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User Experience Web Analytics And Coffee

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Explain they way to find and qualify the different elements determining and influencing the user experience via a "coffee" story, via a mathematics function and a case study in web analytics domain. Just for fun, take it easy guys!

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User Experience Web Analytics And Coffee

  1. 1. User Experience Biscuit, Coffee and Rive Gauche 2010-03 A translation and summary of Scyan’s Blog: http://tinyurl.com/experience-utilisateur
  2. 2. Agenda Recall of definition of user experience The coffee affaire It will be quite UX Function brief, I promise UX Matrix Application in Web analytics The phone affaire
  3. 3. Recall: User eXperience (UX) User eXperience (UX) is about how a person feels about using a system. User experience highlights the experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of Human- Computer Interaction (HCI) and product ownership, but it also covers a person’s perceptions of the practical aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency of the system. --Wikipedia, User Experience, 2010-03-10
  4. 4. Agenda Recall of definition of user experience The coffee affaire UX Function I hope you like coffee UX Matrix Application in Web analytics The phone affaire
  5. 5. In order to thank you for reading this paper, I must invite you to take a coffee!
  6. 6. And you have the choice!! Among the following three coffee shops, which one do you like to go? Reminder: I’ll pay the coffee! Cafe No. 1 Cafe No. 2 Cafe No. 3 Coffee An Excellent coffee On the Rive Gauche + A piece of biscuit
  7. 7. Deal, as you wish, we’ll go to this one! ?
  8. 8. To be honest, I don’t know which one you chose!
  9. 9. But I know how the world will choose! Cafe No. 1 Cafe No. 2 Cafe No. 3 Coffee An Excellent coffee On the Rive Gauche + A piece of biscuit I have to make this free AD: Paris’ Rive Gauche is the greatest place in the world!
  10. 10. Two points: 1st. Experience can’t stand alone without « U » in front of it I don’t know who you are, so I don’t know your choice; I don’t even know if you prefer tea or coffee! 2nd. Among the elements influencing UX, some are essentials, some are drivers, some are icings on the cake This depends on your industry In this case, I think the quality of coffee is essential, the position of the cafe is driver while the biscuit is only icing on the cake
  11. 11. 1st point: « U » before « X » Before working on the « experience » , one must know clearly who his clients are! The UX design should base on the final users’ habits, knowledge, interests…not based on “yours”, nor your imagination, nor the “trend” or “mode”. The best, the most beautiful, the most advanced one is not necessarily the most suitable. In our case: My proposition of inviting you for coffee may not interest you or even frighten you because I don’t know if you like coffee. A business case: One of the most visited website in China is Hao123.com, a simple directory site with tables and links. Don’t be surprised if you see one mid-aged Chinese internaut delighted by entering a familiar site after 3-7 clicks. In fact it is a suffer for them to « make » letters in Google search box and do such thing called « search ». By the way, the site is bought by Baidu, the biggest search engine in China, with about 5 millions dollars in 2004.
  12. 12. 2nd point: Driver>Essential>Icing The icing on the cake can improve significantly UX under the condition that the users’ essential needs are satisfied. In our case, biscuit is a decoration of coffee and the first thing user considered is the quality of coffee. Without a basic quality, the biscuit can do nothing in improving the UX. Facing the tradeoff between the quality of coffee and a biscuit, merely people choose the latter. Once the essential needs are satisfied, even not fully, a driver could multiply the UX by enlarge the “scoop” of experience In our case, the Rive Gauche is a driver, a multiplier of UX. It is not only improving the exiting UX, the joy of drinking a coffee, but also enlarge it to something more extraordinary. Even through the coffee is not a decoration yet, but some one will say, “Hi bro, I’m not drinking coffee, but drinking the experience!” A purely better performance on the essential elements could resist, in certain extent, the driver’s contend. In our case, it is like one can travel for more than one hour just for a small exquisite coffee in the old corner of its city
  13. 13. Agenda Recall of definition of user experience The coffee affaire UX Function UX Matrix Don’t take it seriously Application in Web analytics The phone affaire
  14. 14. If mathematics don’t damage your UX…
  15. 15. 1st point: « U » before « X » UX is the overall level of « satisfaction » or « utility » of a user ui: UXi=F(ui ,xi) dUX/du=F(x)
  16. 16. 2nd Point-1: Essential vs Icing We take the quality of coffee as the essential and note the UX score it brings as (Q) and the improvement of UX relating to the biscuit as (P). Given the minimum level of quality one consumer expected is Qo, then we have: F(x)=f(Q ,P)=Q+h(Q)*P Given Q>>P, when Q<Qo then h(Q)=0 when Q>=Qo then h(Q)>0 and h’(Q)>0
  17. 17. 2nd Point-2: Driver Now we take into account the driver element which infects the UX noting as (N); when N exists, the minimum level of quality one consumer expected is Qo, then we have F(x)=f(N,Q ,P)=N*[Q+h(Q)*P] Given N>=1, Q>>P, Qo<Qo when Q<Qo then h(Q)=0 when Q>=Qo then h(Q)>0 and h’(Q)>0 Qo<Qo means the driver N can also pull down user’s expectation for essential elements. Do you agree with that?
