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Sales and marketing strategies

  1. Sales is the act of persuading or influencing a customer, marketing activity support sales effort.
  2. Marketing is everything you do to open avenues for sale, sales is every thing you do to close a sale.
  3. Selecting vendors.
  4. Managing vendors.
  5. Vendor search.
  6. Request for proposal(RFP) and request for quotation(RFQ).
  7. Proposal evaluation and vendor selection.
  8. Contract negotiation strategies.
  9. Define the product, material or service.
  10. Define the technical business requirement.
  11. Define the vendor requirement.
  12. Select vendor to request more information form.
  13. Write a request for information.
  14. Introduction and executive summary.
  15. Business overview and background.
  16. Detailed specifications.
  17. Assumptions and constraints.
  18. Terms and Conditions.
  19. Record business and vendor requirement.
  20. Assign value for each requirement.
  21. Assign a performance value.
  22. Know the difference between what you want and what you need.
  23. Know your bottom line.
  24. Define any time constraint and bench mark.
  25. Assess potential liabilities and risk.