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Company profile

  1. 1. Company ProfileSkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  2. 2. SkyLite Solutions is a global information technology (IT) consulting firm focusing on areas of specialization includes Web design, development and BPO. The company mainly focuses on web based development and IT, BPO Placements. We constantly monitor the technological updates and study the improving methodology of few successfully running IT and BPO companies in India. SkyLite Solutions realizes that the Information Technology runs as much on technologies and information. The emphasis is on keeping abreast with the changing times and forecasting the trends and developments, to ensure that SkyLite Solutions is at the bleeding edge of technology. Manpower has been identified as a critical factor, which is the reason for handpicking the employees who exude confidence in technology with an urge to be in the forefront of technological changes apart from the ability to innovate and improvise to arrive at solutions. This is bound to translate into productive and quality oriented company; obviously this will show on the balance sheet as the company carves a niche as a technology oriented company with integrity and concern for the client.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  3. 3. TEAM MANAGEMENT SkyLite Solutions is a group of professionals in the IT & BPO with experience ranging from 3 years to 6 years, with extensive global exposure and supported by management professionals. Technical knowledge base is the strength of the team and the varied areas of expertise ensure a pool of talent ready to compete with the best in emerging technologies. The management’s exposure to global IT & BPO environment will ensure the company becomes a name to reckon with. QUALITY In software development at SkyLite Solutions it is acknowledged that quality is not simply added to the software product by testing at the end of the development. Developing Quality software requires ensuring quality in each step of the software development process. It begins with a customer driven design. Numerous avenues will be used to obtain customer feedback and input to conceptualize the direction of the software products. The software is then designed with these parameters in focus to meet various aspects of customer’s satisfaction such as functionality, reliability, efficiency and usability. DEDICATION Providing the most capable and reliable software in the industry devoting the significant portion of our human and financial resources to research and development. Establishing a commitment to customer service and support through a continuous dialog with our users. Attracting and retaining the most talented people in the industry by providing the highest quality work and environment where productivity, creativity, and personal and professional growth can flourish.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  4. 4. Our Vision As the Japanese Proverb says, "Vision without action is a DAY DREAM. Action without vision is a NIGHTMARE", SkyLite Solutions believes in having a well-built vision for a successful corporate. Apart from having an enormous vision, we strive hard to produce first-rate services to our customers by implementing our blueprint. Empower our customers to focus on Strong Business aptitude through inventive and competitive IT and Business Process Outsourcing that raises the standards of business. Challenging caliber in all areas of our operations and ensuring that the clients attain value and excellence are the main ingredients in our success. Our company’s approach of providing enhanced services and satisfying reliable and sophisticated management have endured with the passage of time. SkyLite Solutions, have a meticulousness to act as representatives of adapt, consistently practicing the deeds needed to accomplish our vision and mission. Our Values: • Integrity • Honesty • ResilienceSkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  5. 5. Our Mission SkyLite’s mission is to provide the high performance of superlative, self-determining Identity and entrée Management consulting services utilizing the best people and practices. Headed to cover the complete back-to-back life-cycle that assists our customers in fruitfully meeting their business drivers in a cost effective and sheltered manner. We act as a team using our creativity and experience to build an inspiring group that challenges all of us to grow personally and professionally through learning from each other, making a meaningful contribution in the neighborhood and worldwide. Our services are aimed at matching business requirements with the information precautions required to maintain and sustain the business objectives. We strongly believe in our mission that leads to: • Innovation • Entrepreneurship • Passion • Client ServiceSkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  6. 6. Why SkyLite? SkyLite Solutions is a fast-growing company which has an enormous experience in Software Development, Web Designing, and Placements & Consulting. With an impressive perception towards the clients, it has expanded its business not only within India as well as Overseas. SkyLite Solutions always adhere the following features: • Constant focus on the Clients • Continuous effort in improving process and services • Well-versed Decision making • Challenging ourselves to seek out inventive projects and stay ahead in the worldwide. Guarantees excellence and receptiveness of services Alliance Partners Are you interested in becoming our business Allies? SkyLite Solutions believes in forming long term associations with its customers and clients. We will partner you in promoting your business through the use of our services and vice versa. Partner with SkyLite Solutions for all your Services and the Business needs.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  7. 