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Business Plan of Bangla Papad

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As a part of our MBA program International Business Department University of Dhaka , Entrepreneurship Course Project work we have to develop a unique business plan for global market. We developed the Business Plan of "Bangla Papad "

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Business Plan of Bangla Papad

  1. 1. Welcome to our PresentationBusiness Plan Of “Bangla Papad”
  2. 2. Company Description• “Bangla Papad” will be a Bangladesh based privatelimited company.• The Company will be manufacturing and exportingpapad in UK based Bangladeshi Restaurant.• The Company Mission will be to create the marketof Bangladeshi papad in UK.• Total four initial shareholder will be there.• The total initial capital will be 40 thousand poundand paid up capital is 200 thousand pounds.• The manufacturing plant and company head officeboth will be in Dinajpur, Bangladesh.
  3. 3. Product descriptions• Papad also known as Papadum is a famous Indiancrispy food• This is basically a round shaped appetizer andstraw in color.• The main ingredients is different kind of pulsealong with other spices.• It has different taste and many nutritious values.• This can be used as an welcome dish for thecustomer to any restaurants.
  4. 4. Industry Analysis• From Indian Context the papad industry isalmost 400 years old.• It is a most popular welcome dish in Uk andalmost 95% cuisines used is as an appetizer.• This industry is taken over by the Indiansuppliers currently. There are so manyIndian brands available there.• There are no Bangladeshi company currentlyexporting papad to UK from Bangladesh..
  5. 5. Market Analysis• The target market will be the UnitedKingdom• The customers will be the Bangladeshiowned restaurants.• The total value of the market is 3.6 billionBritish pounds.• There are total 12000 Bangladeshi cuisineswill be the destination.
  6. 6. Purchasing decision processBombay lounge owned by Mr. SabbirAhmed will purchase product from us andwill supply it to cash and carry, which is thelargest supplier of food items in UK to thecuisines and restaurants.
  7. 7. Market Study• After finding the opportunities ofexporting the papadum, we studiedabout the matter. We forecasted themarket and we found that there is nosuch exporter of papadum right now fromBangladesh. So the market was new forus and we started out work. we went toSME foundation and Export promotion(EPB) bureau to discuss about thematter.
  8. 8. Findings- opportunities• There is a market of 3.6 billion British poundsin UK• No real exporters from Bangladesh are therein this industry.• There are 12000 Bangladeshi cuisines in UKwho are doing business successfully.• There can be a big opportunity of exportingPapadum in UK.• The industry is already existing in market ofBangladesh
  9. 9. The findings- The barriers• The quality of local papadum is notsatisfactory• There is no real export, so the total market isnew here.• There is health hygiene issues which are notmaintained in local papadum• No such initiatives take from Bangladesh.• No such previous experiences.
  10. 10. Operation plan• There will be a total of 70000 kg papad producedin a month, which will be packed in 1458containers where each containers contains 600papad, which is the normal packaging system ofexporting papad.• To fulfill the production demand we will need 4machineries set up where in set contains amanufacturing machine and a drying machine.• Each machine will be operated by 4 person in a10 hours shift in 25 days every month.
  11. 11. • There will be 4 unit of operation1. Raw material and packaging materialwarehouse.2. production area3. packaging area.4. Finished goods area.
  12. 12. Production plant Lay out
  13. 13. Production flow chart.Mixing (All the ingredients)↓Doughing↓Making small round shape dough↓Rolling↓Drying in the drier (500C-1 hr)↓Packaging
  14. 14. Management and Organization• The total number of four people will beincluded in management team.• The Chief executive officer (1 person)• The Head of operations (1 person)• The Head of logistics• The Head of distributions and finance (1person)
  15. 15. Development Milestone andExit Plan:• There with our current supply it covers only 1to 2% of total market• Our goal is to get reach into 3% in first 3years and 5% in first five years.
  16. 16. Financing• Total primary capital will be 40000 Britishpounds• There will be a bank loan approach of 25000pound.• The overall Beginning capital will be of65000 pounds.
  17. 17. Overall sales• There will be a total sales of 1458 carton ineach months.• Each carton contains 600 papad and 35pound each.• So the total sales in every month will be of51030 pounds.
  18. 18. Cost analysis Fixed cost- total fixed cost is 45653 pounds The total variable cost will be of 19664pounds in every months. In every month the gross profit will be31366 pounds After tax deduction the profit stands everymonth is 19760 pounds.
  19. 19. Analysis of finance• Return on investment is 158%• The break even point will come at the thirdmonth of export.
  20. 20. conclusion• If the business goes well it will open a newdoor for the Bangladeshi business sector,because here the scopes are most if it isutilized well. It can be also a model for thebig investors who want to enrich this industryin future.
  21. 21. Thank You