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Santosh Takale UPSC Mpsc Study center - After interview assignment

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After interview assignment

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Santosh Takale UPSC Mpsc Study center - After interview assignment

  1. 1. After Interview - Assignment Question Set (Hereafter TCT study center means Free of cost UPSC/MPSC Study centre with Residential facility by Santosh Takale at Shirdhon, Panvel, Raigad, MH-410221. Ph – 9967584554 / 7738984852) Following question are the Home assignment for candidate, to be submitted in weeks time or before joining trial period by email to - santoshatbarc@gmail.com Q9. Answer in brief 1. Why you want to appear for UPSC/MPSC ? Which post ? Why ? Duration to achieve Target ? 2. What are the books available with you for MPSC/UPSC preparation ? 3. If you get selected for TCT Study Center – a. Exact date of Joining for Trial Period (All expenses on Candidate)? b. Day Time Table to be followed at TCT Center – Brief. 4. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q 10. Answer in brief 1. What are the major problems India is facing as a Nation ? 2. What are the causes of Terrorism ? 3. What are the reasons for damage to the environment? 4. Do you feel UPSC/MPSC candidates really use their potential after their selection & joining the service ? 5. What will you do for the development of underprivileged population of India, if you are posted as an administrative officer? 6. What is the role of police in India? Your brief opinion on their performance. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. If you get selected for TCT Study Center – a. Complete day Time Table (24 Hrs) – Detailed. b. Your Expectation from TCT Study center ? c. Guidance Lecture expected if you get final selection after trial period(52 Topics). d. Rules you expect each candidate should follow at TCT Study Center. e. Detailed opinion report about your visit to TCT Study Center. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------