7. Services We concentrate on full life-cycle delivery of development and implementation of projects. Working from initial readiness assessments and requirements definition through to delivery and ongoing application outsourcing and support, our teams provide functional, technical, and vertical market expertise in key technologies. Our Areas of Business assist our clients in the implementation of the latest: A. Software Development B. Product Development C. Website Development D. Website Designing E. Flash Animation F. E-Commerce Solutions G. Outsourcing H. BPO Call Centre I. Data processing J. ConsultingSkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  8. 8. Software Development SkyLite believes in the usage of the perfect edge technology tools to attain the productive outcome. We work within the constraints of a given resources to develop a solution that is both smart and accessible. We have developed and deployed a range of adapted software from: • Document administration online • Web range solutions • Software solutions executable across networks • Complex E-Commerce Systems We have the expertise on all widely used streams such as Microsoft .Net, Visual Basic, Java, Active Server Pages, PHP, DHTML, Oracle, XML and Multimedia.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  9. 9. We expertise in the following areas of Technologies: Programming: Application Servers  Tomcat 4.1  ASP  Web sphere  ASP.NET  Web logic  J2EE  JRUN  Java  IIS  Flash Action Script  HTML Databases  DHTML  MSSQL Server 2000/2005  Cold Fusion  MS Access  Servlets  Oracle 8i  JSP  MySQL  Visual Basic Platforms  VB.NET  Windows 2003/2008 Server, XP, Win 7, Vista  Visual C++ Designing  EJB  Adobe Photoshop  Struts Framework  Macromedia Flash  PHP  Macromedia Director  XML  Adobe Illustrator  C/C++/C#  Image Styler  Swish  3D Studio Max  Gif AnimatorSkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  10. 10. Client Server Technologies A company’s successful operations depend on competent and efficient delivery of the web based applications and also on the use of web for achieving business success. …………………………………………. SkyLite specializes in developing server-based applications for the purpose of accounting, finance, planning and human resources amongst others. ………………………………………………………………………. A dedicated client server plays a very important role in the business cycle. Client server applications are very user friendly, prompt and require very less maintenance. A client server can be useful to the business in several ways, which are beneficial as follows: • Promotes ease of communications at the corporate level. • Provides data and file sharing facility with Intranet framework. • Helps in customization and automation of existing sales and accounting systems. • Leads to the development of a new service system with innovative approach. • Helps your business change into an e-business endeavor. • Creates e-store for online ordering and order mapping. Through web client server technologies, we create a virtual office for you as your business advances to global proportions.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  11. 11. Product Development At SkyLite we differentiate between Application and Product development. Product development to us is the development of software that is sold commercially either on its own or as a part of a larger product, such as a hardware device. The development approach and discipline is the same, but the final packing and delivery is slightly different. In addition, there are a few additional steps in the testing process. Companies have turned to us to build products that they market and distribute themselves. These days, saving money is the primary motivation for Independent Software Vendors seeking offshore outsourcing vendor relationships. Some companies, not satisfied with potential savings of 20% to 40%, seek greater savings by opening their own offshore product development and maintenance centers. This practice is particularly widespread in the high-tech sector, where companies may already have offshore R&D centers, and in the financial services sector, where companies are looking to reduce expenses and/or better secure their internal systems. Unfortunately, the management investment and overhead costs associated with opening a high- quality offshore product development center that is intended to support an enterprise IT organization rarely justifies the payoff. Companies that are interested in opening their own offshore development centers should weigh the risks and benefits carefully and realistically before they embark on this major and, in most cases, unnecessary step. Partnering with SkyLite Solutions for product development helps address these issues effectively. SkyLite provides all the desired benefits that Independent Software Vendors seek including reduced cycle times, lower costs, higher quality, and rapid resource ramp up/down. SkyLite leverages upon a wealth of experience in building and maintaining commercial software products and application platforms for worldwide Independent Software Vendors.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  12. 12. Website Development Many organizations are not ready to launch into a full scale e-Business initiative, but they want to possess a quality web site that provides a strong presence. These organizations just do not have the time or capability to build a professional web site. Often it is not their specialty. They turn to IQ Software and use our creative talents to put this together. A web site also needs a domain and hosting. Through our relationships with hosting companies we are able to get your site registered and online within a few hours. A good well designed web site is becoming increasingly important. At SkyLite we employ tried and tested 7 step process. The 7 step process: Discover - Research the industry & understand audience expectations 1. Define - Set goals and objectives, & establish requirements 2. Structure - Define content, site map and individual page functionality 3. Design/prototype - Produce visual designs and prototype site, usability test 4. Build & test - Produce production version of site, QA test, user test, bug fixing 5. Launch - Signoff for launch, register and host domain, move to live environment, soft launch to ensure integrity, hard launch 6. Evaluate & maintain - Review site against original goals and objectives, determine continued development. Our web site development service is often the start of a longer term relationship. Many customers migrate to e-Business solution where we include additional services on their web site, provide an internal Intranet and provide some of the processes that provide the day-to-day operation for their company.