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Tabletop DATA Counter U-60B PLUS- Counting Small Parts

DATA U-60 counter, is the new generation of bulk counters with superior resolution for critical
parts in a wide range of industries, such as: Automotive, Aerospace, Electrical, Electronics,
Medical Devices, Manufacturing and DIY.
This counter can count objects of different shapes and sizes, quickly and accurately,
eliminating the imprecision of weighing solutions and significantly saving money

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Tabletop DATA Counter U-60B PLUS- Counting Small Parts

  1. 1. DATA Count U-60B Plus counter offers a tabletop bulk counting solution for small objects in various fields. The system incorporates patent counting technology, delivering nearly 100% accuracy levels, while reaching speeds that are similar to weighing systems. The U-60B counter provides an ideal platform for automation processes such as packaging and inventory management requiring exact figures. All counting data is saved and can be easily retrieved for the purpose of analysis counting reports. With the DATA Count U-60B, companies can attain better product control at any given moment, with a simple click of a button. The results are consistent and repeatable without the variability associated with scales, manual counting or other methods. The system is ideal for small precious objects produced by injection molding, metal lathe and other delicate processes, and can handle complex shaped objects including open-shaped items as in the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Electronic, Automotive, Hardware and other industries. DATA Count U-60B PLUS MAIN BENEFITS • Enhanced inventory management • Eliminates the need for overfills • Reduced order processing time • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI) MAIN FEATURES • High accuracy (actual count) of 99.5%-100% • Object variety: one system can count numerous object types • Two counting modes: free count and batch count • Minimal mechanical adjustments when changing objects • User-friendly interface • Counting data is saved and can easily be retrieved • Low maintenance and easy to clean • Various bowl feeder options TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS • Voltage: 115 / 230 VAC, 1 phase • Frequency: 50/60 Hz • Power consumption: 250 W • Circuit breaker rate: Minimum 10 A slow blow • Dimensions (cm): (W) 71 x (D) 47 x (H) 86 – According to B type • Weight: ± 72 Kg OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT • Barcode scanner • RS232 Interface for scales • RS232 Interface for label printer • Foot pedal
  2. 2. Component Component photo Size in mm Average counting speed per second (free count) Bic Pencil Parts O-Rings Connectors Drill Parts Metal Needles Caps Threader Tab (Versalok) Large Springs Screws Chips 7x3 6x2 23x9 15x10x5 6 long 12x8 40x30x4 12x17 40x80 14x5 Up to 85 Up to 55 Up to 30 Up to 10 Up to 60 Up to 25 Up to 8 Up to 100 Up to 60 Up to 100 DATA Detection Technologies Ltd. 14 Hartom ST. (RAD Bldg.) Har Hotzvim- Jerusalem 9777514, Israel Tel: 972-73-2204444 | Fax: 972-73-2204466 | www.data-technologies.com