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SmartERP Cloud Services Overview - Oracle Cloud, NetSuite and BI_2019

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SmartERP Cloud Services Overview - Oracle Cloud, NetSuite and BI_2019

  1. 1. Smart ERP Solutions Cloud Services Overview – Oracle Cloud, NetSuite and BI Services Overview David Testa No. America Oracle VP 415-509-3370 David.testa@smarterp.com 2019
  2. 2. Introductions - SmartERP Delivery Leadership Team  David Testa – No. America Oracle Vice President  25+ years of experience selling and delivering Oracle ERP services across multiple industries – Former Hitachi VP and IBM Partner  Role: Relationship Executive  Raam Ramachandran – Global Oracle Chief Delivery Officer  20+ years of Oracle implementations delivery experience across multiple Cloud and On-Premise Oracle platforms – Former Keane and Oracle  Role: Delivery Executive  Venu Chillarige – Oracle Delivery Practice  25+ years of Oracle implementations delivery experience across multiple Cloud and On-Premise Oracle platforms – Former Accenture  Role: Officer in Charge of Cloud Delivery  Govind Jayanth – Oracle ERP/Financials Delivery Practice  20+ years of experience architecting and implementing Oracle ERP Solutions – Former Oracle Product Development  Role: NetSuite ERP Solution Architect and Financial Functional Lead  Sunny Kaul – Oracle HCM Delivery Practice  12+ years of Oracle HCM Delivery experience architecting and implementing Oracle HCM Solutions – Former ADP, IBM and Tech Mahindra  Role: HCM Solution Architect and Functional Lead  Steve Canter – Oracle SCM Delivery Practice  18+ years of Oracle Delivery experience architecting and implementing SCM Solutions – Former Berlin Packaging CIO  Role: SCM Solution Architect and Functional Lead
  3. 3. SmartERP Company Overview Founded in 2005 by former Oracle Executives, Architects and Consultants Oracle Platinum, Cloud and NetSuite Partner with Extensive Expertise in ERP, EPM, SCM, HCM, CX, BI and PaaS/IaaS Oracle Modern Best Practices Expertise in Project management, ERP/SCM/HCM Implementations and BI/Analytics Unique Blend of Oracle Solutions and Services Across each Oracle Platform – PeopleSoft, EBS, JDE, Cloud and NetSuite ‘Clients for Life’ – High level of Client Satisfaction and Loyalty – Partnership, Delivery Quality and Execution 250+ Clients Across Various Industries – Wholesale Dist., Software, Prof. Services, Retail/CPG, Hi-Tech, Mfg. & Edu. 350+ Employees: PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud, NetSuite Certified Global Consultants and BI/Analytics & Big Data Practices Global Locations: Headquarters in Pleasanton, CA Offices in Duluth, GA., Milwaukee, WI., Hyderabad and Bangalore (India)
  4. 4. Industry and Domain Expertise Higher Education Professional Services Manufacturing Retail/CPG Software, IT and High Tech Wholesale Distribution SmartERP has relevant domain expertise across a range of the industries we serve: • Industry domain expertise and are able to offer high caliber industry experience and know-how. • Services include: project management, process improvement, change management and NetSuite implementations and integration/development projects leveraging Oracle key enabling technologies and tools.
  5. 5. Oracle Partner Qualifications & Experience Summary Oracle Platinum Partner, Oracle Cloud, NetSuite and BI and Partner with 350+ employees including certified consultants in the US and globally. Extensive Oracle multi-platform experience with ERP – Fin’s, EPM, SCM, CRM, HCM & Commerce experience across multiple industries. Multi-pillar Oracle Cloud and NetSuite functional & technical integration experience across the entire Oracle applications suite. Competitive Fixed Scope Services Offerings, Migration Tools and Cloud Roadmap Workshops with industry POV’s/ROI’s. Quality global delivery with SmartERP employed consultants in the US, offsite and offshore available nationally at very competitive rates. Digital e-mail and Webinar Campaigns including: Oracle Cloud, NetSuite Implementations, Use-Cases, Industry POV’s and extensions. New Oracle Cloud and NetSuite Client Logo Campaign. This includes Client Incentives for Oracle Cloud & NetSuite implementations and support contracts. SmartERP is committed to being responsive, investment minded, quality delivery focused while providing flexible contracting options in order to earn our clients trust and business. Focused multi industry Oracle services partner based on our quality global resources, extensive Oracle implementation experience and our proven commitment to our client’s success.
