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Improving Performance Feedback

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The way we do performance reviews is broken. The usual yearly cycle doesn’t work and it just ends up de-motivating everyone involved.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Learn how my team improved how we review performance, while continuing to fit within our company's traditional processes.

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Improving Performance Feedback

  1. 1. Improving Performance Feedback Stephen Janaway @stephenjanaway https://medium.com/@stephenjanaway
  2. 2. Are you motivated by performance reviews?
  3. 3. A Typical Timeline
  4. 4. I’ve noticed that performance reviews can cause... ● Objectives and goals to be forgotten ● Disruption for team members and managers ● Anxiety ● De-motivation ● Are not very “agile”
  5. 5. Feedback is better when it’s timely
  6. 6. 121’s are better when everyone prepares for them
  7. 7. Improving Performance Feedback
  8. 8. What we changed (with a lot of inspiration from Atlassian) ● Monthly, aligned, themed check-in sessions between team member and their manager ● Short term objectives ● A performance score every month rather than twice a year ● Team members scored themselves before the sessions Timely, bite sized, chunks for performance feedback
  9. 9. Timeline Jan June July Dec Love & Loathe Focus Areas C heckin 360 Perspective R em oving Barriers C areerLong Term 360 Perspective C heckin Love & Loathe Focus Areas C heckin C areerLong Term
  10. 10. Thanks! Stephen Janaway @stephenjanaway www.stephenjanaway.co.uk https://medium.com/@stephenjanaway