carbohydrate polysaccharides starch oligosaccharides monosaccharides silk cotton protein fat energy non-starch polysaccharides d-glucose pottery wall hangings home furnishing definition types objectives standards vitamin b2 riboflavin angular stomatitis beri beri deficiency sources food functions thiamine b1 vitamin haemolytic anemia haemolysis tocopherol antioxidant fat soluble vitamins picture mirrors clocks books wood carvings basketry decorative functional home accessories italian cuisine vinegar cheese ham risotto italy pasta pizza verbascose stachyose pentasaccharides tetrasaccharides triglycerides raffinose short chain caarbohydrates amylopectin amylose dextrin monkfish mussels ratatouille tapenade bouillabaisse truffles spaetzle escargots skate clams dungeness crab endive artichokes camembert parís gastronomique cuisine french specific dynamic action food basal metabolic rate energy requirements bmr ironing suction washer washing machines beaters scrubbing boards scrubbing brushes containers reagents basins enamel bowl buckets tubs boiler sink cloth basket drying and ironing clothing washing equipment laundry sols heterogenous homogenous crystalloids colloids net energy net metabolizable energy ingested energy calories joules lactose maltose sucrose arabinose fructose simple sugars pectin hemicellulose carboxymethyl cellulose cellulose glycogen l-glucose non-reducing sugar oxygen hydrogen carbon carbohydrates wine glass table cover table mat dessert restaurants banquets silverware formal table setting drinkware dinnerware flatware utensils clock metal work mirror lamps accessories furniture lighting polyester microscopic test manmade fibre natural solubility test burning test feeling test linen brocade damask velvet satin muslin net lace voile sheer gestures months hurlock oosification cartilage postural control intelluctual development cognitive piaget cooing babbling period of babyhood neonate sensory -motor stage mental development language development emotional development social development physical and motor development babyhood metal wall hangings wooden wall hangings quilt tapestry wallhangings upholstery bolster cover bolster cushion cover cushion pillow cover pillow curtain living room linen bath linen kitchen linen bed linen house home synthetic fiber regenerated fiber polyster rayon nylon wool jute filament staple manmade fiber natural fiber fiber oxidizing bleaching printing sodium hypochlorite kiers saponification alkali warp yarn gas singeing rot steep dyeing mercerizing bleaching scouring desizing singeing grey cloth technical competence menatal ability qualities laggard drone fabian imitators innovators meaning entrepreneur licensing authorities licensing merits and demerits infrastructural facilities man power power facilities water facilities multiple storey single storey building plant location goals and standards relationship of values types of standards types of goals classification of values goals values principles of tqm total quality management finished product inspection process control raw material control principles food safety swollen ankles insomnia varicose veins constipation backache heart burn changes in breast maternal malnutrition rhfactor apgar scale prenatal influences complications during pregnacy common discomfort during pregnancy symptoms of pregnancy pregnancy complcations fertilization embryo fetus miscarriage nausea preparation unsalted fermented vegetables brine salted vegetables types of appam butter yogurt kanji naan gundruk sinki sauerkraut paratha phulka dosa idli different region traditional fermented foods importance uses fermentation - definition importance and functions its objectives indian standards weighing standards milk and milk products mpo agmark pfa fpo bis food laws food service establishment profit loss statement balance sheet trial balance book of accounts book keeping shape line
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