machine learning learning projections supervised learning edm machining ansys workbench ansys geometric construction models computer graphics orthographic isometric development engineering drawing knn classifier naïve-bayes classifier logistic regression multivariate linear regression simple linear regression machine data analysis & visualisation real data in machine learning training and testing data challenges & limitations of ml use of machining learning applications of ml reinforcement learning unsupervised ml supervised machining learning types of data in ml lifecycle of machine learning working of machine learning features of machine learning artificial intelligence traditional programming what is machine learning? human learning types of machine learning introduction to ml ann artificial neural neural networks artificial neural networks learning techniques ensemble learning ensemble learning techniques unsupervised unsupervised learning exploratory data data analysis exploratory data analysis brake uncertainties determine brake uncertainties determine the brake hybrid optimum model hybrid optimum hybrid development of hybrid inconel 718 edm machining of inconel 718 edm machining of inconel machining of inconel surface roughness of edm topography of edm topography surface roughness colloidal biosilica ti6al4v alloy using colloidal biosilica edm machining of ti6al4v alloy k-nearest neighbor algorithm k-nearest neighbor k-nearest weighted k-nearest neighbor al effective storage management university library ieee paper spur gear static structural analysis analysis static structural shock absorber structural analysis engineering drawing ppt cam and design manufacturing aicte - nittt - module 2 professional ethics & sustainability aicte - nittt - module 1 data analytics for lean six sigma data analytics lean six sigma six sigma control of mobile robots digital manufacturing fusion introduction digital manufacturing fusion 3d printing revolution coursera 3d printing applications 3d printing software module 3d printing software practice quiz 3d printing software answers 3d printing software q&a 3d printing software solutions practice quiz & module 3d printing hardware practice quiz & module 3d printing hardware answers 3d printing hardware solutions 3d printing hardware q&a planes solids lines points development of surfaces scales computer aided part programming. manual part programming methods cnc part programming fundamentals features of machining center turning center structure of cnc machine tools nc machine tools nc elements nc modes nc deming’s pdca 5s model business process re-engineering business process outsourcing (bpo) performance management entrepreneurship resource planning (erp) value chain analysis six sigma and capability maturity model (cmm) leve total quality management (tqm) generic strategy alternatives. contemporary manage steps in strategy formulation and implementation swot analysis environmental scanning elements of corporate planning process programmes strategy policy objectives goals strategic management: mission project cost analysis probability of completing the project within given identifying critical path critical path method (cpm) programme evaluation and review technique (pert) job evaluation and merit rating. project managemen grievance handling and welfare administration performance appraisal separation transfer promotion wage and salary administration placement training and development selection recruitment manpower planning basic functions of hr manager concepts of hrm human resource management: evolution of hrm marketing strategies based on product life cycle. supply chain management. marketing: functions of m stores management and stores records purchase procedure abc analysis eoq need for inventory control deming’s contribution to quality. materials manage acceptance sampling p chart (simple problems) c chart r chart basic procedure involved in method study and work principles and types of plant layout. work study: batch and mass production) operations management: methods of production (job demerits and suitability. lean and flat organization structure and their mer inverted pyramid structure virtual organization matrix organization committee organization functional organization line and staff organization types of organization structures – line organizati departmentation and decentralization social responsibilities of management. leadership styles systems approach to management hezberg’s two – factor theory of motivation douglas mcgregor’s theory x and theory y maslow’s theory of human needs fayol’s principles of management taylor’s scientific management theory functions of management nature and importance of management entrepreneurship and organization cim benefits. human labor in the manufacturing system computer control systems material handling systems machine tools and related equipment types of manufacturing systems integration of caqc with cad/cam. computer aided testing non-contact inspection methods- optical and non-op contact inspection methods computer in qc terminology in quality control retrieval type and generative type. computer aided processes planning advantages and limitations of pfa production flow analysis coding and classification part family comparison of solid modelling techniques octree encoding primitive instancing asm sweep representation cell decompsition spatial enumeration csg primitives csg solid modelling. dimensioning boolean operations half space method editing display control commands layers basic geometric commands drafting and modelling systems solid primitives a) cubes (or) blocks construction solid geometry (csg) or c-rep b-spline surface 3. solid modelling parametric cubic surface ii. bezier surface iv. tabulated surfaces 2. synthetic surfaces ruled surfaces iii. surface of revolution analytic surfaces. i. plane surfaces b-spline curves 2. surface modelling. i. parametric cubic curves ii. bezier curves iv. ellipse v. hyperbola b. synthetic curves analytic curves i. lines ii. circles iii. parabola wireframe modelling classification of geometric modelling geometric modelling modelling facilities desired. surface representation methods curve representation methods requirements of geometric models hidden line or surface removal clipping rotation about arbitrary point and line homogeneous representation mirror rotation scaling translations database data structure coordinate system raster scan dda bresenhams plotters stroke writing display devices cathode ray tube crt memory cpu cad workstation cad cam hardware product cycle role of computer in manufacturing cam process cad process input and output devices connecting rod rivets threads bolts nuts screws part drawing assembly drawing pipe joints cotter joints production drawing machine drawing conic sections polygons sections drawing textbook n.d bhatt drawing
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