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Qantas Website SEO Audit 2016 - Big Brand SEO Website Audits

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(If you found this informative, Please Like and Share): An audit of Qantas website (https://www.qantas.com.au/) conducted in 2016 using third party tools for the purpose of SEO and web marketing. This audit was conducted independently using publicly available tools, so the information in this audit is not confidential. The purpose of this audit is give an idea and help people looking to conduct audits for websites of big brands and conceive SEO strategies as there are not many resources available on the web giving real examples of big site audits. If you need help with any site audit, contact me on my LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sushrutpadhye/

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Qantas Website SEO Audit 2016 - Big Brand SEO Website Audits

  1. 1. QANTAS.com.au SEO & Content Strategy
  2. 2. Caveat • Lack of full version tools and information from key tools: Google Analytics and Google Search Console • Lack of knowledge of exact goals and revenue structure of the subsidiary businesses • Only considered the airlines aspect of their business for the analysis • Target pages of the website and external links to competitors sites were out of scope • Sampled data used where detailed information not available • Analysis by no means completely accurate because of lack of native data • Jetstar not considered as a competitor to avoid cannibalisation
  3. 3. Landscape Analysis • Qantas Group (includes Jetstar) - 62% market share in Australia & 14.9% internationally in the airline industry • International competition primarily from Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand • Domestic competition from low-cost carriers like Tiger Airways and Virgin Airlines • Qantas dominant in the premium airline segment • Serves low-cost airline segment via its subsidiary Jetstar Airways • Strong tie-ups with Emirates Airlines and American Airlines allowing it to better serve the Middle East and North America
  4. 4. Continued… • Domestic search market brimming with comparison sites (e.g. Webjet) and travel companies (e.g. Last Minute, STA Travel) • Strong demand for comparison sites and travel agents/companies
  5. 5. Keyword research • Conducted using Google Keyword Planner • Found terms related to Qantas • Selected commercial keywords with high search volume to leverage the brand authority • Excluded informational keywords and keywords with brand name • Conducted analysis for select few with high potential and belonging to different categories
  6. 6. Selected keywords
  7. 7. Keyword: “business class flights”
  8. 8. Trend in Australia
  9. 9. Target page
  10. 10. Keyword: “cheap flights”
  11. 11. Keyword: “domestic flights australia”
  12. 12. Keyword: “flight ticket”
  13. 13. Keyword: “sydney to singapore”
  14. 14. Trend in Australia
  15. 15. Keyword: “flight deals”
  16. 16. Trend in Australia
  17. 17. Target page
  18. 18. Big gap
  19. 19. Issues • Inconsistency across keywords usage on target pages – URL, title and H1 • Use of informational keywords or low search volume keywords • URLs not optimised to include keywords or remove redundant keywords • Lack of target pages – homepage ranks for most keywords
  20. 20. Recommendations • Create separate pages to target a new keyword category. E.g. a page for ‘flight deals’ in Australia • Optimise the target page URL by including keywords and getting the pagename as close to the root as possible • Use same keywords in URL, title and headings • Follow the keywords with the brand name in title e.g ‘Business flights | Business class tickets | Qantas’ over ‘Qantas business class tickets | Qantas’
  21. 21. Competitor Analysis Metrics
  22. 22. Main competitors (organic search) • Flight comparison site: Webjet http://www.webjet.com.au/ • Airline carrier: Virgin Australia http://www.virginaustralia.com/au/en/
  23. 23. Content comparison
  24. 24. Webjet Content – Diversity and Topics
  25. 25. Virgin Australia Content - Diversity and Topics
  26. 26. Temporary redirect (302) Site Audit
  27. 27. Permanent redirect (301)
  28. 28. Not responsive
  29. 29. Menu bar and text cuts off
  30. 30. Looks alright on all tablets..
  31. 31. Mobile Site (in sub-directory)
  32. 32. Recommendations • Make the website responsive • Add content to the mobile site (implement hide/show)
  33. 33. Indexing issues – Case- sensitive URLs
  34. 34. Recommendation • Permanent redirect all case-sensitive URLs to their respective URL with all characters in lower- case
  35. 35. Desktop site speed
  36. 36. .com.au and .com URLs indexed
  37. 37. SSL set up
  38. 38. http & https URLs indexed
  39. 39. 2 versions of homepage
  40. 40. https://qantas.com does not resolve
  41. 41. Expired contest pages indexed
  42. 42. Other issues • Alt tags missing • Page errors • Common content duplication • Irrelevant meta descriptions for pages e.g. “##LOC[OK]##. {1}. ##LOC[OK]## ##LOC[Cancel]##. {1}. ##LOC[OK]## ##LOC[Cancel]##. Skip Navigation Links. qantas.com. |. Skip Navigation Links. Home ...” • Poor URL optimisation e.g https://www.qantas.com/fflyer/dyn/program/welcome should be changed to https://www.qantas.com/frequentflyer/program
  43. 43. Recommendations • All versions of a URL, be it - http, https, www, or non-www - should resolve to a single URL. Enable permanent redirects for this. • Implement only permanent redirect on all pages • Consistency in the usage of www or non-www across all URLs on the site • Permanent redirect expired content pages and Not Found (404) pages to the most relevant pages • Move in-line Javascript and CSS to external files • Improve site speed by using browser caching
  44. 44. Link Audit
  45. 45. Anchor-text distribution
  46. 46. Backlinks relevancy & diversity
  47. 47. Backlinks sorted by Trust Flow
  48. 48. Link auditing process • Profile backlinks from low trust flow and domain authority sites first • Disavow links from not-resolving, deindexed and poor directory sites • Disavow keyword-rich anchor-text links from low authority sites • Use URL Profiler to profile the other sites on metrics such as text-to-HTML ratio, titles, keywords etc. • Manually check all suspicious websites and disavow as required
  49. 49. Findings • Hundreds of links from websites with low-authority (e.g. domain authority [DA] <20) • Websites with high authority (e.g DA>40) not passing enough trust due to industry irrelevance • Websites belonging to aviation industry but only containing links and no content e.g. http://www.italy-ex.com/info/link • Most backlinks have brand related anchor-text
  50. 50. Recommendations • Ensure linkage to the correct version of a page e.g. http, https, www or non-www • Update anchor text from “quantas” to ‘Qantas’ or any brand related term like ‘qantas airline’ that fits in with the context • Preference for backlinks from text over images in the future • Update image backlinks to text backlinks where possible • Update the backlinks to destination URLs for redirected pages • Update the backlinks to 404 pages • Use keywords in anchor-text only when using brand name e.g. flight tickets from Qantas airlines • Leverage brand to get more links from brand related anchor texts viz. Qantas, Qantas Australia etc.
  51. 51. Most shared articles with backlinks Content Strategy
  52. 52. Article on AWOL
  53. 53. Article on Business Insider
  54. 54. Article on Architecture & Design
  55. 55. Majority of fresh content…posted on another domain
  56. 56. No engaging content on the site…for e.g.
  57. 57. and…
  58. 58. Formula for content success
  59. 59. When and where to share
  60. 60. Recommendations • Continue with current PR and outreach strategies • Get editorial backlinks through brand mentions and long phrases with keywords like “Book your air tickets with Qantas” today • Focus on news sites with large circulation, popular travel forums and social sites; shares from influencers in the travel and aviation industry • Create engaging articles in-line with the brand identity with viral-potential • Add/update content on high authority/ranking pages
  61. 61. Other suggestions • Remarketing through Facebook and Google Display Network to website visitors • Instagram Ads promoting
  62. 62. Thank you
  63. 63. Any questions?