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  13. 13. Website Designing Web design is used as a general term to describe any of the various tasks involved in designing a web site. More specifically, it refers to jobs focused on building the front-end of a web page and website. The web consists of myriad pages, presenting information using different technologies and linked together with hyperlinks. There are two basic aspects to any web page found on the Internet. The first is a presentation that the user interacts with, usually visually, while the second is a back-end that includes information for non-human browsers. Well-conceived and planned web sites are an integral part of every organizations communication needs. Offering an attractive, intuitive interface with a logical and easy to use navigation layout will make the difference between a happy visitor (and potential client) and a frustrated web surfer at your website. BASIC Model of Website Design Skill Set We have and the Technologies Used • Macromedia Dreamweaver • Photoshop • Flash • Corel Draw • Illustrator • Director • 3D Max • Swish • Sound Forge • Adobe Premiere • FrontPage • CSS • FlexSkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  14. 14. Flash Animation The use of animation in website design is a challenge - not so much in terms of the technical aspect as in the creative aspect. We, at SkyLite, add animation and interactivity to our clients websites using Flash development taking your idea or concept to another level to give your products and service a unique identity. While all our designs capture and engage the viewers attention stimulating their imagination, we take care to retain the character and integrity of the website keeping in mind the nature of the product or service being showcased. Our team of Flash Developers provides not only Flash animations and presentations for your website but also creates interesting product demos, create interest by adding movement to an otherwise static site, design unique logos and layout design and create flash based advertisements while ensuring that the Flash files are optimized for quick loading time. Our developers also have the expertise to create wonderful Flash based interactive games and movies. We follow ethical principles in business and our uncompromising integrity ensures that we deliver what we promise, within the given time frame and at the price quoted.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  15. 15. E-Commerce Solutions E-commerce or electronic commerce is an e-business application aimed at commercial transactions typically using the World Wide Web and other computer technologies such as databases and e-mails. A large number of businesses have begun reaping the benefits of e-business solutions and web based database application in order to promote and sell products and services, provide customer service support and interact with e-business partners on the web. With the additional hassle-free facility of electronic funds transfer and online payments, it makes sense to speed up the pace of your business ensuring maximum returns. Our focus at SkyLite is to help you make your business grow using the latest technologies involved in e- commerce and web solutions. We provide affordable e-commerce solutions that include the following among others: o complete web site designing o e-commerce website development o database management o installation of payment processing facility Our team of professional designers, web developers and internet marketers has the expertise in developing customized e-commerce solutions that empower businesses with functional, flexible and cost-effective solutions that will help bring in excellent profits to your company. Whatever your requirement, we will provide you the best possible solution with regard to e-commerce and web solutions. Simply contact us with your necessity and we will come out with a solution and estimation immediately.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  16. 16. Outsourcing Organizations are continuing to face the challenge of investing in strategic IT developments, whilst reducing their IT spends. The driving imperative is to transform systems, processes and operating models, freeing up precious resources to focus on the customer and growth. At SkyLite we are bringing our wealth of experience to bear to help our clients meet these challenges through customized outsource solutions. Within an outsourcing partnership, we agree cost savings and performance improvements upfront. Funds liberated from the operational budget can then be re-invested in programs that enable our clients to deliver more for their customers. Outsourcing IT processes to SkyLite provides a mechanism for implementing strategic change whilst future-proofing and maximizing return on investment from current IT systems. Our integrated on and off-shore delivery capability guarantees a low-cost path to continuous service improvements. This is supported by a full spectrum of venturing and partnership models designed to enable effective sharing of risk and reward in an open and highly commercial culture. Working in partnership with SkyLite gives organizations seamless access to the skills (legacy to leading edge), knowledge and commercial innovation that drives a business forward. This joint approach delivers an agile IT function, creating a platform for business growth and releasing resources to enable our clients to do more for their customer.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  17. 