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Open Suse Conference Weekly News

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short slides about the openSUSE Weekly News Project

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Open Suse Conference Weekly News

  1. 1. OpenSUSE Conference: Getting to Know the openSUSE Weekly News Sascha Manns aka 'saigkill' OpenSUSE Member/Ambassador OpenSUSE Marketing Team OpenSUSE BuildService Get it ! Discover it ! Create it !
  2. 2. Agenda <ul>You find these Topics into the Presentation: <li>History of WN
  3. 3. What is planned for the Future?
  4. 4. Which Languages we're supporting?
  5. 5. What are we doing?
  6. 6. Be a part of openSUSE Weekly News Team
  7. 7. Other Ways to Participation
  8. 8. Question and Answers </li></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  9. 9. History of WN
  10. 10. History of WN * 22. November 2007 First Issue from Apokryphos * Issue 2: translated to german. * Issue 4: Beineri and Buschmann23 helped. * Issue 8: WN announced Joe Brockmeier as Community Manager. * 26. March 2007, issue 15 dl9pf comes new to the team. © 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  11. 11. History of WN * Issue 24: first Special Editon “LinuxTag” * Issue 32: first yearly Review. * Issue 34: Preview “openSUSE.TV” * Issue 42: translated to russian and japanese * Issue 43: Article “We want you”. My Jump to WN. © 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  12. 12. History of WN * Issue 44: translated to spain, portuguese and indonesian * Issue 45: Article about the first elected Board. * Issue 47: Article about SUSE-Studio. * Issue 48: translated to polish * Issue 49: Start new Section “openSUSE Forums” * Issue 50: I'm serving as Co-Leader * Issue 52: next Special Edition “Review 2008” * Issue 53: translated to hungarian * Issue 55: translated to italian * Issue 57: next Special Edition “FOSDEM” * Issue 59: translated to chinese * Issue 63: translated to swedish * Issue 72: STS301 comes to our Team (Tips & Tricks) * Issue 77: translated to taiwanese © 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  13. 13. What is planned for the Future?
  14. 14. What is planned for the Future? <ul><li>Call for participation:
  15. 15. Some Time ago I've started with Sebastian Schöbinger an Poll and Survey about the Theme: “How are the Weekly News?”.
  16. 16. Then we have getted some useful Information, what the People wishes. After the close of the Survey I released an Whitepaper about the Results. You can find it there: http://freenet-homepage.de/smanns/Whitepapers.html </li></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  17. 17. What is planned for the Future? <ul><li>Just changed:
  18. 18. We have changed our Template for more sub-topics in our Section “Tips & Tricks” and “On the Web”. So we have an more clear Weekly News.
  19. 19. We have added more Sources to our RSS Ticker, and so we have an bigger Issue than earlier.
  20. 20. We created an new Job called “Event Editor”. This Guy collect all Events from news.opensuse.org and en.opensuse.org/Ambassador/Events. </li></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  21. 21. What is planned for the Future? <ul><li>The Future:
  22. 22. Own Interviews. We plan to create own Interviews from People behind FOSS. We've started with Greg Kroah-Hartmann, and we plan to make more Interviews. The next planned Interview is with John 'Maddog' Hall.
  23. 23. Ambassadors: We plan to participate the Ambassador Program. We give all Ambassadors the Option to publish their local Events in the Weekly News.
  24. 24. Publishing: We publish our Announcement “Weekly News XX is out” in news.opensuse.org, Linux.com, Facebook, Twitter and the german Newspool linux-community.de. </li></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  25. 25. Which Languages we're supporting?
  26. 26. Available languages © 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org openSUSE Weekly News are available in 14 languages right now ! English Deutsch Español 日本語 Français Русский Polski Magyar Português Italiano 简体中文 Svenska Indonesia Taiwanese
  27. 27. What are we doing?
  28. 28. Teams <ul><li>Editorial Team:
  29. 29. Jan-Simon Möller (dl9pf), Sascha Manns (saigkill), Sebastian Schöbinger (STS301), Satoru Matsumotu (HeliosReds), Carl Fletcher (Caf4926) and Thomas Hofstätter (Okuro).
  30. 30. What are the Editorial Team do?
  31. 31. Collecting Announcements and Articles from Mailinglists and Blogs. Users can place own stuff in http://en.opensuse.org/OpenSUSE_Weekly_News/Dashboard
  32. 32. Creating the Main Issue in english Language.
  33. 33. Publishing the Announcement “openSUSE Issue XX is out” </li></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  34. 34. Teams <ul><li>Editorial Team: </li></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  35. 35. Teams <ul><li>Translation Team:
  36. 36. That is an very big Team. The Names from all fills many slides. But you can go to: http://en.opensuse.org/OpenSUSE_Weekly_News/Translators There you find our Translators and Coordinators. Every Language has an own Coordinator. He coordinates the Workload from our Translators.
  37. 37. What are the Translators Team do?
  38. 38. They're translating.
  39. 39. And they fill their translation with local Events </li></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  40. 40. Be a part of openSUSE Weekly News Translation Team
  41. 41. Translators <ul><li>openSUSE Weekly News are translated by translators all over the world ! </li><ul><li>Most of them are Non-Novell persons and volunteer their time for translating.
  42. 42. At all ages – teenager to middle-ager.
  43. 43. A large variety of skills – beginners, students to IT professionals. </li></ul></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org Yes, you can also be a translator of openSUSE Weekly News !
  44. 44. Join the $LANG-Sub-Team <ul><li>Can you find your language in our “Available languages” List? </li><ul><li>Feel free to join the Sub-Team for your language ! </li><ul><li>See the table and get in touch with the coordinator of your language.
