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Sayan-CV 2015

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Sayan-CV 2015

  1. 1. Sayan-CV 20153 Page 1 of4 Sayan Mahdlang Date of Birth: 8th June 1966 Nationality: Thai Address: 39 Soi. Ratpattana15/2 Ratpattana Road. Sapansung, Sapansung, Bangkok 10250 Email: sayan_ml@yahoo.co.th Home Tel: 02 729 1061 Mobile Tel: 081 692 7740 Education & Qualifications 1984 - 1988 Bachelor’s DEGREE ELECTRICAL ENGINEER (POWER) KING MONGKUT'S INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY LADKRABANG BANGKOK, THAILAND 2011-2013 MASTER DEGREE MBA (Financial & Banking) Ramkamheang University Professional license Second level Professional License for Power Engineering (Saman: สฟก) Training Course 1998 ISO Preparation Implementation and Audit Course by M-Tech 2005 Global Service Excellence Managing Project, KL 2008 Passed GEMS knowledge Test Nebosh, Alstom’s International Environment, Health, and Safety Passport 2008 Tender and Project Financial for Project manager, KL 2009 Global Service Excellence Managing and Negotiating Projects, Surabaya 2010 Performance management, Bangkok 2011 Management Safety Leadership/ NPC S&E, Rayong 2012 Energy conservation analysis / DEDE Work Experience 2014-Present DP Cleantech co.,ltd. Position Senior Project Manager Project ref. EPC Mahachai Green Power / Biomass 9.9 MWe with Boiler 40.15 t/h, hi temp (540 degree C) hi pressure 9.2 Mpa(g) on an EPC basis including all electro- mechanical systems for the project. Responsibilities To ensure the project is completed on time and within budget, to ensure the desired result is achieved, the most efficient resources are used and the different interests involved are satisfied.  agreeing project objectives  representing the client's or organization’s interests  providing advice on the management of projects  organizing the various professional people working on a project
  2. 2. Sayan-CV 20153 Page 2 of4  carrying out risk assessment  making sure that all the aims of the project are met  making sure the quality standards are met  using IT systems to keep track of people and progress  recruiting specialists and sub-contractors  monitoring sub-contractors to ensure guidelines are maintained  overseeing the accounting, costing and billing 2012-2014 LEONICS Co., Ltd. Position Senior Project Manager / Senior Engineering/ Business and product development Project EPC project management for Solar power system project for;  Bario project Solar off-grid system, 200kwx3 BD invertor+4x125 kW Grid connected/ Sarawak-Malaysia,  Chula Bldg. Solar system Grid connected 30.24 kW./ Bangkok  Design and Engineering for Solar roof-top project Responsibilities Design, engineering, procurement, erection, test commissioning, after sales services Marketing and product development plan, proposal preparation. 2011-2012 PTT Maintenance Engineering Co.,ltd. Position Project Manager Project Project management for;  Project Management Consultancy Services for Asia Cement Energy Conservation/ Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation Project. 22.8 MW 6.6 kV electricity from 2 lines kilns 5500 t/d and 7500 t/d.  EPCm contract for PSA unit3 (Pressure Swing Absorber) Hydrogen purification Unit to be used in production of cleaner fuel (Euro IV) at olefins plant I-4, and the by-product of the 3 stream heavy gasoline, light cracker bottom and cracker bottom to AR. 1999-2011 ALSTOM (Thailand) Ltd. / Power Thermal services/ service execution Position Project Manager Projects REGCO Rayong, EGCO TLP Rayong, SCG paper Banpong, etc. Services and parts for power plant Project such as Major/minor overhaul, end winding reinforcement, generator diagnostics, and ESP inspection. Responsibilities  Lead technical activities for minor, major inspection & overhauls as well as service projects.  Establish the technical work & parts scope, instructions and requirements  Maintain and evaluate the project specific documentation (reports, inspection and test plans),  Co-ordinate and support resolution of all technical issues of the assigned projects.  Support response and recommendation to technical customer requests/queries.  Coordinate support with lead center Interface to the plant support center. Actively contribute to optimize outage scope, duration and cost. Project KHLONG SANSAP AND KHLONG LAT PRAO DRAINAGE TUNNEL TO CHAOPRAYA RIVER PROJECT, BANGKOK
  3. 3. Sayan-CV 20153 Page 3 of4 Design, Supply, Erection testing commissioning of the Pumping system. - 4 of 15m3 /s concrete volute pumps+Motor+Gear - Hydromechanical equipment -Electrical and control system Responsibility Project Management task;  Identifying tracking, managing and resolving project issues.  Proactively disseminating project information to all stakeholders  Identifying, managing and mitigating project risk  Ensuring that the solution is of acceptable quality  Proactively managing scope to ensure that only what was agreed to is delivered, unless changes are approved through scope management  Defining and collecting metrics to give a sense for how the project is progressing and whether the deliverables produced are acceptable  Managing the overall schedule to ensure work is assigned and completed on time and within budget Project name MITR PHOL DANCHANG BIO ENERGY POWER PLANT, MITR PHOL PHU KHIEO BIO ENERGY POWER PLANT Co-Project Manager for EPC EBOP system including Fire Fighting system - Bio-mass power plant output 40MW - Two Heat Recovering Steam Generation (HRSG) - One Steam Turbine generator - One bay 115kV Switchyard connect to PEA substation Responsibility Project Management task. Position Sales & TENDERING MANAGER Project name: Sales &TENDERING FOR:  Suwannabhumi airport PROJECT-Electrical system -Airfield lighting, Baggage Handling System  Trans Thai Malaysia Gas Separation Plant(TTM) E&I system.  The Aircraft fuel hydrant system/ TARCO/ E&I system  PASAK IRRIGATION PUMPING STATION- EPC for pumping station including Pump, 900 kW. Motor, Electrical system  Min buri Pumping station -Bangkhen 1 Pumping station -Bangkhen 7 Pumping station  Etc. Responsibility Sales & TENDERING Task ; “Develop and maintain good relationship with customers. To plan and execute sales and marketing activities in order to meet order intake, net sales and gross margin targets. Pursue sales leads and report current and future sales opportunities on a monthly basis. Manage Pre- qualification document Tendering document Proposal and pricing.” 1996-1999 POWER LINE ENGINEERING CO., LTD. Position PROJECT MANAGER Project ;  Sena Hospital / Ayutthaya, EPC for Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing system and communication system  Green spot extension project/ Bangkok EPC for Electrical system.  Thurakit Bandit Building Project/ Bangkok, EPC for Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing system and communication system Responsibility Project Management task for Electrical, Plumbibg, Sanitary and communication syatem 1988-1996 B.GRIMM ENGINEERING SYSTEM
  4. 4. Sayan-CV 20153 Page 4 of4 Position Project site engineer for:  Sirikit LPG Product plant(Thai Shell, Kampaengphet)-E&I erection&test.  Oil/LPG Depot, PTT Songkhla-E&I erection&test  Etc. Electrical Control and instrumentation system Responsibility Manage and control for site erection to achieve target and budgetary. Additional Information Languages: Thai - Mother tongue English - Good written and spoken Computer Knowledge: Windows: working knowledge, Microsoft project, experienced user of Microsoft office products. Keen user of the Internet. References -within 30-60 days-