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TOI presentation

  1. 1. THE TIMES OF INDIA (BCCL) & THE TIMES GROUP Term Paper Assignment [Summer Internship]
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES  To learn about the TOI and the newspaper business in a real-world environment.  Receive on-field training for reporting/covering events.  Gain better understanding of the Editorial Department.
  3. 3. Introduction  The days at TOI office began with an hour so of lecture/presentation by the various Dept. Heads (HRD, Business, TimesNow, etc.) followed by assignments at the various depts.  Working in the Editorial Department, I got the opportunity to cover several events including RadioMirchi Singing Sensation & the Protest supporting Irom Sharmila.  In addition to the lecture and on-field experience, several tours around Radio Mirchi, Times Now & the Printing Press were organized for our benefit.
  4. 4. People met at TOI  Mr. B. R. Chatterjee (Human Resource Dept.)  Ms. Anjali (Incharge – Patna Times)  Mr. Sanjay Sinha (Research & Marketing Dept.)  Mr. Prakash Singh (Times Now)  Mr. Manish Aunachalam (Acc. Manager – Radio Mirchi)  Mr. Umang Vikram (RJ – Radio Mirchi)
  5. 5. THE TIMES GROUP The Times Group is a combination of the B.C.C.L. and its various subsidiaries as shown above.
  6. 6. BENNETT, COLEMAN & CO. LTD.  The Times Group is the largest media conglomerate in India.  The company has:  11 publishing centres  15 printing centres  55 sales offices  over 7000 employees  5 dailies (approx 4.3 million copies circulated daily  2 lead magazines, 22 niche magazines reaching 2468 cities and towns  32 Radio Stations, 2 Television News Channels & 1 Television Life Style Channel.
  7. 7. The History 1838 1861 1892 The first edition Editor Robert Knight Thomas Jewell Bennett is published amalgamates The Bombay becomes the editor and under the name Times & Standard and enters into a partnership “The Bombay Bombay Telegraph & with F.M. Coleman to form a Times & The Courier to form The Times Joint Stock Company – Journal of of India and gives it a B.C.C.L. – Bennett, Commerce. national character. Coleman & Co. Ltd.
  8. 8. The History 1946 1948 1950 The company The company is sold Delhi Edition is lauched comes under to Sahu Jain Group. with K. Gopalswami as the first Indian editor. Indian ownership – Ram Kishan Navbharat times Dalmia. launched.
  9. 9. The Brands (1952 to 2010)
  10. 10. THE TIMES OF INDIA (BCCL) The Times of India (TOI) is an English daily newspaper of India. It has the largest circulation among all English-language newspapers in the world, across all formats (broadsheet, tabloid, compact, Berliner and online). It is owned and managed by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. which is owned by the Sahu Jain family.
  11. 11. THE DEPARTMENTS  The Business & Commercial Department The Times of India is published  The Finance Department by the media group Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.  The Production Department  The Results & Market Development Department The production of the Times of India newspaper is the result of  The Response Department the collective effort of the various departments working together.  The Human Resource Development Department  The Editorial Department
  12. 12. THE BUSINESS & COMMERCIAL DEPT.  It is the department that handles Supply Management for the BCCL.  "Supply Management" correctly suggests expertise in identifying, monitoring, and improving the performance of responsible and responsive external resources of an organization and managing materials used by it efficiently and effectively.  Function is to keep costs lower than competition without losing quality and supply reliability is the key to value growth.  It is also responsible for any contracts and agreements signed on behalf of the company.
  13. 13. THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT  The department that handles all the finances of the company. Any transaction that is made, any salary that is to be paid, goes through this department.  The services provided by this department include: • Processing/Disbursing of Salary and Reimbursements. Issuance of Payslip/Tax Worksheet through email. Salary/ Reimbursements are disbursed two days before the last working day of the month. • Processing/Disbursing of Salary Advances / Loans / Travel Advances and their settlement. • Travel Expense Statement processing and settlement.
  14. 14. THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT • Handling and dispensing of PF (Provident Fund). • Statutory compliance including payments such as Income Tax, ESIC, Professional Tax, LIC, Labour Welfare Board etc. • Processing of Full & Final Settlements on Resignation and Retirement. • Providing assistance with regards to Leased Cars as per the Scheme.
  15. 15. THE PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT  The Production Department handles the actual creation, composition and production of the newspaper. The functions of the department are divided into two major categories vis-à-vis :  Pre-Press This part handles the functions that are involved in the creation process of the newspaper. All the process of designing, writing, arranging of news articles right upto the point where the final template reaches the press, is known as pre-press.  Press As the name states, the actual process of printing of the newspaper in the press is referred to as the press part of production.
