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Jugbd meet up 6

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This presentation contains some tips for the junior developers and students to win a job or to go to the next phase in your career.

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Jugbd meet up 6

  1. 1. Career Guideline (for programmers only) Shafiul Hasan
  2. 2. I am not a professional career guideline speaker. I am from Noakhali so pardon my language :).
  3. 3. Why i am here ?
  4. 4. Who i am ? I am just a hard working developer who has 11 years of industry experience. I had the chance to work with some brightest developers of Bangladesh. I recruited over than 75 developers in several companies. I was involved with establishing Widespace in Bangladesh and i have established 5 more companies in Bangladesh. I have some idea about the Bangladesh IT industry.
  5. 5. Students Junior developers Senior developers
  6. 6. Students
  7. 7. Dream big. Be prepare for Google, Facebook and Amazon. If you failed then you will land at Booking.com/Grab.com/… Try to attend programming contests as much as possible. Try to solve online problem sets form different web sites. Try to be green-> blue -> yellow -> red, Please do not be rainbow :P.
  8. 8. Do all the assignments by yourself. Get some good idea on Database, Operating system, networking. Do not focus on single languages or framework, learn how to solve a problem. Have some idea on OOP and design patterns. Be engaged with some co-curricular activities , try to organise some events in your university. Try to upload all your projects in Github/Gitlab. Explore some open source projects and try to contribute to some projects too. Make your git profile your cv.
  9. 9. Junior Developers
  10. 10. Focus on your knowledge and attitude, money will follow you.
  11. 11. Try to complete your tasks by yourselves. Do not seek help from seniors unless it is a blocking issue.
  12. 12. Avoid I/Me, Without team - work you cannot achieve anything.
  13. 13. Be like Macgyver, solve the problem with the available tools and technologies. Do not complain.
  14. 14. We do not need Ferrari always, sometimes a sedan will serve the purpose :)
  15. 15. Clean your shoulders regularly and Take responsibilities.
  16. 16. Be an Umbrella for the juniors.
  17. 17. Be social and keep an eye to the rest of the world.
  18. 18. Keep practicing Data structures and Algorithms Participate national and international Hackathons. Write a blog / gain stack overflow reputations. Focus on design patterns. Explore some open source projects and try to contribute to some projects too. Travel regularly and do physical exercise every now and then
  19. 19. Do whatever is prescribed for junior developers but more extensively. Decide whether you want to stay in Bangladesh or want to relocate. You are mature enough to make your own path. Senior Developers