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Managing Operations- the TOC Way Learn How to make Big Operational Improvements without Costly Trade-offs and Burn-outs   ...
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1 day workshop managing operations - the toc way

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This is a result oriented workshop, based on the concepts discussed in the game changing book, 'The Path : Leveraging Operations in a Complex and Chaotic World'.

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1 day workshop managing operations - the toc way

  1. 1. Managing Operations- the TOC Way Learn How to make Big Operational Improvements without Costly Trade-offs and Burn-outs The ever more complex world presents too many issues to be ONE DAY PROGRAM FOR addressed too fast. It forces managers to switch from one issue to PRACTITIONERS another, only to dramatically dilute their attention. As a result, even their best efforts which seem to improve performance of several parts of the organization, do not often benefit the business as a whole. Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, the Israeli Physicist Knowledge Basesaid, "The more complex a system is, simpler it is." And, he thus provided thebasis of a focusing mechanism to help organizations in effectively dealing with 1. Theory of Constraints (TOC)the growing complexity of the day to day operations. He propounded a 2. Operational Excellencemanagement philosophy called Theory of Constraints, TOC to achieve quickand dramatic organizational improvements on an ongoing basis. He showed 3. Business Model Innovationthat such a process of onging improvement is possible without painful, 4. Systems Thinkinglongdrawn, risky and costly trade-offs involved in traditional continuousimprovement programs. TOC stands out in the world of improvement methodologies, since it is strongly linked to business performance by focusing on growth, while simultaneously achieving cost effectiveness. Origninated during 1980s, TOC has a complete Body of Knowledge that is now fast spreading in India across Industries, be it Manufacturing, Service or Solution Sector. In fact, early movers have already taken a head start. The session on Managing Operations - The TOC Way, is a quick introduction to the Realm of TOC for the practitioners in Operations. The session is intended to help in exploring opportunities to apply TOC for dramatic improvements in their organizations. It is presented by Dr. Shridhar Lolla, a specialist in Organizational Effectiveness and a practitioner of Theory of Constraints. He is also anexternal consultant to Goldratt Group, the pioneers of Theory of Constraints. Earlier in his career, he was employedwith the Swiss Conglomerate ABB in Product Development, Service and R&D functions. In his last corporateassignment, he was a Member of the Management Team and served as the Head of Applications & Solutions Groupat ABBs Corporate Research Center, Bangalore. He is the author of two game changing books, The Path: LeveragingOperations in a Complex and Chaotic World and Building Manufacturing Competitiveness- the TOC Way. For detailed offer: please write to lolla@time2change.co.in, or call +91 94480 70081.#2304 Nandi Park, Gottegere, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore-560083. INDIA web: http://time2change.co.in