  45. 45. http://en.opensuse.org/OpenSUSE_Weekly_News/Translators
  46. 46. You can also ask by posting a message to opensuse-marketing mailinglist (you need to subscribe first), or joining the #opensuse-newsletter channel @Freenode </li></ul></ul></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  47. 47. Become a coordinator for your language <ul><li>Can't you find your language in our “Available languages” List? </li><ul><li>Then, why don't you become a coordinator for your language and start translating by yourself? </li><ul><li>You can choose the “Light” version like Hungarian or Chinese, if you don't have enough time to translate whole issue every week. </li></ul></ul></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org Feel free to reach the Team and ask where to begin !
  48. 48. How works the Translation Team?
  49. 49. Get ready for translating <ul><li>Prior to beginning to translate, you are recommended to: </li><ul><ul><li>register your account in opensuse.org
  50. 50. login to “User Directory” with your account and support “Guiding Principles”
  51. 51. make your User page on en.opensuse.org, and $YOUR_LANG.opensuse.org (e.c. ja.opensuse.org), if the sub-domain for your language exists
  52. 52. subscribe to opensuse-marketing mailinglist
  53. 53. read carefully the informations in “OpenSUSE Weekly News” Wiki page </li></ul></ul></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org http://en.opensuse.org/OpenSUSE_Weekly_News
  54. 54. © 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org Note Following articles in this sections are just in case of Japanese Sub-Team. Translators of other languages might have their own way or procedure for translating.
  55. 55. Let's get started ! Every Saturday, the “ready for translation” announce will be posted to -marketing list. Now, it's your turn !
  56. 56. Script for translating openSUSE Weekly News <ul><li>Jan-Simon Möller – our editor in chief – has written a useful script to help translating Weekly News. </li><ul><ul><li>You can get the script in OBS by searching “weekly-news-translation-tool” </li></ul></ul></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  57. 57. How to use the script Follow the instructions in http://en.opensuse.org/OpenSUSE_Weekly_News/Translations#Translation_tool Section titles and formed phrases are automatically translated into your language
  58. 58. Gobby editor for collaboration <ul><li>If there are plural translators in your team, how about using Gobby – editor for collaboration ? </li></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org Gobby is available in OBS. Even if you are familiar with Windows at your desk work, you can also use Gobby.
  59. 59. © 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org Translators can edit the source at the same time and the works of each translators are identified by different colors on Gobby.
  60. 60. Finish it up ! <ul><li>After the translation is done, you have to go to the Wiki page for the issue of your language, then, “Edit” and paste the translated source. </li></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  61. 61. Follow-up <ul><li>Once you have done and the issue in your language is ready, follow these steps: </li><ul><ul><li>Update the status in “Ready” page
  62. 62. Move the entry of your language up to “available” section in “Translations” page
  63. 63. Wait for the “openSUSE Weekly News, Issue #XX is out !” announcement to be posted to opensuse (English) mailinglist.
  64. 64. Post the release announcement in your own language to opensuse-$YOUR_LANG list, if it exists </li></ul></ul></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  65. 65. What other ways we have to participate you?
  66. 66. How can I participate you? <ul><li>Editorial Team:
  67. 67. You can have an own Section, and you can collect Articles for this Topic. Otherwise you can collect for all Articles with using our Dashboard.
  68. 68. Translation Team
  69. 69. You can translate from english to your Language. If you are the first who would like to translate in this Language, you can be the Coordinator and you can build your own Team.
  70. 70. Content
  71. 71. You can create an Blog or if you have one you can Blog about all interesting Things. What you've just learned or other Stuff. Just share all interesting.
  72. 72. Jobs
  73. 73. We providing an own Jobsite: http://en.opensuse.org/OpenSUSE_Weekly_News/Jobs </li></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  74. 74. How can I participate you? <ul><li>Needs in the Translation Teams:
  75. 75. We need Participants for the following Languages:
  76. 76. Spanish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Italian and Swedish.
  77. 77. If you would like to Participate one of these Languages, just contact me: saigkill@opensuse.org </li></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  78. 78. Links & Contact Informations
  79. 79. Links <ul><li>openSUSE Weekly News Portal </li><ul><li>http://en.opensuse.org/OpenSUSE_Weekly_News </li></ul><li>List of translators </li><ul><li>http://en.opensuse.org/OpenSUSE_Weekly_News/Translators </li></ul><li>How to edit a page in Wiki </li><ul><li>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:How_to_edit_a_page </li></ul></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org
  80. 80. Contact Informations <ul><li>Mailinglist </li><ul><li>opensuse-marketing </li></ul><li>IRC Channel </li><ul><li>#opensuse-newsletter on Freenode </li><ul><li>Weekly News Team have an online meeting every two weeks – see the schedule at http://en.opensuse.org/OpenSUSE_Weekly_News/Meetings </li></ul></ul></ul>© 9/16/09 Sascha Manns openSUSE.org You can also drop a note to [email_address] / http://saigkill.wordpress.com
  81. 81. © 9/16/09 Sascha Manns http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ openSUSE.org We are looking forward to working with you ! Let's have a lot of fun !