  6. 6. Samples of our Cross Industry Client Successes
  7. 7. Oracle Cloud Services – Oracle Cloud, NetSuite & Practices Overview
  8. 8. Our Oracle Cloud Services Practices SmartERP has leveraged its broad cross-industry and extensive Oracle platform and functional ERP experience to build our Cloud Services Business which includes our Global Oracle Cloud, NetSuite and BI/Analytics Practice.  We have a long term Platinum partnership with Oracle and have acquired the Oracle Cloud and NetSuite software suite and implemented it ourselves to run our business and build out our Global Oracle Cloud Solutions Lab.  We use our Global Oracle Cloud lab to certify our consultants (50+ Certified Consultants) and educate our clients while doing cross-functional client discovery, planning, roadmaps, migration planning, demos, POC’s and provide competitive fixed fee Oracle Cloud and NetSuite implementation and support proposals.  SmartERP is committed to partnering with our clients and providing first-hand multi-business process application insight and knowledge to ensure that each of our Oracle implementation projects result in a successful and value-based client outcome that we can be proud of executing together.
  9. 9. Oracle Cloud & NetSuite Implementation, Process improvement, Technology Integration and Application Support: ERP – Fin’s, EPM, CRM, SCM, HR & Payroll and Commerce Cloud ERP Roadmap and Tools: Functional/Technical Workshops, Cloud Roadmap, Estimates, Timeline, Cost (TCO/ROI) SuiteSuccess Offerings: Fixed Scope, Price and Timeline, Accelerators, Tools & Migration Strategy Wholesale Distribution Professional Services Retail/CPG Software, IT Services and High Tech Manufacturing Higher Education Business Types: Start-up's, Fast Growing, Family Owned, Small & Medium, Enterprise and PE/VC Backed 9 SmartERP Cloud Services Practice Functional AreasOracle Services Industry & Bus Types ERP – Accounting/Finance SCM – OM, Fulfilment, INV, Supply/Demand Planning Manufacturing – PLM, Project Management, Procurement and Shipping CRM – Sales, Market & Social Commerce - Web Store, B2C HCM, HR, Talent and Payroll Platform – Reports, Analytics Processes and Integration Oracle & NetSuite Implementation Services and PeopleSoft Upgrades including Support ERP/EPM/SCM/HCM/CX Big Data/Business Intelligence and Analytics Services Cloud Application Support ERP Solutions ERP Gadget, Smart Workflow, On-Boarding, E-Verify, Personnel Action Request Forms, GDPR Segregation of Duties, Analytics and Tax System ERP Integration Adaptors Smart UX and VMS Services/Solutions
  10. 10. Oracle Cloud Services Areas of Focus ERP - Accounting & Financials SCM - OM, INV, Planning, Procurement & Manufacturing CRM – Sales, Marketing & Social Suite Commerce - Web Store, B2B & B2C HCM – Core HR, Recruiting, Talent, Benefits and Payroll Platform – Reports, Dashboards, Business Process Automation, Workflow, Customizations & Integration EPM/GRC/GDPR BI/Analytics and Big Data PaaS/IaaS - Integration and Extensions SmartERP provides the following:  Oracle Cloud & NetSuite Implementations, Cloud Roadmap Workshops and TCO/ROI  Fixed Services Offerings which drive rapid low cost cloud implementations  Oracle Global Cloud Lab Environments for Conference Room Pilots (CRP’s) and Demo’s to expedite discovery sessions and testing efforts throughout the implementation  Industry focused functional application extensions and complex integration  Using tools and accelerators to reduce user participation time and increase efficiency  Application Support & Training to ensure you are getting the most out of your solution (Renewals and Additional Modules) CloudServicesOfferings Industry – WSD, Professional Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, Software and Higher Education
  11. 11. Oracle Cloud ERP - Financials Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Financials Cloud Service  Oracle Financials Cloud Service is a complete and integrated financial management solution with automated financial processing, effective management control, and real-time visibility to financial results. A modern user experience and contemporary, information-rich features provide everything you need to make better decisions, meet financial compliance, and improve your bottom line without expensive hardware and system management overhead costs.  SmartERP can partner with you to implement Oracle Financials Cloud Service which will transform process automation and information access to simplify controls, increase productivity, and improve business decisions. The solution includes a broad suite of capabilities, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, expenses, collections, and cash management as well as centralized accounting, tax, payment, and intercompany engines. SmartERP and Oracle Financial Cloud Service will:  Empower modern finance,  Deliver accelerated productivity to the finance team,  Serve business managers with streamlined processes, and  Provide all users with on-demand access to role-based information and training.
