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Unicef mada innovative programming_nov2011

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Stuart Campo's (@stucampo) presentation for Conf.Malagasy.i-Hub 11/24/2011

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Unicef mada innovative programming_nov2011

  1. 1. Innovating for Children – A Vision for Madagascar Stuart Campo, UNICEF Madagascar Conf.Malagasy.I-HUB 24 November 2011
  2. 2. Overview• “Innovation” as “Creative Destruction”• UNICEF Innovation• Case Studies from UNICEF Innovation• Kosovo Innovations Lab – A Model for Success
  3. 3. What is Innovation?
  4. 4. “Innovation”• Latin “innovatus”: “to renew or change”• Economist Joseph Shumpeter (1934): “carrying out of new combinations”: – The introduction of a new product – The introduction of a new process (method of production) – The opening of a new market – The opening of a new source of supply – The carrying out of a new organization of any industry, like the creation or breach of a monopoly position.• Innovation is characterized by “Creative Destruction”
  5. 5. OrganizationProduct Process Innovation Market Source
  6. 6. • Mission: “Combining low-tech hardware with sophisticated open-source software, we explore novel ways to both empower young people and improve UNICEFs operations. We seek to connect youth who have access to information on the Internet to those who do not, through innovations in technology and program initiatives that are educational and inclusive. We also find ways to integrate appropriate technological systems into existing UNICEF working practices to augment and improve the effectiveness of our operations”• Key Questions: – "How to connect youth who are connected to those who are not?" – "How can the explosion of mobile phone users and networks change they way development work is done?" – "How can UNICEF use the power of ever growing social networks of youth to educate, inform and empower?” www.unicefinnovation.org
  7. 7. Current Vision• Our aim is to meet the unaddressed needs of children and their families in resource-limited settings and to deliver the right services, products and systems at the right price for the children and their families who need them most.• New ideas are important to UNICEF’s work and we aim to engage and partner with the right organisations and individuals from the public, private and academic sectors to supports us to co-create solutions through the delivery of user-driven innovations.• Our global network of innovation centres works to stimulate and facilitate the adoption of innovative approaches throughout UNICEF. www.unicefinnovation.org
  8. 8. www.unicefinnovation.org
  9. 9. Case Study: UgandauReport—Social Monitoringand the Wisdom of the Crowd• Who: UNICEF, Scouts, Telecoms• What: SMS polling through network of social monitors trained and growing virally at grassroots level• How: uReport leaders trained, mobilized; regular polls; processing & publishing of data (see next slide)• Innovation: Process, market, source of production
  10. 10. Case Study: MalawiINFSSS—Integrated Nutritionand Food Security Surveillance System• Who: UNICEF, Zain, the Min. of Healthof Malawi, NGO partners, and Health Surveillance Asst.• What: Early warning system for nutrition security• How: Two-way information flow via SMS through centralized RapidSMS server (see next slide)• Innovation: Product, process, new organization
  11. 11. Case Study: MadagascarChild- & Eco-FriendlySchool Construction• Who: UNICEF, Min. of Education, CISCOs, Communities• What: Schools constructed with ICEB made on-site and managed by communities. Eco-friendly outfitting.• How: UNICEF and partners train communities to manage all phases of fabrication and construction. Local materials identified for minimal cost and impact.• Innovation: Product, process, source of production
  12. 12. UNICEF Innovations Lab, Kosovowww.kosovoinnovations.org
  13. 13. By Youth for YouthAt the Innovations Lab, By Youth For YouthProjects support Kosovo youth turn theirinnovative and impactful ideas into reality. TheLab will help youth transform ideas intoactionable projects and implement them. Forapproved projects, we provide a small amountof funding; mentors help manage andimplement projects; necessary equipment andoffice space for co-working is provided;connections to Kosovo institutions and to acommunity of young change-makers aresupported!www.kosovoinnovations.org
  14. 14. Design CenterThe Innovations Lab Design Center designs andimplements projects to serve data andinformation needs of UNICEF Kosovo, Kosovo’sinstitutions, and Kosovo’s youth and children.The Design Center leverages the recentadvances in mobile, open source, and socialtechnologies….We work with user-centeredmethodologies to develop solutions that focuson the needs and frustrations of the users, andwork on problems identified directly byinstitutions working on behalf of youth andchildren in Kosovo.www.kosovoinnovations.org
  15. 15. Creative Destruction and Positive ChangeInnovation and Risk Taking Madagascar Innovations Lab Children and Youth – Improved Wellbeing, a Future they Want
  16. 16. Contact Details: Stuart CampoInnovative Programming Specialist UNICEF Madagascar scampo@unicef.org +261331541144