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MyBlogGuest feature-overview

MyBlogGuest.com is the best place to both start guest blogging and build your continuous guest blogging strategy upon. Here are a few helpful and visual resources to start with the tool!

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MyBlogGuest feature-overview

  1. 1. MYBLOGGUEST.COM The community of Guest Bloggers (Feature overview)
  2. 2. What is Guest Blogging?
  3. 3. Benefits of Guest Blogging:Benefits for guest Benefits for blogauthors: owners: Reach new audience  Get free exclusive content Build your brand  Get free targeted traffic Network  Network Build high-quality  Get new fresh perspective relevant links to your site
  4. 4. What Does My Blog Guest Do?MyBlogGuest.com is a free service that offers blog owners and guest bloggers a platform where they can meet and build connections through great content! About 4,000 guest blogging opportunities and over3,500 offers and counting!
  5. 5. Guest Blogging Organized! Use multiple SEARCH options to find guest authorsor guest blogging opportunities (Search through users’ sites, searchthrough users’ (by tags), search through forum posts!) Browse the offers using category filters; Subscribe to new offers within any category by email or RSS!
  6. 6. Guest Blogging Simplified! ARTICLES GALLERY lets you find free content on auto pilot!Simply make offers for the articles you like and publish unique Content for free!
  7. 7. Lots of Features to Make Your Life Easier! Articles Gallery: Easily find regular free high-quality content; Infographics Gallery: Effectively promote your infographics to relevant bloggers Discussion boards: Easily find great blogging contacts! Watch list: Never track your guest blogging contacts and tasks! Guest blogging inbox: Get reminders of who you should follow up with!