  18. 18. UX Function UXi=F(ui ,xi) dUX/du=F(x) F(x)=f(N,Q ,P)=N*[Q+h(Q)*P] Given N>1, Q>>P, Qo<Qo when Q<Qo then h(Q)=0 when Q>=Qo then h(Q)>0 and h’(Q)>0 UX=∫N*[Q+h(Q)*P] du Just for fun;-)
  19. 19. Agenda Recall of definition of user experience The coffee affaire UX Function UX Matrix You should take it Application in Web analytics seriously The phone affaire
  20. 20. UX Matrix - Introduction The matrix is more amiable then the function;-) It insists on two things: Identify your core-customers Identify the driver (which is not always obvious), the essential and the icing on the cake The matrix will give you a better UX, at least I hope so.
  21. 21. UX Matrix The elements of UX Driver Essential Icing on the cake and their importance Core-user ▲▲▲▲▲ ▲▲▲▲ ▲▲▲ Non core user ▲▲ ▲ - Non user - - - UX Matrix ▲ stands for investment or importance
  22. 22. Agenda Recall of definition of user experience The coffee affaire Seriously, I should do a A/B testing to see if this UX Function annoying agenda make you nervous too UX Matrix Application in Web analytics The phone affaire
  23. 23. Example: How to handle it in Web Analytics?
  24. 24. Who are your visitors? Your site may have 6 256 938 visitors, and you love this number But among them, who are your (potential) clients (core-users)? It is not only an online issue, but a business issue
  25. 25. How do you describe them? You are an expert and you know that 63.5% of your visitors come from Google, bounce rate=55.3%, time spent on site = 03:25 But how old are they? What are their level of education? How many children in the family? It is not only an online issue, but a business issue
  26. 26. How do you know about them? Ask them: do a survey on your site for the UX, including some question regarding the users’ profiles This is everyone-can-do method and it is quite easy. However not to make your visitors nervous with your question like I make you nervous with these tiny texts. Turn them into members: if you have an inscription form in your site, then you could have already some ideas of your visitors The members are your most engaged visitors, however is your member number big enough and representative? Socialize your site: connect your site with facebook or twitter, and get statistics about the visitors profiles from these sources Are visitors from the social networks have the same profiles with the visitors in your site on general? Check the free service like Doubleclick Ad planner if your site are big enough If your site are big enough! Track your site with compete (us) or quantcast (us) Pay attention to the data they have about the visitors who are mostly of people in the US. Buy some reports from comScore, Nielsen NetRating or Hitwise if your site are not too small and you have the money Find their peers in your countries. Like in France we find Médiametrie. Of cause, you can use several of them at the same time
  27. 27. Your website core-user: Business Website Target Visitor Get inspired: Main findings: • Demographic information • Internet surfing habit • Rive Gauche • Their opinions about your site • Coffee • Their surfing on your • Biscuit Website competitors’ site Core user • Their expectation
  28. 28. Design ONLY for them! Driver for them, essential for them and icing cake for them!