  16. 16. THE PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT The Production Process Flowchart:
  17. 17. RESULTS & MARKET DEVELOPMENT DEPT.  The RMD Department, usually known as the Circulation Department, handles the delivery of the newspaper and magazines to the customers via various channels of vendors, dealers and salesmen.  It achieves this through its network of 200 dealers who handle the 2 editions of the newspaper – 1. which leaves at 11:00pm for Patna-upcountry markets 2. which leaves at 3:00am for Patna readers.
  18. 18. RESULTS & MARKET DEVELOPMENT DEPT. The Circulation Process Flowchart:
  19. 19. RESULTS & MARKET DEVELOPMENT DEPT.  There are basically three types of Sales:  Trade Sales  Line Sale  Cash Sale  Bulk Sales  When a substantial number of copies are being delivered to a single location/address/destination it is referred to as a bulk sale.  Subscription Sales  When a prepaid subscription of at least 6 months or more is applied for, it is called a subscription sale.
  20. 20. THE RESPONSE DEPARTMENT “It is our job to make people unhappy with what they have."  The Response department handles the sale of advertisement spaces on the newspaper. Since advertising is the most important source of revenue for the Times of India, the importance of the department is exponential.  Brands, companies or individuals can apply for purchase of ad space on the newspaper charged on the basis of location on newspaper, the size of the space and the number of prints.  Some of these ads are sold by people known as inbound telemarketers (or inbound inside salespeople), who wait for people to call them, such as an individual who wants to sell his car.
  21. 21. HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT DEPT.  The Human Resource Department handles, maintains, retains, develops, enhances, An expert HR and manages the resource people have. should know:  Management is to extract the maximum Sociology output from the limited supply of the Economics human resource. Anthropology  Objectives of HR: Politics “To develop a culture of perpetual learning Psychology with respect to human dignity” Physiology
  22. 22. THE EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT  The editorial section is the department that handles the contents of the newspaper.  The editorial department is responsible for pretty much everything that appears in your publication that isn't advertising. Its main goal is to report the news accurately and in a reader-friendly way.  A collection of reporters, journalists, writers, sub-editors, editors, graphic designers & photographer work together to assemble the newspaper.
  23. 23. THE CODE OF ETHICS & WHISTLE BLOWER POLICY The purpose of this Code of Conduct & Ethics is to conduct the business in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations The matters covered in this Code are of utmost importance to the shareholders and other stakeholders of the Company., rules and with the highest standard of ethics and values.
  24. 24. THE CODE OF ETHICS “The Times Group’s most valuable assets are its people and its brands. As a member of the Times family, every employee is expected to play a multi faceted role, that of a primary contributor to the business, a citizen of BCCL GROUP and prominently, an ambassador of the brand and the Group.”
  25. 25. WHISTLE BLOWER POLICY “This Whistle Blower Policy (“the policy”) has been formulated with a view to provide a mechanism to report to the management instances of unethical behavior, actual or suspected, fraud or violation of the company’s Code of Conduct and Ethics policy” Objective: 1. To provide a mechanism to report to the management instances of unethical behavior, actual or suspected, fraud or violation of the company’s code of conduct and ethics policy. 2. To provide an impartial and fair avenue to raise concerns/ make protected disclosures and seek their redressal. Protection: 1. Complete protection to Whistle Blowers against victimization, threat or intimidation of termination/suspension of service, disciplinary action, transfer, demotion, refusal of promotion etc. 2. Identity of the person making protected disclosure will be kept confidential.
  26. 26. - E D I TO R I A L D E P A RT M E N T - WORK DONE IN THE EDITORIAL DEPT. The editorial department handles the compilation of the daily newspapers including the Times of India and the city centric supplements such as Patna Times.
  27. 27. Work done in Editorial Department  Research Work  Articles Written  Radio Mirchi Singing Sensation  Websites offering Cash-on-  Rise of Blogging in Patna delivery options across Patna.  The first English book in India by one Mohammad from Patna.  Central University  Blogging trends  Slut-walk (India)
  28. 28. Article Published in Patna Times Published : 2nd July, 2011 Coverage of a singing competition organized by Radio Mirchi after selection from across Patna.
  29. 29. Bibliography  Times of India – Wikipedia [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Times_of_India]  Times Group – Wikipedia [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Times_Group]  TimeScape [Times Group Intranet]
  30. 30. Presented By: SHASHANK KUMAR Bachelor in Journalism & Mass Communication Amity University Haryana. THANK YOU!