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Importance of SEO in website design

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Importance of SEO in website design

  1. 1. Importance of SEO in Website Design
  2. 2. An online presence is a must for any business to maintain a stable position in today's competitive market. Now most of the business transactions take place online. Here comes the need for business websites to rank high in the search results. However, simply having a website is not enough, various factors need to be considered to make it appear among the top results. SEO website design is necessary to ensure that your business website performs well. With changes in the search engine algorithm and advancements in the strategies, a lot of elements are to be considered for an enhanced website design.
  3. 3. Search Engine Optimized Website gives Better Results Let us look at the most significant search engine optimization elements that need to be considered for website design for improved results.
  4. 4. Keywords: The most significant element of a website design is the proper usage of keywords. It is important to find the most relevant keywords and utilize them appropriately in the right places such as in title tag, graphic descriptions, and business slogans for better visibility.
  5. 5. Content: Maintaining quality and unique website content improves the search rankings. Make your content search relevant and provide information that users are looking for. It should be wellstructured and readable so that search engine bots can access it with quickness and ease.
  6. 6. Domain name: Relate your domain name to the target keyword phrase, this is a good way of optimization and improves ranking.
  7. 7. SEO-friendly Navigation Menus: See that the navigation option used in the website is web-crawler-friendly. However, while focusing on the same, you should note that it should be user-friendly as well. The usage of text based CSS3 is the best choice that gives fancy effects while maintaining the rankings.
  8. 8. Images: When images are used in website design, see that they are optimized for faster loading times. The images used should be relevant to the content on the page; compress them to the smallest possible size.
  9. 9. Search Engine-friendly URLs: When keywords signifying the content of the page are used, it will be equally useful for the search engine as well as the users. Page Speed: As per the new algorithm, the speed of the page has a lot to do with the ranking. While designing the website, implementing a good code structure helps the website to load faster.
  10. 10. Alt & Title Tags: When images are used, Alt tags are a must and proper title tags should be there for the title so that the search engine can see them. Block Unwanted Pages: There could be pages that don't have any content value and you don't want these to be indexed by search engines. It is best to block those pages. JavaScript and CSS: It is always advisable to externally place JavaScript and CSS codes so as to make the crawling process much faster. Social Media Engagement: Include social signals into the page so that one share, tweet or like improves the website's visibility.
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