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Godrej Aqua Released An Affordable Price Sheet - Book Flats Now

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Godrej property is one of the leading real estate property developer in Bangalore. Godrej property is coming with new residential project called Godrej Aqua. Godrej Aqua is coming with new USP called Water Security. This luxury apartment is coming with 2 and 3 BHK flats. Hurry Up book your dream home today.
Visit: https://godrejaquahosahalli.grihhpravesh.com/

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Godrej Aqua Released An Affordable Price Sheet - Book Flats Now

  1. 1. Godrej Property In the Garden City ​ Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka, a southern state and also one of the metropolitan cities in India. The powerful economy in this city is so evident with the happening rapid development in various domains like the education, medications, transportations and its connectivity, security, career building and the industrial sectors. In this city of firms and startups, Bangalore lures individuals from various corners of the city with its luring quality of employment and career building. With many charming qualities, Bangalore is in the priority list for most of the techies across the country and enthusiasts from different educational platforms also has a good scope for career development. In such a city, no wonder if the real estate is soaring. Noticing the demand and to serve its customers in the form of real estate, Godrej conceptualized a residential project ​Godrej Aqua​ in Hosahalli and it is in a pre-launch stage. ​ Godrej Aqua  Godrej Builders ​ Godrej from the year 1897 is being successful in catering its customers across the world with various products and services like consumer goods, electronic home appliances, agri-care,
  2. 2. security vaults and real estate. Always on the pinnacle, Godrej has been following some values like the transparency, best standards, customer approach made easy and abide to the body of law. Following its values, Godrej is now the 2nd most trustable brand in India. ​ Godrej Aqua Floor Plan  Price of Godrej Aqua ​ Godrej Aqua is located in Hosahalli which is near to the tip of Bangalore with both the agricultural region and the river bank is so close by which says deficiency of nothing. A property to be a water secured home is so important because of the water pollution and water scarcity these days. But Godrej Aqua conserves and preserves water for both today and tomorrow. It is
  3. 3. spread in more than 7 acres of land with 540 units in the property. With 9 blocks comprising 4 apartments in each block, it is designed with 2 Basement+ Ground Floor. The configurations of the property are with 2 BHK Comfort and 2 BHK Large, 3 BHK Smart, 3 BHK Comfort and 3 BHK Large. 2 BHK Comfort and Large ranges from 1103 sq. ft to 1143 sq. ft with a minimum and maximum price of 57 Lakhs to 66 Lakhs and 1266 sq. ft to 1311 sq. ft with 67-75 Lakhs. 3 BHK Smart ranges from 1451 sq. ft to 1477 sq. ft with price ranging from 76-85 Lakhs, 3 BHK Comfort is with 1661 sq. ft to 1701 sq. ft with price ranging from 86- 97 Lakhs and 3 BHK Large is with 1856 sq. ft to 1911 sq. ft with price ranging from 98- 111 Lakhs. This really affordable property is for any class of individuals to own a new nest and relish their life in new Godrej Aqua. Suggested Topic: http://www.grihhpravesh.com/water-secured-homes-at-north-bangalore-get-ready-to-invest-this-new-year/ https://sites.google.com/site/upcomingprojectbangalore/home/godrej-aqua-coming-with-water-security https://aquapropertyhosahalli.wordpress.com/2019/01/11/affordable-housing-structures-that-optimize-utili zation-of-natural-resources-can-it-get-any-better/ https://godrejaqua.tumblr.com/post/181893965643/godrej-aqua-bellary-road-hosahalli-near https://godrejaquaresidentialapartmenthosahalli.yolasite.com/Godrej-Aqua-Upcoming-Project-Hosahalli-B angalore.php http://godrej-aqua.eklablog.com/what-does-godrej-aqua-offer-you-a158308222