  12. 12. Oracle Cloud - Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) is a solution hosted in the Oracle Cloud that combines Hyperion Planning, an industry-leading product, with the agility of a SaaS platform. EPBCS is a simple and flexible Oracle Cloud solution and ideal for integrating financial and operational data across the organization.  EPBCS Provides all of the benefits, features, and functions of PBCS, plus the following:  Out-of-the-box frameworks with prebuilt reporting cubes and content (i.e. dashboards and reports) for:  Financial Statement Planning, Workforce Planning & Strategic Workforce Planning, Capital Asset Planning, Project Financial Planning, and Strategic Modeling SmartERP can help enable a quick adoption of world-class planning and budgeting applications across your enterprise including:  Flexible deployment options and virtually no learning curve  A streamlined planning process without a time lag or risk of manual error  Multi-dimensional / multi user planning with a powerful business rules engine  Flexible workflow and plan management capabilities  Comprehensive Microsoft Office integration with an Easy to use Web interface  Seamless creation of reports and dashboards  Proven and scalable architecture and robust integration with ERP systems and other sources
  13. 13. Oracle Cloud -Human Capital Management (HCM) SmartERP’s Oracle HCM Cloud expertise includes the processes, HR modules and solutions outlined below:
  14. 14. Oracle Cloud - Supply Chain Management Cloud (SCM) ORACLE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT CLOUD SOLUTIONS • Oracle SCM Cloud enables you to innovate quickly, execute rapidly, and scale your value chain. Companies can rapidly deploy Oracle’s supply chain management functionality with minimal risk, low cost, and maximum flexibility. With Oracle SCM Cloud, companies do not have to maintain or upgrade to the latest version—they can receive the latest, best-in-class functionality through a flexible subscription pricing model. • Turn supply chains into value chains. A consistent supply chain drives customer satisfaction and financial performance. A modern supply chain lets you keep up with a fast-paced, digital world. SmartERP Helps Transform your Traditional Supply Chains into Integrated Value Chains across your Product Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics Pillars • SmartERP and Oracle SCM software applications transform your supply chains from a functional necessity to a competitive advantage. Oracle SCM products and SmartERP architects help modernize your operations across each pillar. • Oracle’s Cloud applications deliver flexible configuration tools, leveraging out-of-the-box best business practices that come as part of the Oracle Cloud business flows. Cloud delivers unmatched configuration and extension capabilities to allow you to tailor applications to your preferences and, if necessary, extend applications with assistance from SmartERP Integration architects leveraging the Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution.
  15. 15. Our Smart Express Oracle Cloud Fixed Services Offerings Cloud Applications Timelines Price ERP Cloud Oracle Financials Cloud 12 $99,000 Oracle Procurement Cloud 8 $70,000 Oracle EPM Cloud Enterprise Planning and Budgeting 8 $80,000 CX Cloud Oracle Engagement Cloud (Sales and Services) 10 $79,000 Oracle Social Cloud 2 $19,000 Oracle Marketing Cloud 4 $39,000 HCM Cloud Oracle Core HR Cloud 12 $99,000 Taleo Recruiting (EE) 10 $59,000 Taleo – Recruiting & On boarding and Sourcing (EE) 12 $90,000 Oracle Talent Management 13 $90,000 Our Smart Express Cloud Offerings for Oracle Cloud ERP/EPM/HCM Implementation which includes: Fixed Price, Product Features, Reporting, High Level Scope, Timelines, Assumptions and Dependencies. Our Offerings are designed to provide our customers a predictable cost, schedule and scope thus helping them to achieve quick returns on investment and time to value.
  16. 16. Samples of our Recent Oracle Cloud Client Successes ERP/EPM/SCM HCM CX Engagement Cloud (Sales/Service) Marketing, Social PaaS/IaaS
  17. 17. NetSuite Implementation Services & Value Proposition FULL LIFECYCLE SmartERP enables the full lifecycle of your business: • Consulting • Solutions • Implementation • Integration • Optimization • Education • Application Support INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE Our consultants have deep experience at the industry and micro-vertical levels. • Wholesale Distribution • Professional Services • Manufacturing • Retail/CPG GLOBAL REACH Our Global Delivery Center includes several locations around the world. NETSUITE EXPERTISE We have certified NetSuite consultants globally in the NetSuite ecosystem. END TO END DEPTH KNOWLEDGE SCALEPROVEN SUITE SUCCESS SuiteSuccess is a set of processes, activities and systems that offers a staged pathway for success.
