nursing medicine nursing students medical students medical role of nurse integumentary system nursing procedure health medical college nursing college hospital skin disorders integumentary disorders skin lesions nursing process surgery nursing care patient nursing diagnoses inflammatory skin disorder antibiotics pustule macule papule nursing management definition of health reporting recording documentation health care conscious sedation local anaesthesia ablative surgery types of anesthesia reconstructive surgery types of surgeries anaesthesia anesthesia peri operative nursing chest physiotherapy comfort devices positioning respiratory system immobility terminology nursing terminology medical terminology medical terms nursing education inc nursing in india nures nurses work load tnai guidelines siu guidelines inc norms strandards of nabh nursing resource management nabh basic terms for nurses basic terms for doctors nursing terms nursing process sle swan neck deformity ulnar deviation erythametosus clinical manifestations of sle incidence of sle signs and symptoms of sle sle nursing care plan butterfly rash malar rash management of sle sle lupus disorder causes of sle systemic lupus erythametosus non malignant melanoma skin cancers pathophysiology skin cancer skin cancer causes benign skin tumors management of skin cancer nursing process of skin cancers malignant melanoma nursing process skin cancers malignant skin tumors signs and symptoms of psoriasis psoriasis management of psoriasis psoriasis nursing careplaan etiology of psoriasis anthralin therapy nursing process psoriasis puva therapy psoriasis nursing process causes of psoriasis integumentary skin disorder pathophysiology of psoriasis immuno supression therapy corticosteroid therapy autoimmune skin disorder management of pruritis pruritis care plan causes of pruritis causes of itching pruritis itch scratch cycle nursing care of a patient with pruritis itching general itching management of phemphigus etiology nikolskys sign phemphigus vulgaris causes nursing care plan cortico steroids phemphigus autoimmunity autoimmune disorders of skin pathophysiology of phemphigus physical examination of skin assessment of skin nursing history collection lesions skin disorders history nursing physical examination secondary skin lesions physical assessment of skin primary skin lesions hematoma history of skin nursing management of eczema causes of eczema pathophysiology of eczema infectious skin disorder autoimmune disease nursing careplan eczema management of eczema swelling of skin immuno supression eczema prevention of eczema eczema nursing process cellulitis nursing process inflammation of skin bacterial skin disorder prevention of cellulitis nursing management of cellulitis drugs for cellulitis causes of cellulitis nursing care plan cellulitis managemet of cellulitis inflammatory skin disorders infectious skin disorders cellulitis edema medical management cyst subcutaneous layer layers of skin tumor physiology of integumentary system anatomy skin structure of skin physiology anatomy of integumentary system epidermis functions of skin lesión dermis alopecia nursing process alopecia female pattern baldness minoxidil alopecia management loss of hair baldness alopecia causes prevention of alopecia nursing management of alopecia male pattern baldness management of alopecia corticosteroids hair transplantation tretinoin black heads general nursing management of acne nursing care of acne medical surgical nursing how to control acne pathophysiology of acne comedones causes of acne white heads propionebacterium acne medical nursing care plan acne acne vulgaris acne nursing process nhp nhp 2002 national health policy 2002 nursing school national health policy health illness continuum model models of illness models of health concept of health ecological concept environmental concept bio medical concept holistic concept concepts of health psychosocial concept scope of nursing nursing scope computerized documentation patient file guidelines principles of recording guidelines for documentation ward ved analysis abc method inventory indenting house keeping hospital house keeping principles of house keeping removal of stains care of bed sheets care of linen disinfection medical devices care of equipment care of bed pans care of enamel ware care of sputum cups care of glass ware care of stainless steel goods care of steel instruments care of articles care of sharps preoperative teaching post operative exercises nil per oral bladder elimination enema bowel elimination npo informed consent consent surgical site marking preoperative medications psychological preparation physical preparation skin preparation preparation of patient for surgery preoperative care preoperative nursing general anesthesia local anesthesia complications of anesthesia regional anaesthesia general anaesthesia types of anaesthesia spinal anaesthesia classification of anaesthesia anesthesia types diagnostic surgery constructive surgery palliative surgery surgery definition classification of surgeries complications of anaesthesia plastic surgery elective surgery major surgery nerve block minor surgery regional anesthesia spinal anesthesia pronation supination extension techniques of chest physiotherapy apical lobes purpose of chest physiotherapy posterior lung lobes postural drainage percussion vibration articles for suctioning pulmonary secretions tracheostomy suctioning portable suction unit endotracheal suctioning types of suction complications of suctioning suction suction procedure oropharyngeal suctioning airway suctioning procedure nasopharyngeal suctioning nursing interventions for patent airway endotracheal tube tracheostomy et tube nasopharyngeal airway causes of airway obstruction npa opa maintaining patent airway airways signs of airway obstruction oro pharyngeal airway nursing interventions to promote sleep sleep cycle sleep apnea somnambulism diet for sleep promoting sleep good sleep bruxism circadian rhythms physiology of sleep nrem stages of sleep insomnia hypersomnia sleep disorders rem parasomnias sleep and rest management of bed sores prevention of bedsores bedsore decubitis ulcer pressure ulcer risk factors causes of bedsores side rails trochanter roll foot board foot rest mattress cardiac table trapeze bar bed cradle back rest sand bags pillows flexion isotonic active exercise range of motion exercise passive exercise rom exercise types of exercise isometric exercise isokinetic exercise metabolic system changing position neurologic system cardio-vascular complications prevention of compplications nursing care of immobility prevention of complications of immobility nursing interventions for a immobile patient urinary tract infection renal calculi systemic complications contractures complications of immobility musculo skeletal system cardiovascular system bed sore atrophy hazards of immobility orthostatic hypotension disuse osteoporosis values and attitudes physical health growth and development nutrition factors affecting mobility and immobility mobility sitting lying down standing normal standing normal body allignment lying down position normal sittting position patient transferring patient shifting centre of gravity body movements purpose of body mechanics line of gravity principles of body mechanics body mechanics word roots suffixes prefixes solvent solute preparation of solution nursing staff hospital solutions formula for solution preparation concentration of solution disinfectant solutions 5% dettol solution solution communication and education technology purpose of master plan nursing curriculam principles of master plan master plan preparation of master plan academic calender planning guidelines for master plan faces pain scale numeric rating scale phantom limb pain chronic pain non pharmacological management of pain neuropathic pain management of pain assessment of pain verbal rating scale acute pain pain scale pharmacological management of pain somatic pain signs and symptoms of pain wong bakers pain scale pain definition types of pain pain nature of pain classification of pain stressors psychological stressors physiological stressors neumans systems model 1972 nursing theory neuman's theory betty neuman nurse gluteraldehyde arterial embalming formaldihyde hypodermic embalming cavity embalming surface embalming autopsy goals steps of autopsy purpose of embalming embalming autopsy complications of oxygenation ambu bag nrbm mask partial non rebreather mask oxygen hood non rebreather mask venturi mask oxygen tent oxygen toxicity t- piece nasal cannula face mask oxygenation delivery devices oxygenation rehabilitation physiotherapy students under arm crutches crutch pad tripod position transfer of patient health care provider chest trauma nebulization students spacer aerosol canister steam inhalation how to use inhalers metered dose inhaler dry powder inhaler types of inhalers auxillary crutches lofstrand crutches crutch gaits walking with cane walker walking with walker assitive ambulatory devices canes crutches stretcher to bed bed to wheel chair moving the patient wheel chair to bed bed to stretcher nursing care of icd three bottle system pneumothorax icd pleural effusion hemothorax treatment two bottle system one bottle system chest drain
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