17. BPO Call Center We have a Call center with the latest technology and expertise of call center management. Our solutions involve a refreshing, commitment to account management, quality assurance, and highly trained and experienced call center associates. SkyLite specializes in several application areas, telecommunication customer service, sales and back office. We support both Inbound and outbound calls round the clock 24x7. We might just have what you are looking for with a lower cost and less ongoing maintenance challenges. Call today and have one of our call center consultants prepare a custom made demo showing you how we can make a difference for your operation. With the industry’s most advanced call routing system and complete support service, we at SkyLite make sure that when we call the customer, they receive a prompt and professional service. When you want to manage costs and deliver outstanding customer contact experience yet retain your most valuable, most knowledgeable asset-your people under your company control, then SkyLite is your solution. Our live chat support allows you to extend live chat answering services to your customers and prospective customers, while simultaneously guaranteeing a low cost 24x7. Outbound services include appointment setting, lead generation database building, market research, subscription renewals and membership campaigns, event registration, inside sales programs, and customer satisfaction surveys. SkyLite is open to work in any type of scenario that our customer can demand, working in conjunction to achieve any type of challenge whether it is technical, operational and from a human resource perspective, we would technically go out of our way to assure our clients success. Our outbound call center is equipped with predictive dialer technology and offers 24x7 uninterrupted services.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  18. 18. Data processing At SkyLite, we provide our customers with highly accurate and unique Entry and Processing services. In the case of Data Entry services the data is re-keyed to provide 99.99% accuracy. Customers willingly outsource their Data Entry work to us because of our high level of accuracy and total confidentiality. Our services are valid for all kinds of textual data capturing which includes printed text, manuscripts, scanned images etc. Data entry is done • Paper / Books with high accuracy and speed • Image files in any format • Business Transaction Data entry such as sales / purchase / payroll. • Yellow Pages and White Pages Keying • Data Entry and compilation from Websites • Data Capture / Collection • Business Card Data Entry into any Format • Data Entry from Hardcopy/Printed Material into MS Office • Strategic Data Entry into Software Programs and Applications • Receipt / Bill Data Entry • Catalog Data Entry • For Mailing List/Mailing Label • Manuscript typing into Word • Taped Transcription into Word • Copy, Paste, Editing, Sorting and Indexing Data into any format Data is one of our most important resources but we do not always have it in the format required when needed. To make the data required readily available we provide data conversion services that include various solutions to convert data from one format into another. We work on both electronic and printed data.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  19. 19. Electronic Data We make use of various conversion tools for the conversion of electronic data from its present format, whether it is currently in spreadsheet, word processing, or desktop publishing applications. We use customized in-house software for the conversion of data into a usable electronic format. Printed Data In the case of data available in printed format we make use of state of art scanning facilities. Our expert technical support staff scans documents or images for conversion into a digital format. We maintain an editorial staff proficient in manual data entry, as well as proofing and editing, ensuring that the data entered is accurate. Accounting and Financial Services our expertise and experience allows us to provide our clients with wide range accounting services. To ensure accuracy and cost-efficiency, our team is well equipped with the relevant and requisite domain knowledge. SkyLite provides Financial Services to its clients which involve the building of detailed financial reports. For this purpose the client has to fill in certain data sheets with details and the reports are made accordingly. Some of the Financial Services provided by us are • Financial Statement • Adjusted entry Ledger • Assets / Equipment Ledgers • Accounts Payable • Accounts Receivable • Cash Disbursements • Credit and Collection • Cash ApplicationSkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  20. 20. Billings • Bank & Other Reconciliation • Ancillary Transaction Processing • T & E Report Processing • Pension Accounting & Reporting We work with customized applications depending on the financial data given to us by clients. Finance & Accounting Services ranges from general accounting to specialized services such as treasury and cash management services. Benefits • Reduction of employment related expenses and issues • Gained access to expertise in multiple fields • Achieved cost efficiencies • Greater internal flexibility • Gained access to advanced technology • An increased focus on core business We are capable of delivering a comprehensive array of financial and accounting outsourcing services. Form processing at SkyLite deals with both structured and non-structured versions of Form Processing. The tabular forms of structured forms are relatively easy to process. Non-structured forms are questionnaires or survey forms. The service required by you helps us decide the tools to be used for form processing. This can also be done using manual data entry methods.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  21. 21. Some of these services are: • Insurance Claim Form • Medical Form • Online Form Processing • Payroll Processing • Skip Processing • Information Verification and Conversion • Order Fulfillment • Data Conversion A step-by-step guide to the process makes it simpler: • The forms required are downloaded from the clients site • Corresponding images are then loaded into the customized software • According to the requirement a new database is created and the fields added are as per the needs of the client • The data in the database is compared • The entire process goes through a quality check At SkyLite we process voluminous transactions for our clients.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  22. 