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Agile CRM Tutorial - Part 1

Agile CRM is the web's smartest CRM with powerful Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement.
Sign up for a free account here - https://www.agilecrm.com

This is Part 1 of How To use Agile CRM that covers the following topics,
- Contacts (Imports & Exports)
- Custom Fields
- Tags
- Filters, Views
- Bulk Actions
- Appointment Scheduling
- Widgets, Data Sync
- Email (IMAP or Exchange)
- Deals Setup

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Agile CRM Tutorial - Part 1

  1. 1. Onboarding - Phase I WELCOME TO AGILE CRM
  2. 2. Phase 1 Topics: ● Contacts (Imports & Exports) ● Custom Fields ● Tags ● Filters, Views ● Bulk Actions ● Appointment Scheduling ● Widgets, Data Sync ● Email (IMAP or Exchange) ● Deals Setup
  3. 3. Contacts To add contacts to Agile, go to the Contacts’ tab on the dashboard click on ‘+Add Contact’ on the top right (or) click ‘Add Contact’ button under the drop down list of ‘Add New’ on the top right of the Homepage. Contacts and Companies data can also be imported from CSV files or another CRM.
  4. 4. Import Contacts/ Companies Click on the Import your Contacts to open the window below
  5. 5. Custom Fields ● A Custom field can be added to request further contact details from your customers on the sign-up form. ● Custom fields can be added to Companies, Contacts, Deals and Cases. ● They enable you to filter or view the contacts with a better precision depending on our needs. ● Custom fields input type can be added depending on your requirements from among the available types: Text Field, Text Area, Date Field, Checkbox & List.
  6. 6. Custom Fields To add/ edit custom fields, go to Admin Settings → Custom Fields
  7. 7. Tags ● Tags are unique identifiers added to contacts for easy sorting and retrieval. ● Search using tags and pull up a group of contacts quickly. ● Tags also help in identifying steps the customers or leads are going through, by adding a tag for every step they move further through the sales pipeline or as per your requirement.
  8. 8. Filters ● Filters are used to sort contacts with a specific criteria to find patterns. ● You can save your preferred filters and also have daily, weekly or monthly reports sent to you based on the filter. Views ● Look at contacts the way you want to - Choose different fields and the order in which you would like them to appear. ● You can add any number of views.
  9. 9. Applying filters will help retrieve only those required details. Filters help in sorting contacts based on our requirements and the conditions we provide. Custom fields can even be included in conditions. Filters
  10. 10. Views help us in viewing only the specified detail we want to look into and selecting only those particular fields of all the customers will minimise the efforts. Selecting all fields will show all the details of all the customers and not just the primary fields shown in the Contacts homepage. Views
  11. 11. Bulk Actions ● Bulk actions help performing an action on all contacts or selected contacts or contacts selected through filters or views. ● Bulk actions that can be performed : add and remove tags, add to campaign, send e-mail, change owner, delete contacts and export contacts as a CSV. ● Clicking ‘Export Contacts as CSV’ will ask for a confirmation of receiving e- mail. ● This helps us being more efficient in performing the types of actions mentioned above.
  12. 12. Widgets ● Widgets help integrating various platforms directly to Agile. The list of all widgets sorted by their category is found under Preferences section. ● Social - Twitter, Rapleaf, Facebook, Google Plus. ● Customer Support - Clickdesk, Zendesk, Help Scout. ● Calling - Twilio, SIP. ● E-Commerce - Shopify, WooCommerce. Custom Widgets can be built too!
  13. 13. E-Mail Integration (IMAP & Office 365) ● Emails from Gmail, Office365 accounts can be synced to Agile. ● Integrate an e-mail account from another provider by clicking the ‘Enable’ button on the IMAP option. Find Email in the Preferences section under the User top-right menu.
  14. 14. E-Mail Integration (IMAP & Office 365) Easily add an email account from your email service provider. Ask your email service provider for Server Name or Host Name.
  15. 15. Deals ● Deals are opportunities that can be continuously tracked. Add contacts related to the deal, add description, monetary value and timeline. ● Milestones are used to define the status of the deal. Use 'Won' in case of a successfully completed deal or 'New' for a newly added deal. You can define custom milestones.
  16. 16. Deals ● Deals can be viewed both in the ‘List View’ and the ‘Milestone’ view. ● List view shows all the deals associated contacts and with a graphical representation of the total value. ● Add a new deal by selecting ‘Deal’ from ‘Add New’ on the top right of the deals page or going to a Contact and selecting the ‘Add Deal’ from the drop down next to ‘Edit’ button. The Deals tab on a contact page can also be used to add a Deal.
  17. 17. Calendar Sync ● Agile CRM’s calendar and Google Calendar can both be synced. ● Google Calendar can be synced by enabling the button under Data Sync tab of Preferences.
  18. 18. Appointment Scheduling ● In the Calendar’s page, scroll to the left bottom and click on the first option - ‘Online Appointment Scheduling.’ ● This will open a new dialog box with a personalized link that you can send to your customers to let them book a slot (date & time) depending on your availability for a demo, small chat or an appointment in general. ● This helps customers block your calendar for a meeting for either 15 mins, 30 mins or an hour.
  19. 19. Copy the personalized link and send it to the customers you would like to have a meeting with or those who need to schedule an appointment with you. Appointments Scheduling
  20. 20. https://www.agilecrm.com/support care@agilecrm.com 1-800-980-0729 For Support and Assistance: Thank you for choosing Agile CRM