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10. professions

Урок у 10 класі

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10. professions

  3. 3. to develop speaking skills, to train listening and reading skills, to broaden our outlooks through getting new information about trades, professions and occupations.
  4. 4. Repeat after the speaker. Mind your pronunciation.
  5. 5. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  6. 6. Read some useful words:  general public  costumers  to work outside  upset  to earn money
  7. 7. Listen to the four people talking about their jobs. Match the speakers (1-4) with the jobs. a chef a farmer a nurse a shop assistant
  8. 8. Complete the sentences with the words from the box: 1.I don’t earn a lot of __________ . 2.I enjoy working with my ____________ . 3.I’m on my _____________ all day. 4.I don’t like using a ___________ . 5.I have to work with _____________ . 6.I like working ____________ .
  9. 9. V E T P E N C I L E N U R S E B C A R D R O T F U E D Y R N G E A S M E L I B R A R I A N A V O A C M N N T R E S M H E L A I W R S M E R S G S E G G E R O S E T R W O R K E R R D
  10. 10. Fergus Diego and Marco Carlos and Rosa Veena
  11. 11. Are the sentences true or false? 1.Fergus is from Spain. 2.Veena is twelve years old and she is a dancer. 3.Carlos is a farmer. 4.Diego and Marco are farmers. 5.Fergus is a musician. 6.Marco’s favourite sport is football. 7.Carlos and Rosa are dancers. 8.Veena is from Brazil.
  12. 12. GRAMMAR ACTIVITY Complete the sentences with the correct form of used to or be used to 1.When she worked in the employment agency, she ..…. (find) work for people, but now she doesn’t. 2. He is a porter so he ….. (carry) heavy suitcases. 3. She is a nurse so she …… ( look after) sick people. 4. My grandmother ……. (go) 5 km to school every morning. 5. He …… (play ) with children because he is a camp counselor. 6. I ….. (drive) on the left when I lived in England several years ago. 7. My brother …. (the cold) because he is a ski instructor.
  13. 13. Express your point of view on your career opportunities in written form. What are you going to do when you leave the secondary school? What are you going to choose as a career? Why? After leaving my school I would like to study at one of the universities. I simply can’t tell you what I am going to study yet. Well, I have thought of becoming… (a teacher). My parents share/ do not share this idea, they want me to become… (a doctor). They may be right, because a… (doctor’s) work is more respected and acknowledged in a society. But…
  14. 14. Do the test. Supply the best word or words. Example: 1. The person in charge of a business is informally known as the… . a) chef; b) chief; c) boss.