  18. 18. NetSuite ERP is Designed for Modern Businesses • NetSuite Cloud ERP Transforms Accessibility -You run the business, we run the software (innovation vs. maintenance) -Anytime, anywhere, any device -Easy to learn, easy to use • NetSuite Cloud ERP Transforms Capabilities -Much more than just Financials -Your ERP system is your Operational system -Your ERP system drives Global expansion -Your ERP system is a key CRM system -Your ERP system is your Commerce system -Extends beyond your firewall to customers, partners, vendors Modern Commerce- Ready It Just Works Flexibility Business Intelligence
  19. 19. NetSuite Scalability and Flexibility MANUFACTURING WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT ERP and Commerce INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SRP TIME & EXPENSE PROJECT ACCOUNTING PROJECT MANAGEMENT RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CORE BUSINESS CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT ORDER MANAGEMENT GLOBAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT BILLING MANAGEMENT REVENUE MANAGEMENT  Single Cloud code-base allows for rapid delivery of functionality  Tax rates, accounting rules, new business models  Business processes can be changed rapidly by mere mortals  In a changing world, if you can’t change your business system, how do you expect to compete?  Customization is not a dirty word: only way to tailor your “last mile”  Every business is unique and has customized the system in some way  Customization is your (and our) competitive advantage
  20. 20. NetSuite Sample Implementation Framework
  21. 21. NetSuite One Implementation Methodology
  22. 22. Proven NetSuite Benefits
  23. 23. Oracle Analytics Cloud Service (BI/Analytics & Big Data) Business Intelligence and Analytics Services Analytics Strategy and Assessments  Business Transformation Enterprise Data Strategy  Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Data Visualization and ETL Planning, Assessments and Roadmaps  Big Data Strategy, Planning and Roadmap  Industry Specific Analytics Solution Strategy and Design  Master Data Management and Governance Analytics Technology  Tool and Platform Implementation, Installation, Configuration & Optimization Services  Upgrade, Development, Testing and Data Cleansing Services Platforms Include:  Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) which includes BICS and Essbase, OBIEE, Hyperion and Demantra  Microsoft – SharePoint, SQL Server and MS Business Intelligence  Cognos, Business Objects, QlikView, Tableau, Power BI and Informatica  Big Data Eco System – R/Python/Rapidminer/ Amazon ML, Hadoop/Spark/Storm, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, AWS IoT, KAA, C3IoT, PTC, ELK, Jasper, etc. Analytics Consulting and Implementation  BI, DW, Data Visualization and ETL Design, Architecture and Optimization Consulting  Big Data Design and Architecture and Optimization  BI/DW and Big Data Analytics Implementation Services  BI/DW and Big Data Analytics Reporting and Dashboard Development  BI/DW and Big Data Prototyping and Proof of Concepts  Advanced Industry Analytics and Data Science: Marketing, Social Media, Sales, HR, Finance, Service, etc. Analytics Management and Support  Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Data Visualization and ETL (Extract/Transform and Load) Support  BI/DW/DV/ETL System and Database Administration, Support and Infrastructure Managed Services (Onsite and Offshore)  Data Profiling and Data Cleansing  Custom Development and Testing  Advanced Training and Education
  24. 24. Cloud Roadmap “A Case for Change”
  25. 25. Cloud Readiness & Roadmap – Develop a Case for Change to Move to Oracle Cloud or NetSuite Process Catalog driven workshops to determine pain points, process gaps, utilization of modules and the equivalent offerings in NetSuite Understand your current environment, processes, customizations and support costs to begin gap analysis comparisons Capture business and system requirements that can have a positive impact on addressing your business and functional objectives Demo pertinent Oracle Cloud or NetSuite Industry functionality to determine how to address current pain points across each process area Leverage SmartERP’ s experts to provide a gap analysis and specific Oracle Cloud or NetSuite recommendations to determine the optimal solution. Develop a solution business case including the development of a TCO/ROI to plan and budget your internal Case for Change Create a Cloud Solution Roadmap based on best industry best practices with clear options including timeline, resources and cost estimates Present your Case for Change with confidence based on analysis & facts on how to improve and grow your business with Oracle and SmartERP Driven by industry best practices and informed by your current state and future goals, SmartERP can help you develop a “Case for Change” and a path forward to NetSuite.
