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How creating a successful ppc campaign is like brewing a good beer

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The processes of brewing beer and creating PPC campaigns are more similar than you think. Both processes follow a plan of execution, and one, small mistake could mean undesirable results. Each new campaign is like a new recipe that shouldn't follow a cookie-cutter model because not every campaign is the same. In this webinar, I'll cover...

The key ingredients for brewing a converting PPC campaign
Steps to perform right before and right after campaign launch time.
Fermentation - Why it's important to let your campaigns sit for awhile.
Packaging & Branding - Are you unique or just like everyone else?

Joe Martinez
Joe Martinez is a Senior Manager of Paid Media at Granular. He takes a user experience approach to PPC by focusing much of his time on LPO and CRO to help his clients improve their brand perception as well as PPC performance. When he's not working on accounts or writing blogs he likes to spend time with his family, collect baseball autographs and discover the best craft beers the world has to offer.

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How creating a successful ppc campaign is like brewing a good beer

  1. 1. • Senior Manager, Paid Media & Community - Granular • Blogger • Granular • PPCHero • SEMrush • Craft Beer Lover • Client Experience WHO AM I? @MilwaukeePPC #semrushlive
  2. 2. BEER MENU – WHAT TO EXPECT @MilwaukeePPC 1. The Main, Four Ingredients 2. Brewing 3. Fermentation 4. Packaging and Branding #semrushlive
  4. 4. ONE BAD INGREDIENT CAN RUIN EVERYTHING @MilwaukeePPC Image courtesy of Discovery Channel • Episode 4 shows the brewing of their famous 120 Minute IPA • It’s their most expensive beer to make. That’s why it sell’s for $8-10 a bottle. • This episode shows their yeast didn’t hold up to quality standards. So they had to dump 9,000 gallons of the beer…all because of one bad ingredient. #semrushlive
  6. 6. CAMPAIGN SETTINGS @MilwaukeePPC • GOALS • Location • Language • Bid Strategy and Budget • Ad Scheduling The Basics Deeper Considerations #semrushlive
  7. 7. ACCOUNT SETTINGS @MilwaukeePPC Link AdWords to Analytics to share data #semrushlive
  8. 8. TARGETING @MilwaukeePPC Group your keywords into tight-knit ad groups by thinking about search query relevance. #semrushlive
  9. 9. TARGETING – USE LAYERS WITH DISPLAY @MilwaukeePPC #semrushlive
  10. 10. AD MESSAGE – USE AD EXTENSIONS @MilwaukeePPC #semrushlive
  11. 11. AD MESSAGE – TRY AD CUSTOMIZERS @MilwaukeePPC 1. Countdown the days left for a sale or promotion 2. If it’s for a certain product, show the users how many you have left in stock to hopefully build urgency 3. If you offer prices that can fluctuate by day, ad customizers will allow you to still use prices in ads without the effort of every day updates. #semrushlive
  12. 12. AD MESSAGE – DON’T FORGET MOBILE @MilwaukeePPC Besides creating desktop ads, create at least two mobile ads to test against each other. #semrushlive
  13. 13. LANDING PAGE – WHAT’S THE CALL TO ACTION? @MilwaukeePPC • Call • Search • Top Navigation • Fax • Print the page • Share on social media • Recommend on Facebook • Request a quote • Ask a question • Learn more about the company • Like their Facebook page • Read more about other capabilities the user didn’t search for • Still on this page? Didn’t think so. #semrushlive
  14. 14. LANDING PAGE – ONE CLEAR PATH @MilwaukeePPC #semrushlive
  15. 15. LANDING PAGE – DON’T LIE IN YOUR ADS @MilwaukeePPC #semrushlive
  16. 16. BREWING @MilwaukeePPC #semrushlive
  17. 17. BREWING – MONITOR ANALYTICS @MilwaukeePPC Areas to check should be easier to spot with less data. #semrushlive
  18. 18. BREWING – BE PROACTIVE W/ NEGATIVES @MilwaukeePPC Don’t assume exact match is fail proof! #semrushlive
  19. 19. BREWING – CREATE REMARKETING AUDIENCES @MilwaukeePPC 1. Viewed product or service but didn’t convert 2. Added product to cart but didn’t finish order 3. Pages with high amount of visits 4. Watched my videos on YouTube 1. Stayed on my site for less than 5 seconds 2. People who have already converted For Direct Targeting For Exclusions #semrushlive
  20. 20. FERMENTATION @MilwaukeePPC #semrushlive
  21. 21. FERMENTATION – LET YOUR DATA SIT @MilwaukeePPC • Week 1 – Not too happy • Week 2 – All important metrics improved • Week 3 – Even more, noticeable improvements Example for a local, B2B client #semrushlive
  22. 22. FERMENTATION – SQ PATIENCE: 1ST WEEK @MilwaukeePPC #semrushlive
  23. 23. FERMENTATION – SQ PATIENCE: 3rd WEEK @MilwaukeePPC #semrushlive
  25. 25. PACKAGING & BRANDING – MORE NOISE @MilwaukeePPC Image courtesy of Jennifer Slegg of The SEM Post #semrushlive
  26. 26. PACKAGING & BRANDING – MANY OPTIONS ALL THE SAME @MilwaukeePPC #semrushlive
  27. 27. PACKAGING & BRANDING – BE DIFFERENT @MilwaukeePPC #semrushlive
  28. 28. PACKAGING & BRANDING – BE DIFFERENT @MilwaukeePPC #semrushlive We see great ads without any keyword stuffing!
  29. 29. PROST! LET’S SOCIALIZE! @MilwaukeePPC #semrushlive