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Young Entrepreneur's Perspective on Internationalisation

Amina Nabi's (Saltire Fellow, Entrepreneur) Presentation
Global Graduates, Global Business
8 May 2012

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Young Entrepreneur's Perspective on Internationalisation

  1. 1. Internationalizing Business in the 21st Century
  2. 2. BackgroundAmina NabiBSc hons in Technology andBusiness StudiesMSc TechnologyEntrepreneurship10 years+ experience workingwith SME’s, Charities andvarious social enterprisesEvent management
  3. 3. The Saltire FoundationWhat is the Saltire FellowshipOur Fellowship roadmap…12 month journey1st stop…Fast track MBA style 4 months atBabson College…
  4. 4. BabsonReal time experiential teaching byentrepreneursFocus on disciplines of leadership,disruptive innovation, sales, marketing,presence, connecting ideas, using real lifecase studies
  5. 5. Thinking local… Liberty Mutual My project I proposed 4 strategies One of which was actually based on a strategy practised in the UK Next step… Externship B… …acting Glo
  6. 6. Thinking Global… FreeFlow Global My project Initial project… proposed project… Neil’s vision The proposal… what happened… …acting Loc
  7. 7. The Saltire
  8. 8. New start-upConcept - bringing brands and peopletogether through the use of powerful wordof mouth marketing through socialmediumsWhere it came from…
  9. 9. Intercultural CompetenceCommunication with people of other culturesInteraction with people from foreign cultures ,understanding thought processes, respectingvalues, tailoring solutions…Most importantly a desired want andmotivation to continue learning…Great example HSBC
  10. 10. Benefit of being MultilingualIntercultural competence and the ability toconverse in a local language is very valuableEveryone speaks English, right? only 5.6 % of the worlds total populationspeaks English as a primary language. Byconservative estimates, that means that well overfour-fifths of the worlds population does not speakEnglish1. Increase global understanding2. Improve employment potential3. Sharpen cognitive and life skills4. Make travel more feasible and enjoyable
  11. 11. How do you do it…Get yourself a mentor…Sign up to classes or self teach…Attend networking events that arehappening around you…Meet new people…Make your presence valued both on andoffline…Leverage social media…More importantly ask lots of questions!Global businesses want global minds!
  12. 12. Learning Outcomes Remember what you do becomes your lifes resume… Have a purpose, a plan and act with intentionality… Leadership is about: being a maverick, be strong enough to be able to action upon making that difference, be able toinitiate change, be value driven and have
  13. 13. What you need to be doing… How can you innovate –Realize the pain, be reactive and capture the opportunitySeek the networks you have and leadership values within and make that differenceWatch trends – have peripheral vision, adopt a global mindset, spot, anticipate and adoptopportunities, aim to become a generalist and stop being such a specialist, look across
  14. 14. The greatest opportunities you will face and may even lead, havent yet been invented!JarStory… “Leadership and learning are indispensible to each other” – J F Kennedy
  15. 15. Last thoughts… …read, read, read – train your brain……if you understand death you will understand how to survive… …don’t let wisdom be replaced with stubbornness… …don’t just study the winners, its just as important to study the ‘losers’… …think of a better mousetrap……the greatest ideas come from the simplest of things…