  26. 26. Industry Specific Business Process Analysis • Order to Cash • Sales • Quote and Configuration • Order Management and Pricing • Credit Evaluation • Order Fulfillment • Pick, Pack and Ship • Invoicing • Accounts Receivables • Collection/DSO/Receive Payment • Cash Management and Reporting • Sourcing & Plan to Produce • Procurement • Strategic Sourcing • Manage Material Supplier Relationships • Manage Material Requirements • Manage PO • Manage WIP and Inventory • Long Range Planning • Supply Chain Strategy • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) • Plan Demand/Plan Supply • Recruit to Retire • Payroll and Core HR • Benefits, Compensation and Time& Labor • Recruitment • Onboarding and Offboarding • Training/Learn • Appraisals • Succession Planning • Retention • Workforce Planning and Analytics Industry Focus: Wholesale Distribution, Professional Services, Retail, Software, IT Services, High Tech Manufacturing and Higher Education
  27. 27. Cloud Roadmap Workshop Timeline and Deliverables Know your Customer (KYC) Functional Walkthrough Gather inputs on Current-State and To-Be Options Recommendations and Case for Change Estimates  Discussions to identify and consolidate Customer pain points, Challenges, expectations and goals  Collect high level organization structure data and critical inputs through discovery  Questionnaires and Templates  Based on customer inputs, identify the modules, functionality and customizations that will be reviewed  Review functionality, technical landscape, processes and collect feedback  Use SmartERP Process Catalog to map current business processes to Oracle at high-level  Understand the volume and complexity of data migration  List current integrations  Assess security requirements  Understand current system landscape and start framing options  Final recommendations and options on Oracle solution including functionality and implementation alternatives  Recommendation on NetSuite modules and options for improvement including implementation timeline, resources and costs (TCO/ROI). ACTIVITIESDELIVERABLES  Filled-in Discovery Questionnaire  Demo Oracle functionality based on customer requirements and potential gaps  Current Business Process Catalog  Current system and application landscape  Integration List  Support Cost Analysis  Provide Roadmap including: SW module/application/solution recommendations and services, resources, timeline cost estimates  Provide Executive Presentation with findings, recommendations, estimates and TCO/ROI analysis for business case for change. 1 - 2 Week
  28. 28. Why Partner with SmartERP for Your Oracle Cloud, NetSuite or BI Implementation
  29. 29. Why Partner with SmartERP?  Our Oracle Partnership and Global Practice – We have a dedicated global Oracle Cloud and NetSuite implementation team and we are a long term Oracle Platinum Partner with multi-pillar Oracle certifications.  Our Understanding of your Industry and your Business Challenges – Our goal is to help you deliver true operational value by leveraging our cross-industry experience along with our Oracle ERP implementation capabilities.  Proven Oracle Solutions and Services Delivery Capabilities – We have successfully delivered over 250+ Oracle projects over the last 13 years. These projects have spanned multi “pillars” within the Oracle application footprint – both on premise and in the Cloud.  Managing Transformation, Projects and Organizational Change is Foundational to our Work – We will proactively identify and minimize the “project, people and organization issues” and risks associated with the implementation of your system and processes.  Instills Knowledge Transfer and Collaboration in our Work – We will provide proactive and valuable modern best practice insight and ideas to enhance the project while leveraging our Oracle accelerators and tools to expedite the implementation driving a faster time to value and ROI.  Our Investment Minded Partnership Philosophy – We will invest to create a “One Team” environment that aligns with your company culture to form a Strategic Partnership.  We are Committed to Earn your Trust – We will be responsive, put skin in the game, provide competitive pricing and flexible contract terms in order to earn your trust and business. EDI at Regeneron  900+ Transaction – Trading Partner combinations  EDI Translator Software is IBM Sterling – Implementation in process – Pilot of 820 payments underway with 2 customers Add text here “One Team” Collaboration for Success  We are focused on your priorities.  We understand your business.  We provide deep industry and Oracle ERP expertise to drive through the complexities  We are flexible to work with, dedicated to earning your trust and committed to your success.  We believe we align with your company culture.  We are qualified to become your trusted strategic partner and look forward to working with you on next steps. Thank You
  30. 30. Thank you Questions? David Testa, No. America Oracle Practice VP David.testa@smartERP.com 415-509-3370

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