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How can Formula 1 adopt Indian Culture

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How can Formula 1 adopt Indian Culture

  1. 1. How F1 Adopted Indian Culture
  2. 2. Introduction The highest class of single seater auto racing Most expensive form of racing because the teamshave to build their own cars Formula 1 cars are often called the worlds fastestbillboards. “Formula One Group” is owned by 3 majorgroups i.e. CVC Capital, JP Morgan & BernieEcclestone Second largest viewership in the world afterfootball
  3. 3. Racing Culture is not New for India
  4. 4. Formula 1 followers in India Age Group of Indian F1 fans is 20-24 years Predominately male and belonging to higher and middle class Internet savvy and fundamentally patriotic Loyalty towards winners According to the Research there could be, over the next four or five years, a potential audience of over 100 million young Indians.
  5. 5. How Formula 1 can Adopt Indian Culture Three Suggested way 1. Less Expensive Ideas 2. Expensive Ideas Ideas which require Govt. 3. support
  6. 6. Less Expensive Ideas Creating awareness through Facebook Merchandise stores Blogs and Forum for F1fans Create Mobile games on Formula 1 Sticker can be printed on UB groups products Promotion through College Festivals and SportEvents Auto graffiti
  7. 7. Expensive ways: Increasing no of Go Carting centers in India Set up Centralized Academy or Institute forcreating new Drivers and Engineers for Formula 1Cars Organizing intercollegiate F1 League Race inIndia Sponsorship to interested candidates Promotion through reality shows like Roadiesand Khataron Ke Khiladi Making a movie on Formula 1 and creating anew hero or Role model in India
  8. 8. Ideas which requireGovernment support: Form a centre body or association for Formula 1 Betting can be legalized in Formula 1 Provides land to build new circuit in Metropolitancities