hot forging scale prevention hot forging cost reduction reducing decarburization heat treatment japanese cold-welding carbide coating carbide coating on die die spray system safe die lubricant spraying system aluminum presure die casting die life forging die life increasing die life pressure die casting pdc die life casting die life reduced fatigue life of automobile products increased fatigue life of automobile products increased fatigue life due to reduced decarburisat rolling mill breakdown billet welding rejections during hot rolling scale pits billet overheating uniform hardness decarburisation successful re-heat treatment. preventing scale pits on forgings graphite lubricant preventing rejections in heat treatment metal forming scale free heat treatment die lubricant drop forging closed die forging environment friendly die lubrication white die lubricant pollution free hot forging die lubrication quench crack prevention refractory problems refractory coating prevent refractory corrosion refractory life furnace refractory save furnace fuel ceramic refractorycoating furnace energy leaks save furnace oil shot blasting hot rolling reducing oxidation and scaling during heating. machining heat treatment cost reduction quench cracking metallurgy eco friendly lubricants gas nitriding white lubricant non polluting lubricant water soluble forging lubricant increase die life nitriding refractory forging lubricants oxidation forging no smoke emission graphite based lubricant tapping anti scale anti oxidation tapping lubricant energy saving
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