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RDA as linked data (RDA Forum)

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Presentation to the RDA Forum at ALA Midwinter Chicago 2015. Discusses how to determine 'readiness' for Linked Data, emphasizing the infrastructure behind the RDA Registry and how it supports the move to linked data by libraries.

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RDA as linked data (RDA Forum)

  1. 1. What do we mean by ‘ready’? [1] ● RDF Schema published classes, elements, relationships (value vocabularies to come) o Fully versioned o Available in many download formats o Regularly updated o Notification feeds in place ● Maintenance and extension structure and policies in development 2
  2. 2. What do we mean by ‘ready’? [2] ● Appropriate infrastructure o Fully maintained access structure designed to support machines and humans o Guidance documentation for technical and general users o Support for issue contribution and resolution ● Methodology and tools for mapping from [and to] MARC (without significant loss) 3
  3. 3. RDA Registry for LD Infrastructure ● Fully supports RDA model based on FRBR o Strength in relationships ● Multiple flavors of RDF schema available for technical users ● Designed to support management and distribution of multiple languages o Using lexical aliases to assist developers and human users 4
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  10. 10. Jane-athon Demonstrates Utility ● Ability to create and distribute RDF data o http://3store.rballs.info:10035 o https://github.com/RDARegistry/rballs ● Coordination with RIMMF developers (they’re using RDA Registry to pull changes) ● Distributed training plans and instructions for local events (see http://rballs.info) o Additional training options at reasonable cost in development 11
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  12. 12. Internationalization ● Support of multiple language capability was demonstrated by the OMR and DNB several tears ago ● Bringing the promise of RDA beyond the “Anglo-American” world ● Developing and efficient and extensible method for providing translated Element Sets for worldwide use 13
  13. 13. Some remaining issues ● Identification and URI management across various tools o R-ball ingestion and distribution o Integrating RIMMF in a functioning system for deposit and capture ● Problem: Continuing reliance on vocabularies without versioning policies and practices 14
  14. 14. Multilingual RDA • Discussions going on with ALA Publishing to start adding translations into the Element Sets • As the Value Vocabularies are reviewed and republished in the RDA Registry, they too will include translations • Once synchronization development and protocols are complete these translations will start showing up • Management improvements for multilingual vocabularies will make maintenance by distributed groups safer 15
  15. 15. Still on the Agenda ... ● Working through: o Identifier issues in an aggregation context (RIMMF demonstrates these very well) o Building in extension capabilities and guidelines ● Planning: o Additional training for users based on the successful Jane- athon model o Developing useful semantic maps and methods for storage, maintenance and distribution 16
  16. 16. Vendor Development • Looking for feedback and participation from vendors to help drive effective experimentation, development and testing • Encouraging vendor customers to ask for support for RDA capabilities 17
  17. 17. Talk to us! 18