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Agile CRM Tutorial - Part 3

Agile CRM is the web's smartest CRM with powerful Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement.
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This is Part 3 of How To use Agile CRM that covers the following topics,
- Web Grabbers
- Reports
- Access Control List (ACL)
- Telephony
- Features Suggestion
- Referrals

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Agile CRM Tutorial - Part 3

  1. 1. Onboarding - Phase III
  2. 2. Phase 3 Topics: ● Web Grabbers ● Reports ● ACL ● Telephony ● Features Suggestion ● Referrals
  3. 3. Web Rules ● Web Rules help in performing certain actions when customers visit your websites. You can engage them with pop-ups, messages or other options available in Agile CRM. ● You can assign any number of actions in a single web rule to keep your visitors engaged for as much time possible. ● To deploy pop-ups, you can also select pre-defined templates and load them to the editor.
  4. 4. Web Rules - Example 1
  5. 5. Web Rules- Example 2
  6. 6. Web Rules - Getting Started Before adding a web rule, the analytics code needs to be added to your website’s HTML code just above the ‘</body>’ tag to enable web tracking. The Analytics code can be found in Admin Settings under API & Analytics.
  7. 7. Webrules Tracking code has been added to the webpage’s HTML code which will enable tracking
  8. 8. Web Rules - Sample Use Cases ● Whenever there’s a visitor on your website, depending on the condition specified, a pop-up or a message can be displayed. ● Web-rules can also be created to pull data about a contact using web forms. ● You can also add contacts to campaigns, add or remove tags, add or subtract scores depending on the conditions mentioned or the actions performed.
  9. 9. Reports - Email ● Email reports: Customize your reports based on a variety of tags & filters and receive them periodically to be in touch with your workflow. Use the information to improve your lead nurturing and customer retention strategies. ● You can choose to receive reports daily, weekly or monthly. Go get a report instantly, click on ‘Send Now.’
  10. 10. Reports - Email Click on “Reports,” choose “Go” on any of the reports and click “Add Email Report.” Set a duration and save. After save, an option to see a report instantly is available.
  11. 11. Reports - Growth Graph Monitor contacts/leads with your custom tags growing over time. For example, If you’ve attached a tag “Buyer” to all contacts/leads that get added to Agile CRM (manually or via API), Growth Graphs allow you to analyze how contacts with the “Buyer” tag have grown over time.
  12. 12. Reports - Funnel Graph ● Funnel Graph is a visual representation of leads journey in your sales cycle. ● To make Funnel Graphs work, it is required that you add tags to represent the change in a lead’s state in your pipeline. ● For eg, Tags like Visitor, Signed-Up, Opportunity, Subscriber can reflect their state. You can then create a Funnel Graph with those tags.
  13. 13. Reports - Tag Graph ● Compare two tags and build reports that helps you analyze leads/contacts. eg: If you have a 'Lead' tag for all new contacts and an 'Opportunity' tag for all qualified contacts, a Ratio graph between these tags tells you what percentage of Leads that have come in the specified period (day/ week/ month), have later converted into an Opportunity. ● You can always apply Filters for pulling out more insightful information. If you have a Filter that gives you leads from a particular source, then applying the filter on the above Ratio graph will tell you how many leads coming from that particular source have converted into an opportunity. The Tag Graph report is available as a dashlet on the Agile CRM dashboard.
  14. 14. Access Control List (ACL) ● The security of Sales and Contact data are critical to modern businesses and protecting it is an absolute must. ● ACL is a feature on Agile CRM that lets you “hide” some features/data from users/operators. As an Administrator, you can decide what you’d like a user/operator to access. ● To boost the quality and security of your essential business data, the new expanded ACL tool lets you control what users are able to do with contacts in the CRM from contact creation, importing to exporting.
  15. 15. Access Control List - Implementation How to Manage Access Controls in Agile CRM ● Login to your admin account in Agile CRM ● Go to Admin Settings ● Click on the ‘Users’ tab ● Click on the user whose privileges you want to manage, then click on ‘+ Privileges’ ● Edit the ACL as needed. When you’re finished, remember to click ‘Save Changes’
  16. 16. Telephony ● Agile CRM integrates with telephony providers such as Twilio and SIP. ● The widgets can be found under the Widgets tab in the Preferences section. ● Once the widgets are integrated, you can make calls directly from Agile with just a single-click. ● You can record your calls automatically with Twilio & play them back whenever needed. ● Explore Call Scripts, Automatic Call Notes, Voice Mail Automation, Real time Logs & Reports, Call Redirect & much more in your Agile CRM.
  17. 17. Telephony Calls can directly be made, right from the Agile dashboard by clicking on the contact’s twilio number. (The widgets are shown on a contact page as shown in the screenshot below)
  18. 18. Features Suggestion We’re eager to build a platform that only gets better, faster and efficient over time for your business needs. To achieve this, we are continuously making enhancements and adding features. Our focus has always been to make Agile CRM help you get more things done in less time. Your feedback is highly critical in helping us build a product that is bug free and works best for you. The features suggestion is a “light-bulb” utility that can found on the bottom-right corner. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you!
  19. 19. https://www.agilecrm.com/support care@agilecrm.com 1-800-980-0729 For Support and Assistance: Thank you for choosing Agile CRM