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How to Fix Bookselling by Storiad

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Use Storiad's technology, bookselling industry contacts databases, and video platforms to sell more books. Request your free Book Marketing Assessment Report & Action Plan: http://storiad.com

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How to Fix Bookselling by Storiad

  1. 1. © 2015 Storiad, Inc. All rights reserved. The Book Industry is BROKEN! How to Fix Bookselling with Next-Generation Book Marketing Campaigns
  2. 2. A best-selling book is a dream come true for authors and publishers.
  3. 3. But the bookselling system is broken…
  4. 4. Less than 1% of books make it onto a bookstore shelf.
  5. 5. The typical book sells merely 250 copies in a year.
  6. 6. Publishers need to sell more books…
  7. 7. Yet publishers typically have limited marketing budgets.
  8. 8. Authors are therefore expected to market their own books. However, they typically don’t know even the basics about marketing.
  9. 9. And they are unaware of the tools they should be using to get their book in front of more people.
  10. 10. The bookselling system is broken…
  11. 11. Here’s the key to success for both publisher and author…
  12. 12. 5% of achieving publishing success is writing a good book. 95% is marketing.
  13. 13. Introducing Storiad! The most comprehensive book-marketing platform on the market.
  14. 14. Get noticed! Storiad has what you need to get your books noticed by bookstores, book clubs, magazine editors, book reviewers, bloggers and anyone involved in buying and recommending books.
  15. 15. Storiad increases your online visibility through: ①  Meaningful Networking ②  Memorable Marketing & Publicity ③  Relevant Industry Connections ④  Powerful Video Promotion ⑤  Proven Industry Knowledge
  16. 16. Your customized Storiad campaigns include: ①  Author Networking Platform ②  Storiad ePressKit™ ③  Storiad “Book People” Database ④  Book Review TV ⑤  Virtual Author Event Platform
  17. 17. ①  Storiad Author Networking Platform ②  Storiad ePressKit™ ③  “Book People” Database Record ④  Step-by-Step Campaign Execution Framework Storiad Campaign Features
  18. 18. Campaign Feature: Video Book Reviews
  19. 19. Campaign Feature: Virtual Author Events
  20. 20. The Storiad Partner Network for Amplified Marketing …and many more partners!
  21. 21. The book industry may be broken. However…
  22. 22. Storiad is the new way to fix the system and Sell More Books!
  23. 23. There is no comparable book marketing campaign package available in the market today.
  24. 24. Visit Storiad.com and get your complimentary Book Marketing Assessment & Action Plan!
  25. 25. Next-Generation Book Marketing Campaigns