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How the Nehru Gandhi Myth Was Used to Pillage India

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Briefly analyzes the pillage ad plunder of India under the Nehrus and their successor Gandhis.

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How the Nehru Gandhi Myth Was Used to Pillage India

  1. 1. 1 How the Nehru-Gandhi Monopoly of Names of Public Assets in India Camouflages State Capture and Giant Plunder of India The christening of public assets/services merits countrywide study in psycho- business analytics. It is a fact that JLN became PM being led by his nose to the chair by the British and MKN, entirely for their own devious reasons; one, to preserve Empire, the other for back-seat driving. The Congress’s acquiescence to Partition was designed to affect India’s two largest provinces, viz. Bengal and Punjab. Partition paved the way for UP, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, none of which suffered division. MKG’s assassination however, left JLN entirely at the mercy of the British and a group of unscrupulous businessmen. Businessmen and charlatans of various hues pandered to JLN’s vanity. These businessmen backseat drove the government, owned the media, appointed their chosen bureaucrats, nominated their puppet politicians to legislatures and ministers in cabinets, and made sure state policy encouraged extreme protection, cartels and created oligarchies that passed on all contracts and other state goodies to these businessmen on the pretext of a centralized ‘planned’ economy. In sum, the government was their private preserve. Needless to add, like most astute businessmen, these gentlemen also facilitated the creation of a nationwide network based upon nepotism and rampant corruption so that seamless integration was achieved with the state’s policy makers and implementers. Not a single arena of state activity therefore remained immune to the predations of these business-sponsored oligarchs with their front Congress government. The Nehrus were pitchforked into positions of national importance; they became Ministers, Ambassadors, MPs, MLAs, et al, in well-funded key infrastructure Ministries, mineral-rich states, and nations from which India resorted to giant-scale imports. They were however, kept in check by senior ministers that were virtually on the payroll of non-govt. behind-the-scene actors and decided critical issues of public finance, defense planes and guns, land handouts, lucrative contracts, imports and duties thereon, mega bank loans and mela write-offs, the creation of a giant parallel economy and export of illicit moneys, much more, all to benefit their businessmen patrons. Names of public projects and services just kept the N-G brand myth alive as a front for unprecedented malfeasance. That is precisely why hundreds/thousands of public projects and services were named, en masse, after three generations of Nehrus & Gandhis, to create and perpetuate myths like Chacha, Mother, daughter-in-law and sons – nearly all martyrs for the nation – but excluding their worthiest sons-in-law. In sum, over a span of six decades, the N-Gs fronted for unscrupulous businessmen, while the nation was looted in every sphere. Needless to add, the N-Gs could not have remained impervious to such wholesale looting without any commensurate rewards, off the books. What is even more interesting is that the same set of unscrupulous businessmen and their nominees (many in highest offices of the land now), with newer offshoots and add-ons, has now switched loyalties, their new tack being virulent majoritarian nationalism, the creation and preservation of another national icon, albeit with a more contemporary capitalist touch, in tune with liberalization. What is comical is that the fronts for this set of businessmen now blame their former Congress fronts for the nation’s misfortunes!
  2. 2. 2 Their basic methods have not changed at all, just are more sophisticated and subtle, more capitalist, even more brazen under new disguises like PPP. It took sixty years to give the N-G name to hundreds/thousands of public assets/services. How can and why should NDA 2.0 remain immune to identical practice and motive? However, renaming must start with Rajpath and Raisina Hill! Shall we call Rajpath, RRC Boulevard – Rajaraja Chola Blvd or Valmiki Vithi, Raisina Hill to Dronagiri, Mughal Gardens to Ashok Vatika, South and North Blocks Lakshagraha Dakshin & Uttar? Can I also buy the naming rights to the street in front of my modest dwelling, just like a VIP number for my car? Rishi Kapoor, please have an extra bottle for me this evening for your strenuous Twitter and TV labors that must have parched your throat and say Bharat Mata Ki Jai thrice after each shot!!!! At least you had the b%^&s to say that India’s public were not the ‘baap ka maal’ of the Nehru-Gandhis