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  2. What are organic and inorganic foods? Are they right for us? Is it healthier? Tastier? Safer? These are a few from the innumerous queries that pop up in our mind at the term’s mere mention. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Organic food. . Let’s try to understand more on this emerging food commodity. Pic courtesy –
  3. 3 1) Organic is Natural: Image courtesy
  4. • The environmental impact of growing organic food products is nil compared to conventional mode of agriculture. • Since, the advent of Green Revolution, usage of toxic fertilizers and pesticides to aid the crops’ growth has become an ordinary affair. • It not only destroys pests but also boosts plants’ growth providing the farmer with a greater control over his farm land. • However, these chemicals get absorbed into the fruits and vegetable, leaving its chemical residues in it, which in turn is consumed by us. • These chemicals also gets absorbed into the soil, thereby polluting the soil, and, in the run, our groundwater tables and water bodies.
  5. 5 2) Nutrition and Health: Image
  6. 6 Source:WHO • Studies indicate that going Organic definitely enables us to ward off many of the contemporary chronic diseases such as heart attack, cancer and stoke etc. • A 2007 study by the Newcastle University, UK, reported that organic produce boasted 40 percent higher levels of nutrients including vitamin C, zinc and iron than its conventional counterparts. • “With organic methods, the nitrogen present in composted soil is released slowly and therefore plants grow at a normal rate, with their nutrients in balance. • Vegetables fertilized with conventional fertilizers grow very rapidly and allocate less energy to develop nutrients”, states Alyson Mitchell, Ph.D., associate professor of food science and technology at the University of California, Davis.
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  8. 8 • Organic yields are growing in popularity across the globe and its line of products includes fruits, vegetables, diary, eggs, grains, spices, pulses, herbs, meat and so on. • The data collected from the Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority of India shows that the country exported 135 products in the year of 2013-14 with the total volume of 194088 MT including 16322 MT organic textiles.
  9. 9 4) Cost: Image
  10. 10 image • Organic products cost more than its chemically mass produced conventional counterparts. This is because of the higher costs involved in its mode of production and distribution. • Organic farming demands a lot of manual labor to grow, maintain and control the crop from being destroyed by weeds and pests as no fertilizers and pesticides are put to use. • The number of farmers who has taken up organic farming is comparatively less. So the supply is way too less than the demand.
  11. 11 5) Availability:
  12. • Availability is another important factor when it comes to organic food products. It is not as widely available as conventional food products. • It might only be available at certain dedicated organic stores. So even if some has the ability to spend a little extra for this better source of food and health, the organic food products are not readily available.
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