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Going back to school with agile kids

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Going back to school with agile kids

  1. 1. Going back to school withAgile Kids
  2. 2. Getting us all into the moodAfter a longsummervacation,our goal isto refreshthe rules.
  3. 3. Mission – defining the rulesas a teamTeam task: Trying toremember last yearsrules and writing themdown, and add rules wethink should apply thisyear. Kids are proactive Share ideas FUN.
  4. 4. Placing last years rules +Thisyears new ideasNo special order.To encourage thinkingfor ones self and newideas.
  5. 5. Kids get to the board andpresent the rules•Discussing eachrule.•Explaining eachrule.•Agree on the rule.•The kids write therules on the board.•Parents sets theboundaries.
  6. 6. See if any one else came upwith the same rule andstick those notes together. Bring notes from the teacher Prepare tomorrows schoolbag Write your homework down
  7. 7. Board starts to look like arules board
  8. 8. At the end – go over the rules, male surethey are understood Once we are done, read the rules again. Make sure Going back to school rules: they are 1. While you are at school, write down your homework assignments clear. in your notebook. 2. Do not forget to bring letters Place the and messages from the teacher and give them to your parents. board 3. Prepare tomorrows school somewhere lunch. public so 4. We do our homework at the the kids can same day unless…… till 16:00… refer to it 5. Help my brother with his easily. homework if I can…… 6…………..