22. Back Office Servicing & Customer Care SkyLite provides its clients with an excellent back office and customer care service. Every agent / associate works towards providing an unforgettable professional experience to the clients customers to provide first class resolution. The extent of services varies from simple queries like account details, maintenance, services bought, product information etc. to complex escalations and infrastructure to handle inbound sales calls which can then involve the agent in providing cross-selling and up-selling services. This in turn helps generate significant growth for our clients. The main goal of customer care is • Customer retention. • Research escalated cases and their solution. • Resolve complaints and queries. • Order management. • Warranty support. • Billing queries. • Product information support. • Loyalty programs. Our 24x7-customer care service works to take care of the various queries through different channels which include voice mail, e-mail, live chat etc. At SkyLite, we realize that customer support and back-office processing services are common in the insurance industry. We optimize all kinds of customer care interaction related to revenue generation through reduced cost per contact while maintaining or exceeding current quality levelsSkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  23. 23. Consulting IT Staffing: We at SkyLite strive to carefully screen the candidates from various sources, do thorough interviews with the prospects and evaluate their communication & soft skills. We then present every resume with an executive synopsis that enables you to get a perspective of the candidature of the candidate. We highlight the strengths & previous related experience to provide you with more insight upfront to take a quick decision. We have got enormous contacts to source the best candidates for your IT requirements, and sensitive to give individual care and attention to every detail. Our Technical Recruiters understand your language. When a job requisition is received, they have the capacity to visualize the exact profile of the candidate that you are seeking. This enables them to source the right match for your specific requirements in the shortest possible time. SkyLite offers significant advantages to its clients: • Quality We present the most competent and technically superior candidates. We give individual care and attention to details mentioned by the Hiring Managers. We take every care to ensure that the recommended candidates will deliver on the job-site. At SkyLite, Quality is an uncompromising standard. We have got repeat business from our clients because of our consistency in Quality for the resources that we present.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  24. 24. • Executive Synopsis Each candidate is presented with an Executive Summary in the accompanying email. We thoroughly screen and technically check the candidates. The Executive Summary consists of the key achievements & technical strengths of the candidate that are relevant to the client position. We also list all the major clients that the candidate has previously worked, more importantly in the similar industry or profession as the client position. This enables you to get an in-depth idea of the candidate without spending precious time and energy in going through the entire resume. It also gives you a comfort factor to know that our Recruiters have gone through the details of the candidate profile to match with your position. • In-depth Screening Our Recruiters understands the technologies of our clients. If the job requirement is in a particular industry, we try wherever possible to present candidates who have similar industry experience in their career progression. Just a few things we do to ensure that we recommend the best candidate for any of your positions. • Strong Work Ethics the first lesson we learn at SkyLite is to build a strong set of value based ethical work principles. We maintain the highest level of Integrity & Honesty. We have got repeat business from our clients simply because they respect us for our Work Ethics. • Evolving Database we continuously spend our resources in building and maintaining a continuously growing database of local talent in varied skill sets. This enables us to present our clients with local candidates for all the requirements that they have.SkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  25. 25. Careers at SkyLite Solutions SkyLite Solutions is an established and rapidly growing IT and BPO consulting firm. There are better opportunities for existence to have a focused career. Having an importance for your existence is a dynamic force, which gives excitement to your daily routine. Having zeal and building it your career, livelihood a vision cannot just be an aspiration, but a correct and positive reality. At SkyLite, we give few guidelines to get your career progressing. We succeed on the proficiency of its people and place a high value on continuous education and growth. We encourage our staff to accomplish new heights in their positions, contribute their ideas, and develop the path for tomorrow. We create an inspiring atmosphere that highlights the excitement of an innovation. We look for the smartest people and offer excellent environment to excel in their career with an opportunity to work with the brightest minds. If you are a highly skilled who can merge in-depth IT or BPO expertise with strong industry environment and have appropriate experience in either of areas. Please send your resume to careers@SkyLite.inSkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in
  26. 26. Please tell us how we may assist you. You could Email us with a Job Requisition or provide us with your information so that we could provide you a no-obligation proposal for your BPO Initiatives or other specific requirement. Thanking you from: India Business Address: Contact Person: Santosh Nemilipuri. Designation: Managing Director Mobile: +91-95818-95588 Email: santosh@skylite.in M/S. SkyLite Solutions. Plot No: C, 2nd floor Avanthi Colony Karkhana Landmark: Main road Beside Karkhana Police Station Secuendrabad-500009 Andhra Pradesh – India Ph: 040-6589-2030 Website: www.skylite.in Email: info@skylite.inSkyLite Solutions Corporate Profile. Email: info@skylite.in