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JIRA Ultimate Role Tracking & Estimation

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JIRA Ultimate Role Tracking & Estimation is the solution. Simplify your project setup by tracking multiple roles in a single task. Work logs become more accurate, providing estimation, time spent and time remaining for each role in the task. Extensive reporting capabilities allow you to assess the estimation accuracy of each role and make more informed decisions.

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JIRA Ultimate Role Tracking & Estimation

  1. 1. JIRA Ultimate Role Tracking & Estimation PLUGIN OVERVIEW Available On ADWEB SOFTWARE By
  2. 2. JIRA Ultimate Role Tracking & Estimation ADWEB SOFTWARE HIGHLIGHTS • Easy to setup and configure • Accurate Role-Based time tracking • Original and remaining estimates can be broken down into roles ( eg. Developers, Designers, Testers etc.) • Assign multiple roles to users • Create work logs that specify type of work (eg. Development, Code Reviews) • View the remaining estimate of an issue in the Agile board users assigned to the task • Filter issues based on a user’s role • Ability to assign tasks to users during planning meeting. • Automatically assign tasks to users leveraging the power of integration with workflow. • Generate intelligent Estimations & Accuracy reports to monitor progress.
  3. 3. BENEFITS • Accurate analysis through intelligent reports aiding smart decision making. • Monitor individual performance of users and identify areas of improvement. • Get closer in accurately predicting project estimations and be agile in improving your development processes. • Improve more than 66% working efficiency by saving time, lost in assigning tasks which is repetitive effort. • Keep a track of estimations Vs actual progress to ensure timely achievement of project deadlines. • Identify low priority tasks to make necessary improvements in time estimates and assign the right personnel to priority and critical tasks • Measure the amount of time invested in the project by users to calculate billable resources based on their roles. Further take corrective actions to reduce project costs. JIRA Ultimate Role Tracking & Estimation ADWEB SOFTWARE
  4. 4. PEOPLE LEVERAGING • Program & Project Managers • Development Managers • JIRA Administrators • Release Managers • Agile Solution Architects • Software Developers and Team Leads • Technology Specialists • And more…….. JIRA Ultimate Role Tracking & Estimation ADWEB SOFTWARE
  5. 5. TESTIMONIALS “This is an excellent plugin that fits very nicely into my company's use case. It provides the flexibility for any team member to provide estimates for each issue without the cumbersome overhead of needing to create separate subtasks. Since we allow outside users (customers) access to our JIRA, it's important to be able to control visibility for the estimate fields, as they are used for our own internal tracking, which this plugin provides. Additionally, the estimate reports (which take any JQL filter as input) are very well done, as well as the sprint report which shows the workload distribution per team member. Last but not least, the developers are open to suggestions and very responsive. Highly recommend this plugin!”– German Client Also recommended by leading Atlassian Partners and Experts. Checkout more reviews on Atlassian Marketplace. JIRA Ultimate Role Tracking & Estimation ADWEB SOFTWARE
  6. 6. ABOUT US ADWEB SOFTWARE (The ADWEB AGENCY) is a global software development company creating award winning strategic solutions for more than 20 years. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, ADWEB has worked with some of the leading brands across the globe with commitment to perfection and unmatched level of customer service. Innovative and highly useful plugins for the JIRA community are new addition to the company’s lineup of offerings, and have received great success on the Atlassian Marketplace. Contact Us: For further enquiries, please get in touch sam.tadelkar@adwebsoftware.com www.adwebsoftware.com Visit us on Atlassian Marketplace: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.adweb.estimations.estimationUpdate/server/ overview JIRA Ultimate Role Tracking & Estimation ADWEB SOFTWARE