual machine security arm trustzone tee tee: trusted execution environment risc-v trusted execution environment bare-metal docker container high performance computing computer security hypervisor cloud computing rats: remote attestation procedures remote attestation ietf intel sgx risc-v keystone linux tls/ssl verification memory deduplication japanese report root of trust teep: trusted execution environment provisioning memory forensic tls pki iot life cycle trustzone life cycle management supply chain kpi intel tdx amd sev arm hardware-assisted isolated execution environment op-tee usenix nsdi17 システム系輪講会 memory disaggregation windows stuxnet attack scada os セキュリティ cyber security vulnerability iot vm introspection stealth breakpoints s4x14 scada security whitelisting windows nested virtual machine fuzz testing usenix osdi2012 poster security iaas cloud storage malware anti-debugger cache flushing aslr eurosec2012 memory sanitization sosp2011 socc2011 plos2011 cloud security virtual machine deduplicaiton cas(content addressable storage) file system ksm kernel samepage merging memory disclosure attack kvm storage deduplication performance ipa oss award usenix security 2010 poster acm asplos10 vee10 usenix fast file system and storage technology 201 linuxconfau 2009 lca09 slide os circular internet linux symposium virtual disk usenix security 2009 acm sosp2009 cloud compitng open source
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