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Sponsorship Proposal Template

  1. 1. Sponsorship Proposal Template This template will ensure you do not miss out on any major point. Feel free to add whatever is not included here. By Vivek Singh www.allaboutpresentations.com Ask a question about sponsorship presentations on Facebook. Visit:http://www.facebook.com/pages/All-About-Presentations/188110664598528
  2. 2. Your sponsorship presentation should cover the following. You can rework the orderof slides if required. Slide No. Topic Remarks What is the event all about? Give details but not get into too specifics. 1 About the event Give a good overview. Share specific once interest generates. Who is conducting the event? Your About the organiser of the event and 2 company or college. What is your their credentials experience in pulling it off properly? 3 Who is going to come for event? Target audience How will you ensure the committed 4 How will you market the event? number of audience will come Why should the brand sponsor the 5 In one sentence event? The detailed benefits. 6 What are the benefits the brand gets Must share photos of how the brand will benefit during the event. Diamond, Platinum and other sponsor options. What are the 7 Types of sponsorships & cost benefits in each slab for the brand? Share costs if you need to. Else you share on phone (or in person). 8 Other sponsors Who else is on board? Build credibility into your event. Share the success story of last year. Last years’ event pictures & benefits 9 How many people came and what all sponsors got happened? What was the media coverage (if applicable) To know more call XYZ or email at. 10 What next? (Call to action) You might want to share the date by when you want the sponsor to revert.Note: Depending on the stage of negotiation, the template undergoes a slightchange. This template is meant for use when you are approaching the sponsorfor the first time.