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Storage Decisions Nirvanix Introduction

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Storage Decisions Nirvanix Introduction

  1. 1. Introducing Cloud Storage<br />Stephen Foskett, Director of Consulting<br />Storage Decisions, September 22, 2009<br />
  2. 2. Storage Is Supposed To Be Getting Cheaper!<br />Disk cost is dropping rapidly<br />$250 buys:<br />1994: 2 GB<br />1999: 20 GB<br />2004: 200 GB<br />2009: 2000 GB<br />But enterprise storage costs keep rising!<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Tiered disk storage has not yet lived up to its promise<br />Small cost and performance differential between FC and SATA disk<br />TCO is very close<br />SSD gives extreme performance at high cost<br />Cloud storage gives massive capacity at low cost<br />Tiered Storage<br />Performance and Cost<br />Capacity<br />Fulfilling The Promise of Tiered Storage<br />Confidential<br />3<br />Tiered Storage<br />SSD<br />FC<br />Disk<br />SATA<br />Cloud<br />
  4. 4. Storage Delivery Network Economics<br />Just-in-Time Provisioning<br />Plan/buy for usage and not for peak capacity<br />Fully Managed Storage<br />Managed GB = Power, space, cabling, racks, monitoring, software, hardware, migration to new media… all included<br />Enterprise Purchasing and Pricing Model<br />Flat, bundled price starts at $0.25/GB/month, $3K/TB/year<br />Enterprise sales, engineering, and support staff<br />Consulting and strategy available<br />Confidential<br />4<br />
  5. 5. Nirvanix SDN Built for the Enterprise<br />The Storage Delivery Network™ (SDN)<br />Global file system with full directory structure, storage pools, and child accounts <br />5 globally distributed nodes under a single namespace<br />Fully redundant infrastructure with integrated load balancing<br />Policy enabled file replication and geo-distribution<br />SAS 70 Type II, physical security, encryption, SSL<br />PCI and SAML implementation in progress<br />Confidential<br />5<br />10 Patents Pending<br />
  6. 6. Nirvanix Makes Cloud Storage Easily Accessible<br />Confidential<br />6<br />Partner<br />Applications<br />Linux<br />NFS, SMB, FTP<br />Windows<br />SMB, FTP<br />Internet<br />SOAP/REST<br />Nirvanix CloudNAS® (virtual mount)<br />Standards Based<br />Interfaces<br />Nirvanix Web Services™ (API)<br />Security Services<br />Policy Based File Replication & Geo-location<br />Customizable Metadata<br />Integrated Services<br />Directory Structure, Storage Pools, Child Accounts<br />Media Services<br />Nirvanix Internet File System™ (IFS)<br />Proprietary Technology & Infrastructure<br />Nirvanix Global Network<br />
  7. 7. Data Types Suitable for Cloud Storage<br />Confidential<br />7<br />
  8. 8. Get Started with Cloud Storage<br />Key use cases:<br />Offsite data protection<br />Tiered storage<br />Distributed content and collaboration<br />Visit the Nirvanix booth:<br />No plastic junk or flashy nonsense<br />Talk to a cloud expert<br />Schedule a cloud strategy workshop<br />Sign up for a proof-of-concept<br />
  9. 9. Confidential<br />9<br />Store. Simplify. Save.<br />www.nirvanix.com<br />twitter.com/nirvanix<br />2007 Byte & Switch “Storage Products of the Year”2008 “Top Startups to Watch”<br />2008 Search Storage “Product of the Year”<br />2009 InformationWeek StartUp 50<br />2009 Red Herring US 100<br />2009 AlwaysOn Global 250<br />700+ customers including leading Fortune 10, Media & Entertainment and Web 2.0 companies<br />