  29. 29. Essential in WA - ex. Form (1) The essential here is: A form works with no errors A form with all necessary functions A confirm message after submit, sort of “the message are waiting for validation”, “your subscription of our newsletter are…” is quite necessary A form not longer than it usually and generally be on the internet A form correspond to your core-users’ profile: What are their general PC and Browser’s configuration? Are they sensitive to giving personal information? Are they techno-savvy prefer things fast and interactive, or grandmas needing “KISS” (keep it simple and stupid)?
  30. 30. Essential in WA - ex. Form (2) WA should include and keep watching these issues Check manually the form in all internet browsers, in Mac and smart phone (depending on your core-users’ profile) Tracking the key-event triggers, or each form objects if necessary, to find eventually errors; Building macro conversion funnel, and/or micro conversion funnel (with the event happened on each form objects), in order to locate the blocked elements or event;
  31. 31. Driver in WA - ex. Form (1) The driver can be lots of things : Something you don’t discover, neither I. Why not try to ask your visitors and social media? The offer/benefice of filling the form. What one can expect in filling the form? The evidence of the offer. Is it easily to be found and clearly explained? Your guarantees and their confidence. The protection of their personal information? The engagement of non condition refund? The third party guarantee?
  32. 32. Driver in WA - ex. Form (2) WA tell your how to “drive” better : 10% off and free ship, which one interests the young mum most? Test A/B If visitors seeing the promotion page are more possible to buy? How many visitors actually see the promotion page? Navigation path analysis If the acceptance of Paypal increase the conversion rate? How if I apply a 30 days no condition refund policy? Sampling test Are there any elements distract my visitor in the inscription/buy funnel? heat map and navigation path analysis
  33. 33. Icing in WA - ex. Form (1) Once the form works correctly, it is time to think of optimizing it by some icing cream. It makes the form more lovely, more intuitive, and answer better to your clients’ profile. Which structure/organization of the form answers better to your visitors’ profile (habits, knowledge, sensitive of personal information…) Should the form in a “long” page or in two pages? If the Ajax interaction confuse the visitors? Which color appears to be more attractive to visitors? The call to action button, should it be “Buy this” or “I buy it”? …
  34. 34. Icing in WA - ex. Form (2) The best way to handle these in WA: Testing (A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing)
  35. 35. WA in UX Matrix Driver Essential Icing on the cake ▲▲▲▲▲ ▲▲▲▲ ▲▲▲ Something unknown depending on an error free website the details concerning the key your business and clients a full-functional website elements like the pushed offers, the Offer: product+service+price a core-user-centric designed web site call to action button, the funnel Credibility in the mind of your clients structure etc. Innovation, All WA techniques, user WA monitoring, funnel analysis A/B and multivariate testing co-creation Core-Users WA on general + Other methods
  36. 36. Agenda Recall of definition of user experience The coffee affaire UX Function UX Matrix Just another “fad” case Application in Web analytics The phone affaire
  37. 37. It is not only about UX, but also about competitive strategy (I prefer let Michael E.Porter deal with it) Thus, in the part, we talk about « preferred », not the market share
  38. 38. The Revolutionary, the defending champions and the cottage phone Nokia, the defending champions in the cell phone industry. Its user experience based on the quality of communication, the quality of the phone, the UI… The cottage phones (developing and called Shanzhai Ji in Chinese) are contenders with quite often an exaggerated function, like shine phone color, the number of melodies of ringtone, the extra-long standby time… but the general quality of phone are quite poor. iPhone, the revolutionary of the industry, who turned the cell phone to a device with nerver-experienced super mobile functionalities. However, its quality of voice communication, the camera ability, the standby time and even the OS’ UI are sometimes not as good as Nokia’s phone
  39. 39. The UX and the success The cottage phones focus on the icing on the cake, while they fail in the essential consumers’ need, even though they might survive thanks to their low price, but not a qualified challenger of Nokia or Samsung; iPhone left Nokia alike players behind because it find a more powerful driver! It enlarge the scoop of UX and pull down the Qo; The Nokia are still preferred by quite a bit consumers thanks to its super performance on the essential elements, on which iPhone are less satisfying
  40. 40. Agenda Recall of definition of user experience The coffee affaire Contact: XIA Hailong Email: hailongxia@gmail.com Linkedin: http://fr.linkedin.com/in/xiahailong UX Function Blog: http://we.univcite.com/scyan UX Matrix Application in Web analytics The phone affaire The end