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Portfolio football sponsorship opportunity 8 2013-2

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Portfolio football sponsorship opportunity 8 2013-2

  1. 1. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY August, 2013 David Hirsch President & CEO 14502 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 200 Tampa, FL 33618 (813) 334-2979 | david@money4front.com
  2. 2. HIGH-LEVEL OVERVIEW About MoneyForefront: We’re a cloud-based provider of financial games, tools and content. We have patent-pending technology that uses sports metaphors to simplify complex financial concepts. We’ve incorporated this technology into a highly-engaging online investment contest platform that employs the game mechanics of fantasy sports. As people play, they will learn about investing and portfolio management. The first sports-based contest format we’re rolling out is Portfolio Football. Portfolio Football: Portfolio Football works like fantasy football, except instead of selecting players, you select financial assets (mutual funds, stocks and ETF’s). Anticipated Contest Start Date: At present, we anticipate a contest start date shortly after the start of the 2013 NFL season. Note that we are not dependent on the football season since assets trade all year. However, we believe parroting the NFL season will provide for better exposure and interest. Anticipated Contest End Date: The contest end date will be at the conclusion of the 2013 NFL season with the winner of the contest being announced during the Super Bowl. In total, we envision the contest lasting approximately four months. Market Potential: Football is the most popular sport in the U.S. with approximately 60% of the population identifying as fans. Likewise, fantasy sports are also immensely popular with 34.0 million Americans participating each year. As such, we believe Portfolio Football has the potential to attract an audience in excess of 500,000 participants. Sponsorship Opportunity: We’re seeking a sponsor to help us launch Portfolio Football. Our contest platform has been designed to be white-labeled with the sponsor’s logo featured prominently as the contest’s ‘Presenter’ in the upper-left- hand corner of the viewing screen (see image on next page). We have also inserted additional locations for ad placements. The terms of the sponsorship are negotiable. Goal: Our goal is for at least 100,000 contestants to enter the contest. We estimate that the average contestant will view approximately 250 pages per month while participating in the contest. This would equate to 100 million page views during the duration of the contest. Additionally, we anticipate sharing contestant registration and behavioral information with our sponsor.
  4. 4. HOW IT WORKS Contest Summary: Portfolio Football is designed to be a free, universal contest platform with a cash prize going to the contestant who’s portfolio has achieved the highest capital appreciation. Additional prizes can also be awarded to participants based on their performance at the end of the contest, or periodically as the contest is played, such as a ‘weekly winner’. Here’s how it works: 1. MoneyForefront as Contest Administrator: We will act as the contest administrator, or ‘commissioner’, by hosting and operating the contest. 2. Contest Registration and Entry: To play, contestants must register at the MoneyForefront website and then sign- up for the contest using or fast and user-friendly interface. 3. Setting the Lineup: Before the game starts, contestants recruit their players one at a time using our proprietary asset selection tool. All contestants will utilize a standard football formation selected by the commissioner, which will consist of eleven player positions. Each player position is allocated 1/11th of the portfolio’s assets at the start of the contest. Participants can also use our robust analysis and research tools to make sure their lineup is satisfactory. 4. The Contest Starts and Asset Selection Is Locked: On the day the contest starts, asset selection is locked at 9:30am EST and player changes cannot be made (until the lock is lifted if trading is enabled). The basis of each position is the asset’s opening price on the starting day. The game then officially starts. 5. Leaderboards & Performance Tracking: Participants track their teams’ performance in real-time while the game is in progress. Player rank is continuously updated. Also, daily emails are sent to participants to update them on their rank and team’s performace. 6. Contest Ends and a Winner Is Declared: At 4:00pm EST on the last day of the contest, the contest ends. Shortly thereafter, final calculations are made and a winner is declared. The winner is then processed and paid.
  5. 5. HIGH-LEVEL OVERVIEW Target Demographics: We believe Portfolio Football will appeal to tens of millions of people including participants in fantasy sports. Fantasy Sports: Statistic: Number of fantasy participants (U.S.) 34.0 million Number of fantasy football participants (U.S.) 24.5 million Median Age: 41.4 Average Annual Household Income: $92,750 Average time spent managing teams per week: 2-3 hours Funds spent on fantasy by participant per year: $467.60 Size of fantasy sports market (U.S.): $15.9 billion Percent of players who are women: 20% Women & Fantasy Sports: “While it may initially seem that sports-related marketing would appeal only to men, this is a great fallacy. Women constitute a truly significant element of fantasy sports participants. As of August 2011. the FSTA and Ipsos estimated that approximately 5.4MM women played fantasy football, approximately 20% of all fantasy players.”  "Time to make fantasy football your reality" ESPN W, August 19, 2011, Melissa Jacobs.) Source: Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA)
  6. 6. IF INTERESTED, PLEASE CONTACT: David Hirsch President & CEO 14502 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 200 Tampa, FL 33618 (813) 334-2979 | david@money4front.com